'Emily Owens, MD' Canceled By The CW, Will Air All 13 Episodes Ordered

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November 28th, 2012

The cancellation bear is eating well today. Emily Owens, MD has been officially canceled by the CW, but the network has announced that all 13 episodes ordered will air.

This was no surprise to anyone paying attention, and/or following our predictions all season long.

  • Tom

    “Once the Cancellation Bear comes in, people left watching the show will bail on it.”

    I nominate Jon for the first annual Kathy Bates award. If your favorite low rated show bombs, blame it on TVBTN.

  • JimTV!!!

    Actually bringing back OTH wouldn’t be that bad of an idea!!! I mean some of the star’s new show’s have already been cancelled, Partners or 666 Park Ave. anyone. LOL. And the others don’t seem to be doing to much. Maybe it’s time for a OTH spinoff!!! How do you all think that would be. I mean Carrie Diaries seems to me like the new Gossip Girl.

  • Tommy

    About “One Tree Hill”,

    The funny this is that I’m sure if the decision had lied with the network it would have been picked up for additional seasons and probably still be on the air – but it was one of the few shows where everyone of power involved all decided it was time to call it a day.

  • Grey

    She’s Meryl Streep’s daughter. She’ll find more work. Probably go on to win an Oscar and then this show will become a great trivia question worth extra bonus points.

  • mike

    wb version of grey anatomy i thought it was good show why grey still on and this cancelled

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “I nominate Jon for the first annual Kathy Bates award. If your favorite low rated show bombs, blame it on TVBTN.”

    I like it!

    Although to be accurate, Ms. Bates never claimed TVBTN harmed her show, it was the Harry’s Law EP Bill D’Elia that did, so we may have to name it “The Harry’s Law Award For Claiming That TVBTN Killed Their Show”.

  • Roswell

    Well this sucks, but I saw it coming…

    Here’s a thought: cult should premiere Thursdays after VD. They should move Beauty and the Beast to Tuesdays at 8pm and Hart of Dixie to 9pm.. That would make my day

  • gerry

    ‘chomp chomp chomp’ goes the cancellation bear. too bad, i like mamie gummar.


    It’s not a hippopotamus for Christmas, but the bear has another treat!

  • gerry

    @ Tim – on that OTH comment BITE YOUR TONGUE!

  • shawn

    Why is it when a show that comes on that is actually good and NOT GARBAGE..noone watches it?

  • slddl


  • Aaliyah

    It was a waste. They should’ve brought back the TSC. It was fun while it lasted.

  • Barbie



    Best. Idea. EVER!!! I was thinking CHARMED! I miss you, WB! <3

  • panda22

    OMG!…can Secret Circle fans just **let go**…its over, move on!!

  • janice

    Meh… since ringer and OTH were canceled I don’t watch anyhting on the CW anyway
    never watched TSC but I understand the fans who want all the new shows DEAD

  • Blackwell69

    #TheSecretCircle2013 #TSC2013 LOL at people annoyed by us. Our show is gone and we’ll still love it, bbs, we ain’t going anywhere ;). Bring back TSC!!

  • jessica

    @ Get Milk
    If there is to be a third season of The LA Complex it almost certainly would be in production right now. It isn’t.

    @ whomever wanted the return of Reaper
    While Animal Practice is done and Breaking_In won’t get a third Missy Peregrym is currently filming season 4 of Rookie Blue so the show that would be resurrected wouldn’t be what you knew.

    @ all those who want BATB cancelled
    While its US ratings are unimpressive CBS found the right collection of loopholes to make it financially viable. It is a joint production with Take 5 of Toronto and qualifies as Canadian Content which means CBS can charge the Canadian broadcaster a lot more than if it were a US show or even a US show that is filmed in Canada (like The Secret Circle). Those cheap Canadian imports like Rookie Blue which ABC paid $350K/ep for go for so little in the US because they are Canadian Content and the Canadian broadcaster pays a lot for CanCon compared to imports. Since the Canadian broadcaster of BATB doesn’t have a part in making the show it isn’t simply money moving from the left hand to the right hand but is ‘new cash’ to the bottom line. You don’t (ever) find a US company owning/making a show that qualifies as CanCon. It is a bit of a ‘cash cow’ if all the ducks can get aligned. There isn’t another show that fits into this model though Forever Knight (1992-96) comes close to it.

    @ Barbie
    I would welcome the return of Charmed moreso than 7th Heaven. The latter already had one come-back and it sacrificed too much of its primary cast to make it truly a wise decision. The former returning with the sisters married and having young families would be interesting for me. Saving Private Leo :) Maybe SD would finally allow them to put a picture of her somewhere in the manor. Prue being absent from all family photos was just unrealistic. Much like the chances of this happening. One can dream.

  • Alan

    I think this show would have done a lot better if it NBC aired it.

  • layla

    so how quickly can they cast justin hartley in arrow?

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