Report: 'The Killing' Writers Back At Work; Season 3 Likely to Premiere in May

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November 30th, 2012


Multiple sources report that, though AMC has yet to officially greenlight season 3, the writers of The Killing, including showrunner Veena Sud and executive producers Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin returned to work this week. AMC is said to be considering a late May premiere. The show was canceled after its second season, but a deal with Netflix that made the show more affordable for AMC resurrected it.

  • Enri

    Yeah! Great news.

  • Concerned Citizen

    As long as Veena Sud is involved, I have no interest (and get that sexism crap out of here, Andrea; people don’t like her because she’s a bad writer, not because she’s a woman).

  • Andrea

    ^ Oh, you mad?

  • @Andrea

    It’s not that she’s a bad writer or that she’s a woman. It’s that people were expecting to find out “Who Killed Rosie Larsen” at the end of the season because that “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?” made people believe it was a one season thing…and they also were disappointed in how the show was dealing with the mystery and stuff. I somewhat liked the show but also saw it’s problems. (I have not checked out the Danish original)

  • Hugh

    Woo hoo! I just thought about this yesterday, hoping the deal had gone through.

    I’m exited to see where they take the show.

  • Oliver


    I don’t get the Veena Sud hate. I’ve never heard a male showrunner talked about like this woman has been talked about.

    Tim Kring.

    If you think Americans hate the this version–what makes you think they’ll have anything but contempt for a show with subtitles?

    It’s a much better show.

  • JayTN

    Concerned Citizen…I agree about Veena Sud. She is not a very good writer, and an even worse producer. Her gender has nothing to do with it. I find it funny that whenever someone criticizes another person and that person happens to be female, sexism is always brought up. I guess Ms. Sud is supposed to get a pass because of her anatomy?

  • merrranga

    i’m enjoying watching The Killing get killed over and over much more than the actual show. i hope there’s more seasons. maybe in the next one hulu picks it up!

  • Fred’s Mom

    @Andrea, thank you very much for pointing out the Veena hate. I just don’t get it. Why people hold her solely responsible for a show that is produced by a studio and a network is beyond me.

    I’ll be glad to see Linden and Holder back together on a new case. Season 2 got a bit stale by the end, but I still stuck with it and was sad when the show was cancelled.

    @Leanna, I was also a fan of “Jane by Design”. It was too bad ABC Family cut that one loose, but it was too quirky for them–not enough “PLL” style melodrama maybe?

  • Jack Mushroom

    Thank god. Now I can buy the Blu-Rays and enjoy the two season again, knowing it will continue… I’m more than happy.

  • DM

    Awesome! Smart people who didn’t abandon the show based on foolish expectations of what a murder mystery TV show is required to do are rewarded.

  • Eric_Philly


  • LJ

    of all the crazy netflix bail out rumors, it had to be this show that actually gets it… why do bad things happen to good viewers?!

  • Mike W

    This show could be fixed – they just need to move the story at a faster pace. No more than a season per mystery. Maybe two mysteries per season. Look at how much better The Walking Dead has become after the horrific, slow-paced season two.

  • Neal

    Amazing nwes. Love this show so much!!!

  • Susan

    Wow, that was fast! And now they have a lot of time to construct a good season-long mystery too! I am really happy for all the cast and crew. The first two seasons were really amazing.

  • Susan

    Also you guys that say that Veena is a bad writer, you really don’t know much. I think for this type of show the writing was stellar. The Killing was always a slow burn mystery. Just because the ratings weren’t all that great in the second season and you didn’t gett all your answers in the first, doesn’t mean it’s the writers fault. There are a lot of good shows that don’t get the recognition they deserve, for various reasons. This show had great characters that felt like real people and that kept you glued to the screen even if the episode wasn’t so much about the main mystery. I swear some of the people on here go after low rated shows like that’s the only standard they should be judged after!

  • DenverDean

    For those who didn’t like TK or VS don’t watch. Simple. Like @Susan summed up, the show created intriguing characters and, in the end, I was very satisfied with the payoff. As long as it sticks to ONE MURDER and a SOLUTION at the end of the season, the show will be fine. It was the stupid promise that messed things up. The audience should have been told much sooner that it would continue into S2. If so, I don’t believe it would have faced the backlash.

  • Louis

    yes yes yes… :)

  • Sofaslug

    Well that’s the point Isn”t it? People didn’t watch…

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