'Necessary Roughness' Renewed by USA for Season 3

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November 27th, 2012


Deadline reports that USA has renewed its drama Necessary Roughness for a ten-episode third season. The show's five-episode winter season debuts on January 23, 2012.

  • Blake Williams

    Thank you, USA Network

  • Beejay

    Good news for it!

  • cristi

    The final season, I think.

  • Cyrax86

    YES!!! Amazing news!!!

  • Nope

    why so few episodes for such an awesome show?

  • merranga

    wow. was pretty sure this was going the way of fairly legal. female-centric shows don’t seem to do well on USA. in plain sight went on for 5 seasons but they pretty much killed it after the 2nd season with a terrible and unnecessary retooling. let’s hope they don’t murder covert affairs.

  • Tommy

    This was the only “true” *bubble show* for USA this season. The other three cancellations (“Common Law,” “Fairly Legal,” and “Political Animals”) pretty much had the writing on the way in terms of ratings and behind-the-scenes chaos; and I’m sure this is the only one that USA really had to think about (which is made evident in that it was granted only 10 episodes) but I’m glad they went with the renewal. It might not be ground breaking television but I enjoy the show and I like how it’s more serialized than most of USA’s offerings.

  • Sab G

    Really pleased at this news. Thank you for not bailing, USA.

  • Babygate

    YES! Now, can we get a winter showing to go with that? I wasn’t surprised about Fairly Legal because it had gotten really bad and Common Law never really took off. The premise was interesting but the delivery was really, really poor. I liked Political Animals though, but I can see why it did so poorly. The scheduling was bad and honestly, the characters were not very likeable at all. Anywho, YES! for Dr. Dani!

  • Dan

    I figured theyd give NR another chance after the obvious cancellations of Common Law, Fairly Legal and Political Animals. I expect if USA doesnt axe it after its shortened 10 episode third season, they will probably give it a final fourth season.

  • joterri

    Thank you, USA network!!!!!

  • Hello

    Am i the only one who notice it starts at jan. 23 2012?

  • DonJ1973

    I like the show, but it doesn’t seem to have much buzz at least from the internet point of view.

    I wonder where USA is going to schedule Graceland next summer? I wonder if they may pair it up with White Collar and move Covert Affairs to another night.

  • merrranga


    thats just the 2nd part of this season. 3rd season won’t be until at least june.

  • merrranga

    oh, you meant the 2012 not 2013 part. good eye.

  • Tom

    NR made sense during season 1 when it was about Danni getting over her divorce and its effect on her family. Now the family angle has been pushed aside and the series is mainly about a fictional football team. Danni’s gets ten minutes to miraculously cure a patient and the rest of the program is about the travails of T.K., Danni’s sometime boyfriend or some other team-related crisis. USA isn’t noted for heavy fare, but it’s programs are usually consistent in their storylines. NR certainly is the exception and, judging by its ratings, isn’t doing well as a result. This 10 episode renewal should be its swansong.

  • Charlie Sheen

    Surprising renewal here but it made it pretty obvious that they were going to keep it once Common Law and Fairly Legal got canned.

    Either way it goes USA has sunk underneath TNT with their originals this year.

  • Jeff321

    I’m not a fan of football and originally didn’t plan on watching this show. However, its about a lot more than football and I love it!

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