'Emily Owens, MD' Canceled By The CW, Will Air All 13 Episodes Ordered

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November 28th, 2012

The cancellation bear is eating well today. Emily Owens, MD has been officially canceled by the CW, but the network has announced that all 13 episodes ordered will air.

This was no surprise to anyone paying attention, and/or following our predictions all season long.

  • Kavyn

    Not surprising, but I’m enjoying the ride. It’s like a happy Grey’s.

  • Michael

    It trended earlier on Twitter, lol. Andrew Miller (Secret Circle) producer said he’s panning on buying the cast drinks.

  • Oliver

    Not a good day for medical shows with terrible titles.

  • Observer

    The bear found female doctors particularly tasty today.

  • James

    Now you’re sure this time?

  • Doug

    I read that they wrap production next week. Does that mean that they will be able to have a satisfying ending?

  • Barbie

    “Not a good day for medical shows with terrible titles.”

    THIS!!! LOL

  • Lisa

    It is (was) an enjoyable, light show, but this was inevitable. Too bad; I’ve seen a lot worse this season! But Mamie Gummer can now move on and maybe get a really big project going. She’s good enough for it.

  • panda22

    lol…bitter Secret Circle fans need to ket it go!
    I was a big fan, it ended….i moved onto Arrow.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Now you’re sure this time?”

    Touché! ;)

  • Luke

    Never watched, couldn’t care less…

    …except for that now Mamie can come back to The Good Wife. I think it’d be neat to see Amanda Peet’s character or Louis Canning (MJ Fox) against her in trial, or anyone – point being to see them against each other and not always just Lockhart-Gardner.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “The bear found female doctors particularly tasty today.”

    Appropriated, and retweeted by the bear himself!

  • man

    Karma for cancelling the ringer and the secret circle…..lol

  • Nikki

    No surprise, but why air the rest of the episodes.. to see how low the ratings can get lol. And @ michael lol Andrew Miller what a classy dude. :)

  • Peter Mazz

    Jajaja LOL, Now i wonder what could Bill possibly put on the title of all the cw renew/cancel indexes for the coming weeks…

  • ann

    No surprise. There are 3 more shows they now need to get rid of on the CW.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “but why air the rest of the episodes..”

    Because there’s a lot of air to fill on the CW.

  • Nikki

    @ Bill ohh i see. Yeah they dont have much going for them besides SN and VD. Its a sad network lol

  • panda22

    Andrew Nillers tweet was awesome!….i am 100% sure that Carrie Diaries will bomb even harder then Emily did.

    And Zoe Hart *will* live to see a thurd season!, that my friends is the awesomeness called Rachel Bilson!!

  • Nikki

    @ ann yes i agree. Nikita, Heart of Dixie, and 90210. Those 3 derseve to be cancelled they should of been cancelled last year. IMO anyways.

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