Will 'The Big Bang Theory' Deliver Record Ratings Tonight? - Poll

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November 29th, 2012

No series has been bigger this season than The Big Bang Theory. Its most recent new episode on November 15 earned a huge season high 5.7 adults 18-49 rating, up from a 5.1 for the prior week. With lots of shows posting ratings gains this week, it's possible the show's ratings could surge even higher tonight. Or they could fall back down to earth. Make your predictions below and remember that the show is often adjusted upward in the final ratings.

  • POI

    i want it to go past 6.0 its such a great show and a great season the show and everyone behind the show deserves it.

  • POIFanatic

    I don’t LOL much during TBBT, but Modern Family is hilarious.

    TBBT: 5.5-5.6 (Already predicted it before)
    TAAHM: 4.0
    POI: 3.0
    Elementary: 2.1

  • POIFanatic

    And guys, genre acting God, Pellegrino (Jacob from Lost, Lucifer from Supernatural) is on tonight’s episode! Will be awesome.

    I still crack up at his last dialogue on Revolution – ‘Miles, you’re like a bad penny, man.’

  • Hmm

    Everything else has basically been up so far this week!

  • American

    I voted for over 6.0, mostly because that 5.7 was so huge in gain from the prior 5.1…and I want to be optimistic on this. It’s a good show, I’ve watched it since it was on Mondays at 9. :)

  • American

    Err, 8.

  • hoki


  • Mark


  • Sean

    Show is great but the last ratings were due in ;arge part to lousy football games.

    Saints/Falcons is a huge game, probably biggest of the year on NFL Network. ESPN has its first good Thursday college game in a month. LeBron is playing on TNT.

    Way too strong of a sports night. I know. When the sports suck, I watch Big Bang live. When they are good, I watch on-demand.

  • JRG

    Advertisements of Howard vs Sheldon will drive this episode upwards.

  • JRG

    And I read Sean’s post after posting mine. Hmmmmmm, I think he will be right. As I will be one of those recording BBT and 2HM.

  • Adam Decker

    @Fed Not sure what you watch, but I like this show. It’s better than a lot of other comedies on TV.


    @ Ultima

    I thought it was 2.5M, but only remembered the 10.7 premiere.

    You’re the best!

  • Anon

    I believe Liz Lemon’s wedding is going to put a dent in the ratings this week.

    5.3 tops

  • jake3988

    I’m still stunned its rerun got a 3.2 on Monday at 8:30. It’s a behemoth.

    I’d wager 5.5 or so.

  • jay

    So what is the record for Big Bang Theory? You didn’t even mention it. Has it been over 6 before?

  • KJ Styles

    I’ll go with 5.3. It’s up against the best Thursday Night Football game of the season tonight (Falcons/Saints). I’ll probably watch BBT and then tune in to the game.

  • KJ Styles

    Modern Family has been better quality wise this season than Big Bang Theory IMO. I’m a fan of both shows.

  • Michael

    who cares

  • CBSviewer

    5.0 at most !

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