Will 'Sons of Anarchy' Beat All of its Broadcast Network Competition Again? - Poll

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November 27th, 2012

This season, Sons of Anarchy has been beating all of its Tuesday at 10PM  broadcast competition pretty consistently. However, the show is helped in its quest for cable domination by airing against three programs that are not particularly strong performers: beloved perennial bubble show Parenthood, probable future bear chow Vegas and already canceled Private Practice. This week it faces more formidable competition on ABC from the Dancing With the Stars finale. The last awarding of the Mirror Ball trophy garnered a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating on Tuesday, May 22. But this has been the lowest rated season of DWTS. Last night's performance finale only earned a 2.6 adults 18-49 rating.

Last week, Sons of Anarchy scored a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. Two weeks ago, it earned a 2.4. So what happens tonight? Can bikers beat ballroom dancing? Make your predictions.

  • don

    sons will win the night

  • Nick

    The All-Star season means there will be more interest for the final result than other seasons. DWTS will beat SOA by a mile.

  • John A

    Ah crap Private Practice isnt on. Dont care about either these.

  • D’Arcy

    Bother to check the poll options much? The two saying DWTS comes in “third” or “fourth” behind DWTS does not make sense.


    I’d have to say DWTS will trump it this week.

    Since Gold Rush has been taking Fri 10:00 pretty regularly, any chance of a poll there?

  • Nick

    Sons of Anarchy: 2.1 [season low]

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas: 1.9
    Shrek The Halls: 1.5
    Dancing With the Stars: Results: 3.3 [season high]

    NCIS: 3.0
    NCIS: Los Angeles: 2.5 [season low]
    Vegas: 1.2 [series low]

    Hart of Dixie: 0.5 [ties series low]
    Emily Owens, MD: 0.2 [series low]

    Raising Hope: 1.6
    Ben & Kate: 1.0 [series low]
    New Girl: 1.8 [series low]
    The Mindy Project: 1.3 [series low]

    The Voice: 3.6 [season low]
    Go On: 2.0 [ties series low]
    The New Normal: 1.5 [ties series low]
    Parenthood: 1.5 [season low]

    DWTS > SOA. It will also affect all 9-10 pm shows, which means new lows.

  • DW

    i dont think it will be affected much by dancing i think dancing will do well and sons remains the same.

  • bluejays

    Of course dwts will win.

  • Nick

    Seriously? People think SOA will win? Delusional fanboys.

  • sipawitz

    answers 3 and 4 make my head hurt

  • KJ Styles


  • Dan S

    I honestly can’t see any crossover appeal between SOA & DWTS. There’s obviously no guessing SOA will win again as usual. It’s been nice getting 90 min. episodes to finish out the season.

  • Dan

    Nick you’re a fanboy of a dancing show. SOA kicks that shows ass by a mile even if they don’t win.

  • killertv

    DANCING’s premiere was down 33% from last year, which – if that holds up for the finale (I don’t have latest numbers vs. last year) – would knock it down to a 2.3 or so. As others noted, SONS doesn’t have much viewer crossover, so not like DWTS will take away viewers. SONS for the win.

  • senor chang

    Dancing will conclude in the mid-2s (2.4-2.7), hurting CBS a bit but leaving NBC/FOX intact (maybe even helping them at the 9PM hour by decreasing the comedy pile-up there). Vegas might hit a new series low, but I doubt Parenthood will be affected much.

    Sons should stay put, good enough for second in the hour, and maybe first depending on how accurate my guess for Dancing is.

  • zereana

    When will we find out witch show won? SOA!!!!

  • David Howell

    A 33% drop from the previous season finale seems as decent an assumption as any. That’ll put it into SOA territory. I predict a tie. ;)

  • senor chang

    overnights from Berman:

    DWTS: 11.5/18 versus a 13.2/21 for last season’s finale. assuming similar skew, should be around a 2.7-2.9

    Vegas: 6.1/10 (vs 6.4/11 last week) and a series low. might have been hurt by Dancing in the hour.

    Parenthood: UP slightly in the overnights (3.4/6 vs 3.3/6 last week). basically escaped the night unscathed

    everything else on the night was normal, but NCIS got a pretty huge boost (12.1/19, up from a 10.0/16 last week), and New Normal (2.8/4 out of a 4.0/6 for Go On) and Emily Owens both hit series lows.

    barring any huge surprises ABC will win the 10PM hour (and maybe even the night).

  • senor chang

    also worth noting that Ben and Kate tied Mindy Project (2.1/3 for both) despite airing in a much tougher timeslot, at least in households. demo skew seems similar for both shows, too.

  • Hillbilly

    Posted November 27, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    When will we find out witch show won? SOA!!!!


    Today. DWTS won.

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