Report: 'The Killing' Writers Back At Work; Season 3 Likely to Premiere in May

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November 30th, 2012


Multiple sources report that, though AMC has yet to officially greenlight season 3, the writers of The Killing, including showrunner Veena Sud and executive producers Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin returned to work this week. AMC is said to be considering a late May premiere. The show was canceled after its second season, but a deal with Netflix that made the show more affordable for AMC resurrected it.

  • RPD

    “I guess Ms. Sud is supposed to get a pass because of her anatomy?”

    They always do…

  • omabin

    YES! I would rather not have Veena Sud on board though. But this being said, The Killing is a great pleasure to watch. I never watched it “in-season” though. It’s the perfect type of show to save and watch marathoned in 1/2 days. I had a blast doing that with season 1 and, especially, season 2, which I thought was superior. I am curious to see who will be back now.

  • omabin


    I agree about Tim Kring, but that was very much deserved as well. What he did to Heroes is painful to remember. It was a type of show that I was still able to watch and enjoy but some storylines and lack of continuity were just mind blowing.

  • Kirk

    This is really good news! Love it.

  • Max

    I have to be honest I really liked this show, glad to see it back.

  • EnAmi

    So happy to here this! Linden/Holder are where it’s at!

  • EnAmi

    I’m so happy to hear this! Linden/Holder are where it’s at!

  • Mersad

    This is really amazing news! So happy for the cast and crew, and the fans (including me) who love this show. I wonder what the third season will be about, they sort of wrapped everything up, but that previous case Linden worked on was only briefly touched upon. Maybe they’ll try to explore it further. In any case I hope the mystery of the third season wraps up in that one set of episodes since that way it will be much more satisfying to the audience, although I didn’t have anything against the slow-burn style of the first two seasons, because it kept the suspense up for a longer period of time.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Another common misconception: that the only real problem people had with The Killing was the crappy cliffhanger. Not true; the overreliances on cheap red herrings and poor character development for most characters (except for Holder) were just as bad.

  • Red Jane

    Yay!!! I wonder how much of the show will change… Love the lead detectives and the writing was pretty good so… I am checking this out….

  • Andrea

    To: … [Dot Dot Dot]

    Season one of The Killing follows pretty closely to the storyline of the lauded Danish version. Veena just adapted it to a new setting. Partly why the Veena hate is so puzzling.

  • Andrea


    Fanboys were specifically flocking to Revolution because of Tim Kring, even after Heroes.

    Plus, I don’t hear TK being called a bitch on the web!

  • Name

    Tim Kring has nothing to do with Revolution.

    People hate Veena Sud, because not only does she write terribly but had an interview where she basically called the viewer stupid for not “getting” what she was doing. I can’t say I remember many showrunners doing that.

  • Anthony M

    I like this show, glad it is coming back for one more season.

  • Gleebo


    Hell on Wheels was renewed for a 3rd Season.

  • martin

    ny favorite show!!! yay!!

  • BagToPunchReallyHard


    Season one of The Killing follows pretty closely to the storyline of the lauded Danish version. Veena just adapted it to a new setting. Partly why the Veena hate is so puzzling.

    The first season stuck to the original, but season 2 did not. The cliffhanger was a big deal to many, but when the show returned it wasn’t the same anyway. The plots concerning the mob, Linden’s mental health, the nuthouse, and the stuff with her son – while all sorta based on fragments of the original – were sensationalized with Hollywood cliches, and didn’t work. At all.

    The writers had the fantastic story of “who killed Nanna Birk Larsen” to build on, yet they tossed it for the sake of what we got in S2. That’s what worries me about S3. Most fans will admit that S1 was good (when they used the original show’s template), but things went down hill when they wanted to go it on their own.

    If S3 is more of the type of stuff we got in the 2nd half of S2 then I’m afraid Nanna Birk Larsen will be spinning in her fictional grave.

  • AO’s Sock Puppet Account

    Are they going to change the title to “Red Herring of the Week”?

  • AO’s Sock Puppet Account

    Always good to see people of generally average intelligence make assumptions as to others’ intelligence based on one TV program.

  • AO

    Critic Mo Ryan provided some strong arguments on some of the issues with the show and VD:

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