All 13 Episodes of 'The Mob Doctor' Will Air -- But After That, Consider It Canceled

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November 28th, 2012

The Mob Doctor was an early favorite in cancellation pools across the land when it debuted with a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating and fell further in subsequent weeks. Since then, while several other shows have been axed, it has managed to outrun the Cancellation Bear.  FOX has just announced that all 13 episodes that were filmed will air, though a couple are getting the dreaded Saturday burn-off. Though the program's continued existence has made it the subject of a lot of jokes, in all fairness it premiered early, before it became clear that many new shows were going to perform poorly this season. Its ratings actually rose to a 1.2 this  week, up from a 0.9 on November 19.

Per Deadline, the final four episodes of The Mob Doctor will air on Saturday, Dec. 29, Monday, Dec. 31, Saturday, Jan. 5, and Monday, Jan. 7.  Since no more were ordered, go ahead and consider it canceled.

  • Oliver

    Poor Mob Doctor. I blame the stupid name.

  • Bryan

    Mob Doctor is sleeping with the fishes….

  • Renee

    Boo FOX! Just when it started getting good. Any chance of them moving this to Friday night?

  • Oliver


    It’s a miracle it reached 13 episodes.

  • AprilFox

    Really too bad, I love The Mob Doctor, it’s getting really, really good, even the ratings are going up! I agree with Oliver, it might have done better with a different title. Bryan’s Sleeping with the Fishes sounds good. :)

  • American


  • Chris

    4 episodes 2 weeks…half of them on saturday…during the week of new years. That is the very definiton of a burn off.
    It’s about time.

  • Mitchell

    Probably the one thing I will miss is seeing Zach Gilford on the screen.

  • Joseph

    The final three episodes of “Mob Doctor” will:

    (1) Run on New Year’s Eve (December 31st), when few people are at home watching TV—-and most of those who will wa6tch TV will be seeing either the Chick-Fil-A college football bowl game on ESPN or a tribute to Dick Clark on ABC that will precede that network’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2013″ (now hosted by Ryan Seacrest).

    (2) Run on Saturday, January 5th, head-to-head against an NFL playoff game on NBC.

    (3) The series finale will air on Monday, January 7th, head-to-head against the NCAA’s Bowl Championship Series finals on ESPN between Notre Dame and the winner of this weekend’s (December 1st) game between Alabama and Georgia.

    Thus, the last three episodes will be pretty much ignored by the nat8ion’s TV viewers.

    While our own Cancellation Bear rejoices in the fact that he finally has whacked a show he’s been wanting to get rid of since before it premiered!


    Very disappointed. Felt that it was finding its groove over the last few episodes. Clearly, Fox has issues with shows based in Chicago! “The Chicago Code” last year; “Mob Doctor” this year! ABC (“Happy Endings”) and NBC (“Chicago Fire”) manage to make Second City-based shows work!!

  • CrimTV


    Yes i’m sure Fox cancelled The Mob Doctor because it was set in Chicago….

  • karin

    a shame..especially for the Chicago Code great show, but the MD was not so bad , better than the pathetic Touch ,
    again pushed , waiting for the the touch’s ratings..

  • Dan S

    Not to mention Boss on Starz also set in Chicago has been cancelled. Of course both Chicago Hope & ER both had healthy runs but Chicago based episodes lately haven’t lasted too long.

  • One

    Don’t you mean December 31st? As opposed to December 3rd?

  • Nate

    I actually really like Mob Doctor. The past few episodes including this week have been a total game changer. I’ll continue to watch just to see how it ends.

  • DenverDean

    Looking forward to the DVD – “Mob Doctor – The Complete Series.” Who knows? If sales are huge, it could end up being the next Family Guy or Futurama! LOL

  • Raykov

    The Good Wife is set in Chicago and it is now in its 4th season…



    Right! Though that adds to my point! THREE networks manage to keep Chicago shows on the air, but Fox has been 0-for-2 over the last two seasons!

  • tscchope

    ‘Cancelled because it was set in Chicago’ sounds like Fan Excuse Bingo. Wish it would work on Chicago Fire.

    Mob Doctor was never going to air more than 13 episodes. ‘Different title’ sounds like another Fan Excuse Bingo.

  • mike

    who cares it cancelled

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