All 13 Episodes of 'The Mob Doctor' Will Air -- But After That, Consider It Canceled

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November 28th, 2012

The Mob Doctor was an early favorite in cancellation pools across the land when it debuted with a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating and fell further in subsequent weeks. Since then, while several other shows have been axed, it has managed to outrun the Cancellation Bear.  FOX has just announced that all 13 episodes that were filmed will air, though a couple are getting the dreaded Saturday burn-off. Though the program's continued existence has made it the subject of a lot of jokes, in all fairness it premiered early, before it became clear that many new shows were going to perform poorly this season. Its ratings actually rose to a 1.2 this  week, up from a 0.9 on November 19.

Per Deadline, the final four episodes of The Mob Doctor will air on Saturday, Dec. 29, Monday, Dec. 31, Saturday, Jan. 5, and Monday, Jan. 7.  Since no more were ordered, go ahead and consider it canceled.

  • One

    The Cancellation Bear tires of your Fan Excuse Bingo.

    Be gone.

  • Bob Jones

    What’s messed up is I started watching The Mob Doctor (by Accident), Jordana Spiro is hot, and I like the guy playing Constantine Alexander (forgot his name).

    I don’t know how Fox has survived these past 25 years . . . I mean, they experiment a lot [Human Target, Terra Nova, Space: Above & Beyond, Drive, Dollhouse, Terminator TSCC, Brimstone, Fastlane, Drive, Alcatraz, Touch, The Chicago Code, Mental, The Good Guys, etc] and they also have long running series [The X-Files, 24, Bones, House MD, Fringe, Glee, 90210, Melrose Place, Married with Children, Animation Domination, American Idol, etc].

    They don’t have enough space for shows

  • Greg

    Why don’t FOX simply air the rest of the episodes on Mondays? This is bizarre. They’ll air the episodes until Dec 3rd, might as well air the last 4 on Dec. 10, 17 and 24 (two-hour series finale).

  • Potato

    @Greg– Christmas Eve? Naaaah

    It’s too bad they didn’t wait a few hours– could have been the last cancelled show of the fall. That would’ve been nuts

  • windycitygirl

    It was a terrible low quailty show to begin with, only watched the first episode. They had been filming in my neighborhood since September (NIGHTMARE!) and it totally surpised me when the notices went around that they are filming scenes again in my neighborhood this weekend, totally don’t get why. Well, glad to hear it’s finally gone. Hope it made better #BearChow

  • Jcc

    Windycitygirl – thanks for telling all of us why you really don’t like mob dr – because you couldn’t park your car right in front of your house and had to walk an extra block for two days !! When you choose to live in the city someone should of told you things like that happen – but anyways nice try bashing a good show for stupid reasons

  • Patricia

    I enjoyed watching Mob Doctor. My Monday nights will not be the same.

  • Lisa

    Horrid show; good riddance.

  • Jcc

    Lisa – can you please let us know what your favorite show is ?? I bet you won’t !!

  • JeffFL

    The Mob Doctor is a good show but 13 eps is better than 6 or less.

  • Elizabeth

    I think you work for “Mob Doctor” staff or Fox?

  • Justin

    Bummer! I was really enjoying the show. At least all 13 eps will air.

  • Theresa

    I agree. Bummer, felt it was a good show and getting better. Better then some of the other crap on regular TV. :(

  • Skyler

    I loved the mob doctor and fox only cancels most of the good tv shows so I won’t put it past fox to cancel but the mob doctor is my favorite tv show and I just wish that they would let them have one more chance with another season and then see if the ratings have gone up or down

  • chelle

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! I hate that it’s being cancelled :(


    Mob Doctor is pretty good but they put it up against Dancing with the Stars. I catch it on On Demand and really wish they would reconsider

  • AppleStinx

    “Them reconsidering” would force the Cancellation Bear to regurgitate the Mob Doctor. By the way, has the Bear officially devoured the Doc yet? :cool:

  • Joey

    I liked it and jordana spiro is a hottie. Whatever fox, most of your shows suck anyway. CBS should pick it up and put it on the same night as the good wife. Two Chicago shows with hot female leads. It would make me like the good wife. Since 24 ended fox sucks.

  • Flower

    I really liked it it has both action and hospital drama . Last episodes were really good, too bad

  • Alexis

    The Mob Doctor was a great show !

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