Wednesday Final Ratings: 'CSI' Adjusted Up

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November 26th, 2012


CSI was adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, November 21, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 CBS Survivor: Philippines 2.3/8 9.37
ABC A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - R 2.2/7 8.03
FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 2.2/7 7.28
NBC Whitney 1.1/4 3.94
CW Planes, Trains and Autmobiles (8-10PM) 0.5/2 1.73
8:30 NBC Guys With Kids 1.1/3 3.47
9:00 CBS Criminal Minds 2.7/8 11.53
ABC Modern Family -R 1.7/5 5.81
NBC Law & Order: SVU 1.3/4 5.20
9:30 ABC Suburgatory - R 1.0/3 3.73
10:00 CBS CSI 2.4/7 10.77
NBC Chicago Fire 1.4/4 5.55
ABC Private Practice 1.0/3 3.76



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  • Jeff (Canada)

    CSI is a beast, even on Thanksgiving Eve!

  • Salias

    CSI tore up Wednesday before Thanksgiving, good on them!

    NBC numbers on all series just horrible, Whitney & Guys With Kids are gone, and I’m very shocked at Law & Order: SVU’s decline; that’s like a series low. SVU might have done better if Criminal Minds was a repeat. And Chicago Fire is nothing short of a flame slowly dying out – it never really had one to begin with.

    On ABC: Private Practice is worse at Wed @ 10 than Nashville!

  • Oliver


    It was Thanksgiving Eve. Ratings usually fall around holidays and don’t mean much.

  • EatMorePez

    Chicago Fire has had a higher rating in the 10:00 hour than whatever NBC has aired at 8:00 that night for 6 of its 7 episodes. That should be the exception, not the rule.

  • omabin

    CSI is a beast. The new cast has given new life to the show and probably lowered the costs at the same time so it’s a win-win. At this rate it will get us to season 15.

    Over at NBC, it really is a shame that NBC has noting better than SVU to help chicago fire. That is a show that has a lot of potential and could use the help of a proper lead-in. SVU should be canceled at the end of the season or moved to friday at 10 for a final season.

  • eridapo

    Charlie Brown beat XFactor.. Hell Yeah.

  • omabin


    Yeah I just realized that NBC ratings went up as the night progressed. So weird.

  • Salias


    I guess holidays don’t mean jack to CBS Wednesdays! CBS won the night Criminal Minds, Survivor, and CSI — both in 18-49 demo & viewership. And this kinda looks like the norm for NBC.

  • Salias


    I partially agree with you. I think Chicago Fire sucks and it gets worse as the season progesses, I honestly feel it’s a revival of the 2009-10 NBC canceled “Trauma”, and it can really go as far as I’m concerned (I’m a CSI guy anyway, I just pop over to see what they blow up). SVU shouldn’t be canceled right off, but I do agree it should be moved off of Wednesdays to Fridays at 10PM after Grimm — or move it to cable one, TNT could use SVU to air w/ their mothership L&O repeats.

    Dick Wolf has basically had NBC Wendesdays for 20 years, it’s time for a change to this night on NBC.

  • Clarke

    CSI is such a solid performer for CBS and at this rate it is going to stay on the air for a long, long time. The show keeps getting better and it could end up being like Law&Order (which went for 20 seasons!)

  • Salias


    I love CSI too, but I don’t see it lasting 20 years (unless the “new writers” leave) – unlike NCIS. I think CSI will go 15 or 16 on CBS, and should probably go to cable after that (Syfy). CBS already keeps “skating” with CSI: NY (which I would have rather been axed over CSI: Miami).

  • DenverDean

    It’s funny CSI doubled demo of ABC+NBC. It’s been trending as the top 10 pm series on CBS and actually maybe #2 behind Revolution now in demo, BUT TVBTN has it as LIKELY instead of CERTAIN renewal. (Frankly, even if numbers fell off to danger territory, CBS would’ve renewed for short final season anyway to get it over 300 episodes – will be 295 at end of this season.)

  • aaron

    What is killing Law and Order SVU is the constant moving in the schedule. Can’t blame the writers, I actually think the writing has gotten better. I’d like to see it go at least another 2 years but that all depends on Mariska’s willingness to stick around.
    I love CSI and the additions of Shue and Danson has been great. They have done a great job keeping the show going.
    And I like that they kept CSI NY over Miami. I have always chose NY over Miami, but I do not live in a fantasy land. i know this is the last season for the,!!!

  • jake3988

    CSI is no beast, far from it. It’s merely solid. But I’m glad to see it continue to do respectable. It’s still a great show, all these years later.

  • The End


    I agree, Nielsen CSI viewers seem to back just this show, which ironically needs the backing considering it’s much more expensive to produce than the spinoff shows.

  • JW

    The “Dallas” episode “Who Shot J.R.?” originally aired on CBS on that very date in 1980, and it drew about 83 million viewers. Never mind averages, you can add up all of these show’s viewerships and you won’t get 83 million.

  • The End


    Speaking of Dallas, with Larry Hagman dying of cancer recently, when his death is covered, it’l likely be one of the most important in the shows history considering the character, and the show will likely see a good boost for said episode too. People will tune in to watch the show send off an iconic character.

  • Nick

    Will there be Thu & Fri finals today too?


    GO CBS!

  • CarShark

    I continue to be impressed by CSI:’s performance in the 10 PM slot where so many shows with a lot less mileage are struggling. Depending on how well Revolution returns, it could be number one for the year, which admirable and terrifying at the same time.

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