'Emily Owens, MD' Canceled By The CW, Will Air All 13 Episodes Ordered

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November 28th, 2012

The cancellation bear is eating well today. Emily Owens, MD has been officially canceled by the CW, but the network has announced that all 13 episodes ordered will air.

This was no surprise to anyone paying attention, and/or following our predictions all season long.

  • tscchope

    By way of a change the top two selections in the poll for cancellation have been eaten by the Bear

    There’s one female doctor still going – Hart of Dixie and with a 0.5 is likely safe on CW

  • Dan

    @Peter Mazz – Why would The CW put Cult on Fridays where no one will watch it when it could get the cushy post Vampire Diaries lead in. BATB squandered the lead in and most certainly wont get a second season.

    @Bill – You also have Carrie Diaries and Cult in January and March so I’m sure you’ll get creative with the renew/cancel index by then.

    My guess is CW will definitely renew Vampire Diaries, Arrow, and Supernatural. They will probably renew Hart of Dixie (I still think 50/50 but being positive), renew Nikita for fridays to get to magic 88, give 90210 a final 13 episode season because CW does that for every veteran.

    Since CW tends to cancel 2/3 fall dramas and they axed Emily Owens already, BATB will be this years Secret Circle and get cancelled once it airs its 22 episode season. I also think 1 or both of Carrie Diaries and Cult will be renewed but Id be surprised if both were cancelled. Since theres no ANTM this fall it will be interesting to see how many new dramas are introduced.

  • julio

    Too bad. The show was pretty good but CW is a joke to begin with. I still do not understand how they are considered a network. Oh well bye Emily Owens! At least I get to enjoy 7 more episodes from ya!

  • Mi

    “I find it odd that the CW would pull the trigger on a show this quick. I don’t even think Emily Owens is the lowest rated show on the network. It seemed to me that it was picking up a bit of steam, but now we will never know”
    Steam being the 0.3 it got for its episode this week? it’s getting hot in here!.. srsly?
    The writing was on the wall and CW made the right decision regarding this show.

  • Ruan

    Now there’s room for “Cult”, right? I can’t wait for that show.

  • Elijah

    Not to be offensive, but the show kind of sucked itself, Meryl Streep’s daughter has a bad experience with acting.

  • Courtney

    Ram510: YES!!! Reaper was awesome and cut short way to early! I miss it!

  • BG

    I’ll miss Emily Owens

  • The End

    Dead before it even premièred. No surprise.

  • psychic

    Sigh… That’s kind of like saying, “I’m going to shoot that blind, deaf, mute, three-legged, mentally handicapped, yet adorable puppy, but I’m going to wait a while.”

  • enes

    They shouldn’t have ordered BATB and Emily Owens M.D , they would have done better if they would have renewed Ringer and The Secret Circle ! And new series only The Carrie Diaries and Cult ! But The CW is making this to herself with the moves it makes !

  • catocony

    Streep’s daughter has no talent whatsoever. Neither one of them, actually. But, I don’t think a little fact like that will prevent them from finding steady employment in bad TV shows over the next couple of decades.

  • Hades


    I agree they shouldnt have picked up Beast of Emily but no they should not have have renewed TSC and Ringer. what they should have done was pick up better shows with better prospects. The developmental slate this season is huge and full of some real potential, that doesnt mean the show they pick up will be hits but all they can do is keep trying to find another Arrow.

  • david

    Picking up seam because it got a couple of .4s. That is funny. A show in it’s first season should not be getting anywhere near a .4 rating. It was not picking up steam it only had barely above 1 million viewers it had only 1 million to 1.2 million viewers average the whole time. That is not good.

  • ronnie

    thanks bear for eating emily.
    I am so happy!!!
    I hope every show on cw at tuesday 9/8c flops big time.
    That was my favorite show(RINGER)’s timeslot.
    Ringer was the best show quality wise.
    CW’s new shows stink.
    They should have given Ringer a shortened second season.

  • ronnie

    @enes, Ringer would have never gotten 0.3
    Ringer should be uncancelled and picked by a cable network if the cw is so stubborn and wants to try its rotten luck with garbage shows like Floppily Owens F.D.,Floppity and the beast,Fart of Dixie,902flop0,Gossip Flop and their all time number one massive hit STINKITA!!

  • Alex

    Although it’s sad to see these shows cancelled, I’m liking the current trend by the networks to let them at least air all their episodes. Makes for a nice change from the days when you might have to wait for the DVD, if ever, in order to see all the episodes that had been made.

  • Tim

    Bring back One Tree Hill! LOL/jk

  • dref22

    I am very happy that Jack Coleman was out of this show after the pilot.

  • ronnie

    @Tim,One Tree Hill got nine seasons and a proper ending.
    What more do u want,huh?

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