Monday Final Ratings: 'Dancing With the Stars', 'Bones' & '2 Broke Girls' Adjusted Up; 'How I Met Your Mother' & 'The Mob Doctor' Adjusted Down

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November 28th, 2012

Dancing With the Stars, Bones and 2 Broke Girls were each adjusted up a tenth while How I Met Your Mother and The Mob Doctor were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, November 26, 2012

Net Show 18-49 Rtg/Shr Viewers (millions)
NBC The Voice (8-10:01PMPM) 4.2/11 12.17
CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.3/9 8.73
ABC Dancing With the Stars (8-9:01PM) 2.7/7 16.3
FOX Bones (8-9:01PM) 2.4/6 7.96
CW 90210 0.5/1 0.97
CBS The Big Bang Theory - R 3.2/8 8.97
CBS 2 Broke Girls 4.1/10 11.74
ABC Extreme Makover: Home Edition (9:01-10PM) 1.3/3 6.55
FOX The Mob Doctor (9:01-10PM) 1.1/3 3.93
CW Gossip Girl 0.4/1 0.84
CBS Mike & Molly 3.6/9 11.29
NBC Revolution (10:01-11PM) 2.9/8 8.54
CBS Hawaii Five -0 2.3/6 10.3
ABC Extreme Makover: Home Edition 1.2/3 5.28

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  • s0303

    revolution needs to return when the voice does…it would collapse without that lead in…i think the ratings will be okay as long as the voice doesn’t fall too much in the spring…

    2 broke girls needs to stay where it is, imo…yes, it would do great behind tbbt, but it would end up hurting the whole cbs monday lineup in the end…

  • POIFanatic

    If only ABC aired Castle after the DWTS finale on Monday. It ‘could’ have had its best numbers yet.

    Ratings are awesome for Revolution!

    It was a very solid hour, not just for Revolution, but for television as a whole. VINDICATION, you guys! Haters can hate (oh, how they love to hate!), but even their criticism has been muted by a stellar midseason finale.

  • easy

    Vindication for Five-0 too. Closing on RVN even before this final rating, and climbing up the ratings ladder from the 1.8 demo to 2.3 in about a month. Even with friendly competition from fellow detective show Castle,both shows have shared the top spot last year, and continue to close in on better ratings in recent weeks. Congrats Five-0 again for the good final ratings. Hope to see 2.4s to 2.8s by then end of season 3. Great writing and excellent acting has paid off in a uptick in ratings. :)

  • DJ

    mike and molly best comedy !!

  • Mi

    Isn’t this the highest rated Bones episode of this season? :D Season 9 here we come.

  • Mi

    @Petar Ivanov
    “NBC MUST change this CRAZY RVN big hiatus and bring show back in january at 8 or 9pm until the voice premiere. Come on its so dump what are they doing.”
    Let’s face it – without The Voice lead in, Revolution will sink and being a serial show, it will not recover when The Voice returns.
    It’s better to wait to The Voice because Revolution has more chances then.

  • omabin


    Yes it is. I am very impressed with Bones and so happy with it.

  • Justin121

    2 Broke Girls = the first show that lives up to the saying “has potential” in a long, long time.

  • Dan

    @TV – Nahh, CBS needs 2 Broke Girls to anchor mondays. 2 Broke Girls is the new Two and a Half Men for mondays.

    The CBS comedies should rate higher in January with no more Voice or football against it, as well as the return of Rules of Engagement.

  • ateofi

    Glad to see H50 without downward adjustment and slightly up in the viewership. I hope the positive trend continues for both H50 and Castle as of next week :)
    “Revolution” also held its ratings thanks to 4.2 demo from “The voice”. Let’s hope the writers will use the 4 months hiatus to fix the writing: focus on Monroe/ Miles friendhip, Rachel backstory (that women has some real balls) and Randal as the main villain. Ignore that idiot Charlie and her brother, let the fat guy loose some weight :) The food is scarce and he has been walking all the time – it’s better than any fitness. Make the militia actually scary, now they are funny with their inability to shoot someone from close range. Work on the dialogues. Maybe then, this show will not be a unintentional parody of adventure/s-fi genre.

  • Terry

    Hahaha. H50 stayed with the crappy numbers. KARMA !!

  • John

    @ateofi: You watch H50 and think Revolution is a parody. Haha. Leaving aside the previous episodes which had uneven writing, the finale by itself was one of the best episodes on tv this year. The dialogues were brilliant and the acting was stupendous.

    ‘Make the militia actually scary, now they are funny with their inability to shoot someone from close range.’

    I don’t know about that. Have you ever seen a James Bond movie? One guy basically takes down entire armies. At least Revolution’s rag tag group has power in numbers (as in, more than 1). I know James Bond is the most elite super spy ever, but they’ve painted Miles in a similar fashion. He’s the best of the best AND he’s got a demolition expert … and Charlie … c’mon, she’s getting better! Pretty much every action/adventure TV show and movie you watch the main characters inexplicably overcome impossible odds. Bullets very rarely hit their marks. This is not a Monroe Militia problem, it is a “bad” guy problem. Evil fighting forces generally suck at aiming. This is a FACT.

  • Tim

    Yes, h50 will go up in the next weeks because again NBC won’t be giving any competition and DWTS is gone. So you and your rude friends can come here and try to convince everyone that the show is such a hit.
    A 2.3 after a 3.6 lead in = loser.

  • Tim

    Ateofi and a few more posters here are Alex O. fans/bullies. They trash Castle, they trash Revolution. They trashed Smash last year….Anything that is against their God need to be trashed.
    All Revolution negative posts come from them. Who cares?? Revolution crashed H50 each week because is a better show. Period.

  • John

    @Tim: Amen. I’ll drink to that, man.

  • Tim

    @ John
    Numbers don’t lie.

  • John

    @Tim: I don’t really care about the numbers to prove that a show is good or not, I trust my own judgement. I’m glad about Revolution doing well though. It really came into its own in the last episode. Such amazing portrayal by the actor who plays Monroe. He out-shined everyone, even though all the others did a great job as well. One of the best performances I’ve ever seen.

  • ateofi

    first of all I never trash “Castle” because it’s my second favourite monday show, so stop lying because apparently it is you and John who throw manure at H50 and its fans. I gave reasonable arguments why I don’t like “Revolution” and I never wrote anything offensive about its fans. So just read my posts carefully again and show when I “bullied” anyone. By the way, writting that show is terrible is not “bullying”.

  • John

    @ateofi: I amen’d for Revolution being better than H50. That’s it. And I pointed out why you were clearly wrong on a subject. I don’t get what you’re going on about. I didn’t even talk about H50 for more than a line. You don’t even need any reason to go out of your way to justify its awfulness.

  • ateofi

    I pointed out the things that in my subjective opinion would make “Revolution” a much better show. As for H50 I wrote my opinion on this show and why I enjoy this, so I’m not going repeat myself. I also wrote, why I dislike “Revolution” and I presented reasonable arguments concerning: horrendous writing and acting (except B. Burke and G. Esposito), awful characters development. I have been posting my comments in monday ratings section so you can have a look if you are interested. You don’t agree that’s fine. You like “Revolution” – good for you, but I would like to have civilised discussion instead of reading stupid arguments about bullying.

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