'Last Man Standing' and 'Malibu Country' Get 5 More Episodes Each

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November 28th, 2012

Both of ABC's Friday night comedies - the freshman Malibu Country and the sophomore Last Man Standing received back orders for 5 additional episodes. That will give both series 18 episodes this season.

Here's the release:



These Join Previously Announced Pick-ups for “Nashville,” “The Neighbors” and “Scandal”


ABC has picked up five additional episodes each of comedies “Last Man Standing” and “Malibu Country,” it was announced today. These pick-ups join previously announced orders for new drama “Nashville,” new comedy “The Neighbors,” and returning drama “Scandal.”

“Last Man Standing” and “Malibu Country” air Friday nights at 8:00 and 8:30 p.m. ET, respectively, on the ABC Television Network.

Since its premiere, ABC sophomore comedy “Last Man Standing” is the top-rated show in Friday’s 8:00 p.m. half-hour with Adults 18-49 (2.1/7). Boosting its time period year to year by 76% in Total Viewers and by 91% in Adults 18-49 on average, “Last Man Standing” premiered with ABC’s biggest numbers in the half-hour in well over 2-1/2 years – since 1/1/10.


Retaining 100% Adult 18-49 lead-in (2.1/7) from “Last Man Standing” and gaining viewers, ABC’s “Malibu Country” stands as TV’s most-watched freshman comedy this season (8.7 million). The new ABC sitcom is No. 1 in the time period across all key Women demographics (W18-34 / W18-49 / W25-54) and is the broadcast leader with Teens 12-17. Like its lead-in, “Malibu Country” is producing big year-over-year increases for ABC, improving its half-hour by 85% in Total Viewers and by 91% in Adults 18-49 from the same nights last year. Among Adults 18-49, “Malibu Country” opened as Friday’s top-rated scripted series debut on any network in over 5 years -- since October 2007.

“Last Man Standing” stars Tim Allen as Mike Baxter, Nancy Travis as Vanessa Baxter, Molly Ephraim as Mandy Baxter, Kaitlyn Dever as Eve Baxter, Amanda Fuller as Kristin Baxter, Christoph Sanders as Kyle Anderson, Flynn Morrison as Boyd Baxter and Hector Elizondo as Ed Alzate. The series was created by Jack Burditt, is executive-produced by Tim Doyle, Tim Allen, Marty Adelstein, Becky Clements, Shawn Levy, Richard Baker, Rick Messina, Kevin Abbott and Kevin Hench, and is from Twentieth Century Fox Television.

“Malibu Country” stars Reba as Reba, Lily Tomlin as Lillie Mae, Sara Rue as Kim, Justin Prentice as Cash, Juliette Angelo as June and Jai Rodriguez as Geoffrey. The series is executive-produced by Nastaran Dibai (“According to Jim,” “3rd Rock from the Sun”), Mindy Schultheis (“Reba,” “Titus”), Michael Hanel (“Reba,” “Titus”), Reba, Narvel Blackstock, Dave Stewart (member of the rock group The Eurythmics) -- who also created the series -- and Pamela Oas Williams (“The Amazing Spider-Man”). “Malibu Country” is from ABC Studios.


  • Jenny

    Why not give the back nine?

  • Jamie

    Fantastic!!!! Go Malibu Country!! Love the show!!!

  • Dan

    I expected full seasons but 18 is not bad. The orders could always be extended.

  • Max Vrany

    Both shows premiered later so they don’t need 22+ episodes to air for the remainder of the regular season. This is the equivalent of a back 9 as far as these shows are concerned.

  • Oliver

    I expect they will expand the order again if the ratings stay bouyant. I think ABC had to decide whether to order more episodes or not.

  • Mikey

    they only needed 18 since the shows started late. Now ABC needs to announce where Body of Proof, Red Widow, Zero Hour, and Mistresses will air.

  • forg

    Yay for LMS! I hope they stay steady so there’s a chane for a full season of 21 eps

  • Oliver

    Fair point, I ignored their late premieres.

    I still think we’re near the last possible point where networks can expand their orders, which is why all these announcements are happening now.

    What other shows are still up in the air? Just Whitney?

  • Just Desserts

    This meansthey’re more likely renewed. I’m happy for Reba. :)

  • forg

    Now I wonder what will happen to the Tuesday comedies, will they still remain on that slot or have ep order cut?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Just Desserts: nope, it doesn’t mean that.

  • Oliver


    Apt 23 only has a 13 episode order, which is presumably already in the can.

    I don’t think they will cut the order of Happy Endings.

  • Potato

    @Oliver and Forg– and 6 leftover episodes from last year, which gives them nineteen, so even if they did cut Happy Endings, which they probably won’t because cutting orders is rarer than extending them, it would likely be just by 3 so they both have 19

  • Ram510

    LMS and MC started late but so did Once Upon a Time also started late last year and still put out 22 episodes, so I’m not convince the late start is the reason for only 18 episodes right now

  • Martin

    Even if they don’t add any more episodes to Last Man Standing, it only needs another 46 episodes to get to syndication which means 2 seasons of 23 episodes a piece.

    Think they will add more though, eventually, to this seasons order for both shows, think they will both be up this week, they held steady from the previous week, “On Black Friday” so bound to go up I think.

    If Last Man Standing gets 24 this season, it only needs 40 episodes for syndication, another 24 for next season and only 16 for season 4, meaning as ratings go down every season as most shows do they will have more episodes airing to decent ratings and only 16 airing to the worst of the ratings.

    Although, it could become succesful, but guess i’m just a pessimist, or as i like to say, an extreme realist.

  • Darcy

    @Martin No I agree with you. If it makes it to next season, which I think it will, it makes it to the season after. I think they have a chance at being renewed if they don’t sink any lower than this point, because what else can ABC put in the time slot that will do well?

  • Chuck Finley (AJ)

    “It only needs 46 more episodes.” Do people even read the stupidity they write on here? That’s a little more than half of what it needs for syndication lol. Delusional is the word you are looking for btw.

  • Pavel

    Forgive me, but what is a back 9?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Forgive me, but what is a back 9?”

    Typically 13 episodes are ordered of new shows (and sometimes older shows in certain situations).

    If the show does well enough in the Fall, the network will often order enough to make a “full season” of 22 episodes. The extra 9 episodes ordered are “the back 9″.

  • Chris

    Nightline’s move to primetime, allegedly in March, may be the reason why LMS & MC only got an extra 5 episodes. If Nightline pulls the same ratings as the pair, I think both are goners.

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