'Katie' Scores its Biggest Week Ever and Dominates the Freshman Pack in November

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November 29th, 2012

via press release:

Based on National ratings during the final complete week of the 2012 November Sweep (w/o 11/12/12), Katie achieved new highs and finished No. 1 against all freshmen syndicated talk shows for the 10th straight week with Households (2.1 rating), Total Viewers (2.746 million) and Women 25-54 (1.1 rating). “Katie” continued to hold double to triple-digit advantages over the other new talkers. “Katie” is TV’s top new syndicated talk show since 2009 among Households, Total Viewers and Women 25-54 – going back to the debut season of “Dr. Oz.”


  • · Spiking 17% week to week in both Households (2.1 vs. 1.8) and Total Viewers (2.746 million vs. 2.355 million), “Katie” marked its strongest week ever on both Nielsen measures. In addition, the show equaled its best-ever ratings across all key Women demographics (W18-34/W18-49/W25-54).


  • · With just 3 days left in the November Sweep, “Katie” is the dominant No. 1 freshman talk show for the month, leading runner-up “Steve Harvey” by 43% in Homes (2.0 vs. 1.4), by 39% in Total Viewers (2.612 million vs. 1.873 million) and by 22% in Women 25-54 (1.1 vs. 0.9). In addition, “Katie” is generating strong month-over-month growth, building over its October 2012 delivery in Households (+11%), Viewers (+9%) and across the Women demos: W18-34 (+25%), W18-49 (+14%) and W25-54 (+10%).

    It seems GH is providing a great lead-in for Katie which is great. GH is a great lead-in for katie.

  • Max

    I can’t stand Katie. Everyone watch Probst, please!

  • Kenny

    @Max- Jeff Probst show is very good and he`s a very good host i was pleasanly surprised.

  • Jiji Moran

    TOO many talk shows!!! Most of the new ones REALLY suck.

    The worst is Steve Harvey’s. Who thought of the idea of putting Harvey up for an hour-long talk show? What can he say that has not been said in previous and current shows? Is he an expert or is he educated in psychology? He is certainly no eye-candy, nor has he a normal good sense of humor (like Dr. Phil).

    There is a new show with this british woman (forget her name) which is the same kind of show as Maury Pauvich’s… lie-dectector tests and paternity tests, then she blabs the guests’ off with her unintelligible heavily-accented voice until they ears bleed.

    Katie’s show is too sweet and nice to view everyday, and has boring topics. I mean… The audience might as well go to church. The tips and advice she offers is something heard and seen in countless other shows. She has to spice it up.

    Cindy Williams was moved to another network (I wonder why?) And Nate and Anderson’s shows were both cancelled, hopefully because of the shows and not because the two are … you know.

    I really liked Anderson’s, but it was just another talk show.

  • Mike

    Way to go Katie.

    Very impressive.

  • MIKE


  • Sean


  • Dontryl Alexander

    I still predict Katie will be canceled come 2013, I can only watch Maury, Steve Harvey, and Jeremy Kyle. Katie Coric Show stupid, pathetic, and sucks!

  • Christi

    Never watched Katie’s show, never will. She has always rubbed me the wrong way. I think there is something disingenuous about her… and I am sick to death of talk shows.

  • MVProductions44

    @Jiji Moran you seriously sound like a hater! I mean seriously; Steve Harvey show is great! He never claimed to be a psychologist but as a man he knows how men think and he gives these women some very good advice! As far as you saying Cindy Williams; first off its Wendy Williams plus she’s not new; she’s been around in the daytime talk circuit since 2010. Know your facts before you try to talk about something you know absolutely nothing about!

  • Mike

    I don’t like The Steve Harvey Show either but I love him on Family Feud. Just don’t care for his talk show.

    Can’t stand Maury either. Loving Live with kelly & Michael now. I think they work well together.

    And if Katie is cancelled come 2013 I don’t see much hope for Steve Harvey since she is scoring triple digit percentages above him in many of the key demos now.

    Sorry unless Katie drops a whole lot I don’t see her going anywhere for awhile. She consistently comes in 6th out of the 17 talk shows. And is building a solid demo audience. No new talk show in quite a few years has been able to do that.

  • Mike

    Oh and besides — for the soap fans who are wishing that Katie would go away so that soaps will come back. Even if Katie goes away ABC will not bring the soaps back for that slot. They gave away the hour to the affiliates.

    If Katie is cancelled all that will happen is the affiliates will replace it with another syndicated show — most likely a talk show like Maury or Steve Harvey or Jeff Probst or even something like Judge Judy. Or they could even decide do a local talk show or local news. The hour is theirs. And the affiliates won’t be giving it back. It is theirs now.

  • Jiji Moran

    I take it “hater” is the new word for “disagree.”

    I stand my Steve Harvey comment.

    About Wendy Williams, yes I made the mistake of calling her Cindy, I gotta proofread before pressing the “submit” button. But, talking about show hosts, everyone who read the comment knew who I was talking about.

    I had watched her show since she was airing in the afternoon for about a year, and later when she was moved to the morning. My comment was made at the end of my post as an afterthought, notice that in the same paragraph I talked about Nate and Anderson, and CLEARLY Nate’s was not a new show.

    So, MVProductions44, take a chill pill, walk around a little bit, scratch off if needed, and stop being such a cranky pants. Stop over-scrutinizing comments, or making a big piss out of small little nothings. They are just THAT, comments.

  • shelly

    Jeff Probst follows GH in my market, not Katie (interesting). I do not watch any talk shows with exception of Kelly & Michael, only because it follows my local news in the morning. Katie is benefiting from the great writing and acting on GH, just as she wanted.

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