All 13 Episodes of 'The Mob Doctor' Will Air -- But After That, Consider It Canceled

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November 28th, 2012

The Mob Doctor was an early favorite in cancellation pools across the land when it debuted with a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating and fell further in subsequent weeks. Since then, while several other shows have been axed, it has managed to outrun the Cancellation Bear.  FOX has just announced that all 13 episodes that were filmed will air, though a couple are getting the dreaded Saturday burn-off. Though the program's continued existence has made it the subject of a lot of jokes, in all fairness it premiered early, before it became clear that many new shows were going to perform poorly this season. Its ratings actually rose to a 1.2 this  week, up from a 0.9 on November 19.

Per Deadline, the final four episodes of The Mob Doctor will air on Saturday, Dec. 29, Monday, Dec. 31, Saturday, Jan. 5, and Monday, Jan. 7.  Since no more were ordered, go ahead and consider it canceled.

  • Lisa

    Love The Mob Doctor!! Really good now that Dr. Dev has hooked up with Franco.

  • MDFan

    I think this is a shame. I really liked the show and have been bummed at all the cancellations of shows I liked. I it shouldve been considered over Touch.

  • Scottso

    It’s really stupid to watch tv now, they cancel everything. How can you get into a show and all of a sudden they cancel it. They did the same with The Chicago Code. Sure cancel good shows so we can see the Kardashians take a crap.

  • Firstfall

    I loved this show – took me a few weeks to start watching the recorded episodes, but then it became one of my must see’s. So sad it’s not renewed….

  • Nicole

    Very upset this show is being cancelled. Now you can shove more reality crap down our throats! It’s no wonder I only watch for Football and this show, now just Football. Fox you really suck! You’ve even managed to ruin “The Simpsons”! This station sucks!

  • hawk

    fox i have to say you have really been foxing up you not doing to well you keep canceling shows which you should keep this one for a second season its not canceled yet so hope they rethink last year the canceled alot of good shows i hope they find the error of there ways

  • Jo

    To bad, the show was really good. And the longer it went on the better it got.

  • Pat

    I am guessing it is cancelled and that is why they ended the season the way they did. The only way to come back from that ending is to make it a dream sequence.

  • Dawn

    Anymore they cancel shows after one season. you don’t have time to even get into a show not to mention the shows are moved from one night to another they aren’t given a chance to develops a following.

  • Heather

    Fox~ I must say I’m VERY dissapointed for the cancellation of “Mob Doctor”. I LOVED THIS SHOW!!!!
    Now, there isn’t a show on Monday nights for me to watch…. will say this again… Fox, you’ve really disappointed me!!!

  • Linda

    Are you kidding me! I thought this was a pretty good show.I really started to get into it. I hate all the awefull reality shows.The story Line was a little strange, but overall it had good substance. Please bring it back!!!!! I’m in the medical field, I really,really,really enjoyed it.I got into the characters. Please FOX network, bring it back, where else can you find mobsters and medicine in one great show. Your breaking my heart! PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, RECONSIDER!!!! OR ELSE I’ll need a defibrillator.Its on you to do the right thing. “L”

  • Seneac

    Why would they do this to us?
    The season finale was EPIC!
    I am crying.
    It was boring, but it just got so good!

  • Daryll S – Hyde Park

    The Mob Doctor started out as a slow drama and then began to get very interesting with great surprises and later it starting getting super suspenseful and down right Addictive now it’s just one of the most Awesome series ever …… so what does FOX do??????? Well I really hope some other station picks up the show…. FOX HAS DUMPED A LOT OF REALLY GOOD SHOWS BEFORE THEY EVER GOT REALLY STARTED…. THAT’S LIFE!!!! KILL THE LANDLORD…KILL THE LANDLORD!!!

  • Doris

    Sorry to hear that the show is being cancelled, it was one of my favorite.
    I hope they change their minds and go for another season.

  • karmil

    This is ashame. I actually enjoyed this show. I am saddened that it is canceled

  • Roberta

    It was a great show, one week after the other…luckily I had DVR set up for this show as I didn’t realize it ran on Saturdays, too! After watching all the shows until the last episode, both Franco and the dr went off to Mexico…that’s when it just hit me that it’s the last one…ohhh, come on….why are the tv stations always cutting the show short and not giving the shows a chance to run for a year, just to see if others hear about it and starts watching it. Instead of me calling tv stations/whatever they’re called, party pooper, it’ll be shows pooper.

  • Annie

    With the Mob Doctor now gone, that just leaves Bones and once they cancel that (and I do see it coming), there’s no more reason for me to turn the channel to FOX.

    CBS has 2 CSI’s left, 2 NCIS’s and the Mentalist; while ABC has Castle. As for what’s left to watch in that void they call TV; I’ll just continue to avoid all the rest of those lousy wanna-be shows… the so-called “reality”, “dancing”, “singing”, weight loss, awards-a-thons, etc that they pretend are worth my watching. I’ll just stick to pulling a movie up on my computer instead.

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