'Emily Owens, MD' Canceled By The CW, Will Air All 13 Episodes Ordered

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November 28th, 2012

The cancellation bear is eating well today. Emily Owens, MD has been officially canceled by the CW, but the network has announced that all 13 episodes ordered will air.

This was no surprise to anyone paying attention, and/or following our predictions all season long.

  • Jean

    I liked this show. It reminded me of Greys but in a lighter sense. Oh well.

  • slddl

    I guess they’ll either ship Beauty & The Beast to Tuesdays or bring back America’s Next Top Model earlier.

  • Jo(k)e Internet

    [quote]The Cancellation Bear is eating well today[/quote]

    Today will be a day long remembered! It has seen the death of Emily Owens, MD , and will soon see the end of the Rebellion.

    It’s ironic. Doctor Emily Owens could save others from death but NOT herself.

  • s0303

    i really like this show, my favorite new show of the year…but i knew it was coming :(

  • Tom

    @getmilk Thanks for the video. As if I needed reminding that I’d rather have all my teeth drilled than watch another minute of the LA Complex.

  • Rachel

    I’ve never seen an episode but this was DOA as soon as it was ordered to series. Mark Pedowitz wanted to expand the network with medical and procedural dramas…it’s worked out so well for him.

  • Cyber Leader

    @Jo(k)e Internet

    “It’s ironic. Doctor Emily Owens could save others from death but NOT herself”

    ^ Doctor who?

  • nibehlung

    Secret circle fans are so pathetic.

  • Happy

    I really like this show. It’s sad it’s going to be cancelled, but I’ll continue watching. It’s a really cute take on doctor shows, and I hope “Emily Owens” finds another show for her talents. Amazing actress like her mother!

  • JJA

    I’m betting Beauty & The Beast will now move to Tuesday (to follow HOD). Cult will probably air after VD on Thursdays.

  • david

    The show was ok. I am not surprised that is is canciled, it had really bad ratings. It shows the CW has standards that is above a .4 too. I am thinking they wanted to announce this cancilation before announcing the mid season schedule. I am thinking they will move Beauty and the Beast to Tuesday or Friday nights mid season and have Coalt on Thursdays.

  • getmilk

    @Tom: where can I send my donations to the “help Tom get better taste in TV” foundation? :D

    Anyway, since NBC dropped Saving Hope, and it’s coming back for season 2, maybe The CW can pick it up?

    It stars two actors, who both have appeared on shows on The CW. It’s a big hit in Canada. Too bad it never took off in the USA as well.

  • Eric_Philly

    Think it took them long enough?

  • matt

    I think it’s time to Bring Back Ringer! #Ringer2013

  • ChadCronin

    It seems to be a big deal for them to cancel a show in the fall now. I think they need to interview real people to get an idea of what we want in shows. This isn´t it.

  • Jon

    I find it odd that the CW would pull the trigger on a show this quick. I don’t even think Emily Owens is the lowest rated show on the network. It seemed to me that it was picking up a bit of steam, but now we will never know. Once the cancellation bear comes in, people left watching the show will bail on it. Anyway I did enjoy the show, and it’s too bad it’s going away.

  • EJ

    I really liked this show. It was a great transition from FOX’s House. CW continues to start and drop several great shows after a only few episodes. It’s hard to continue to invest time in this channel when ultimately it comes to this… I think I need a break.

  • Bobby C

    Poor Emily. Good girls finish last. Will miss ya! :(

  • CrimTV

    If The CW doesn’t put Cult behind The Vampire Diaries, I will be very annoyed!


    I find that The CW is the most patient with all of it’s shows, last season it kept ALL of it’s new 3 scripted series on the network until April/May 2012.

  • omabin

    Everyone knew it was coming. It is the right call.

    Now, beauty and the beast to tuesdays and cult to thursdays please cw

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