Will 'The Big Bang Theory' Deliver Record Ratings Tonight? - Poll

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November 29th, 2012

No series has been bigger this season than The Big Bang Theory. Its most recent new episode on November 15 earned a huge season high 5.7 adults 18-49 rating, up from a 5.1 for the prior week. With lots of shows posting ratings gains this week, it's possible the show's ratings could surge even higher tonight. Or they could fall back down to earth. Make your predictions below and remember that the show is often adjusted upward in the final ratings.

  • Melissa

    @Petar Ivanov

    CBS super thursday – ACTION!!!!

    With Heart of Courage i will project:

    TBBT 6.0

    TAHM 4.5

    POI 3.5

    Elementary 2.5

    I like Person of Interest but there’s no way it’s hitting a 3.5 tonight. Hoping that The Big Bang Theory cracks a 6.0!

  • Hugh

    6.0 next week

  • Nick

    Last Resort: 1.2 [series low]
    Grey’s Anatomy: 3.2
    Scandal: 2.0

    The Big Bang Theory: 5.8
    Two and a Half Men: 4.2 [season high]
    Person of Interest: 3.1 [ties series high]
    Elementary: 2.3

    The Vampire Diaries: 1.2 [ties season low]
    Beauty & The Beast: 0.6 [ties series low]

    The X Factor: 2.5
    Glee: 1.9

    30 Rock: 1.1 [ties season low]
    Up All Night: 1.2 [ties season low]
    The Office: 1.9 [season low]
    Parks & Rec: 1.5 [season low]
    Rock Center with Brian Williams: 1.0

    5.8. Maybe. No way it’s going over 6.
    The rest of CBS will see a bump, including POI, although it will not beat Grey’s.
    Look for season/series lows for NBC comedies.

  • João Paulo (@JPaulo645)

    I think will down a little like 5.3 or 5.5

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    Taking a week off for Thanksgiving will hurt ratings. I predict a good 16 million viewers, perhaps the second or third most viewed ever.

  • Vladimir Putin

    I never understood why people who dislike this show, are here every week taking the poll on its ratings and posting comments about it. So you don’t like the show, but its hardly an awful shoe. And it surely doesn’t suck. You know how I know it doesn’t suck? THE RATINGS! Sure the Walking Dead had a big debut. Is it better than TBBT? To some, yes. But When it hits TBBT ratings weekly, and then posts gains season-to-season, then have that discussion.
    But you cant really say TBBT sucks or is the lowest form of entertainment on tv.. Maybe the show is just a different kind of comedy you just don’t get. Maybe the writing is so good you just don’t comprehend what they are saying. Or maybe a show like Modern Family is what you’re looking for here. Well if thats the case, you aren’t going to find that here. So go watch the show you like. Leave the comments here to people who love TBBT.

    Notice how I didnt bash shows like Modern Family, The Bachelor, or The Kardashians?, All of which I personally cant stand…or in the case of The Kardashians and The Bachelor, really hate… Its because someone on here is bound to enjoy those shows. So instead of bashing those shows, i just don’t watch them. I have seen them all, and once i decided I didnt like them, i stopped watching. but after 4 seasons or so I am not on the comment sections of those shows talking about being force-fed some gay agenda (Modern Family), or being forced to watch the entire Kardashian clan pimp out themselves for celebrity, or watch some dude, or slut, sleep their way to the end of some match-making competition (The Bachelor/Bachelorette).

    And its because once I decided I didnt like those shows, I stopped caring enough about them that I have no desire to post comments about them… At all. I would rather watch episodes of MY favorite show, The Big Bang Theory.

  • SarahL

    I voted 5.3 – 5.4.

  • adian

    6 would be great and 18+ million viewers. Would love to see scriped out do reality!! Too much of it on tv. Hoping for strong night for cbs and greys too!

  • Ryan

    With the early numbers in the household rating is the same as the previous episode.. so maybe that will translate to a 5.7 again.

    Looking at households i’d expect…
    TAAHM- 4.0
    POI- 3.0

  • senor chang

    Interestingly, 30 Rock tied The Office in HH last night (3.0 for both). We’ll see how that translates to the demo, but it might surprise (well, about as much as a show averaging in the low 1s can surprise).

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