'The Inbetweeners' Canceled by MTV

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November 28th, 2012

Per Deadline, MTV has opted not to pick up a second season of comedy The Inbetweeners. The original British version of the series was a huge hit, but MTV's adaptation never found an audience.

  • Allan

    Aff não acredito, a série era massa :( MTV muito burra :/

  • Andrew

    First 3 episodes were decent, but then it went downhill and never lived up to its potential. Oh well, Catfish’s success pretty much sealed the deal.
    Wish Death Valley was still around, now THERE’S a quality MTV show.

  • Jordan

    Wonder if MTV is still planning to make a movie based on this series?

  • Andy

    Dammit! The show was actually better than Awkward’s season 2. STupid MTV! Less male-driven shows for us (now that BMS is canceled too).

  • Eric

    This is why I don’t bother to watch anything on MTV, aside from Awkward and Teen Wolf. The majority of their scripted shows go for 1 season and then they cancel them.

  • Jere

    Stop remaking great shows in to crap. Inbetweeners us sucked. I tried watching it but couldn’t. If ur going to redo a show don’t make the episodes the same as the original.

  • Kyle

    I agree MTV needs to stop trying to remake British shows. None of the shows that MTV has produced has translated well and gotten a big enough audience.

  • panda22

    The cancellation bear is having a big meal today….will he sleep the rest of the week or willmore food pass him by? :D

  • DeeAgeaux

    Awkward is far superior to the Inbetweeners.

    I cancelled Inbetweeners from my DVR after 4th episode.

    British Misfits is also a good show. Did it get pulled from Logo?

  • KevinY

    This show was terrible but Underemployed is really good!

  • ToXiX

    Catfish is the only thing I watch on mtv

  • TV Addict

    I liked The Inbetweeners. Oh well, I got what I needed out of that show.

  • Jared

    MTV needs to get that SCREAM pilot off the ground. If MTV wants to do scripted they should start developing hour long series in the Sci fi/horror genre. I think the MTV audience would atleast sample those types of series on MTV.

  • CarShark

    I haven’t heard anything about Underemployed, either. Between those two and Pants, MTV’s had a rough go with scripted.

  • Ram510

    @ Andy

    I agree with you! I actually ended up liking this show after a while and at time it was better than Awkward season 2 (which kinda dragged on in the beginning). An there isn’t much male driven shows out there, not like this, BMS (miss it so much), or even RJ Berger.

    BTW Underemployed is awful and I expect it to be cancelled as well

  • Phil

    I want my music back! That or make an MTV 3 and dedicate it to strictly music!

  • psychic

    Never heard of it in my life. Maybe that’s one of the reasons it got cancelled? :/

  • Alex

    And yet another attempt at remaking a British show fails. When will MTV and other networks learn they’d be better off just airing the original show?

  • Gary A

    Was a fan of the original series and only was mildly impressed by the MTV version – had trouble with the casting but still watched all the episodes. I felt it was never supported by MTV from day one in that it was one of the few series that didn’t have multiple plays during the week. If you didn’t catch the original play on Monday, the only way t see it was On Demand ( which is what I did ).

  • Jane

    when are we – the fooking americans – ever gonna learn! quit trying to remake ever uk sensation!

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