Report: 'The Killing' Writers Back At Work; Season 3 Likely to Premiere in May

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November 30th, 2012


Multiple sources report that, though AMC has yet to officially greenlight season 3, the writers of The Killing, including showrunner Veena Sud and executive producers Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin returned to work this week. AMC is said to be considering a late May premiere. The show was canceled after its second season, but a deal with Netflix that made the show more affordable for AMC resurrected it.

  • AO
  • Chris

    This is really good news. Can’t wait for the third season to start and I hope this means that Season 2 will make it’s way to BluRay/DVD soon.

  • Amanda

    So happy to read this. I hope they come up with somethnig great in the third season.

  • Andrea

    To “Name”: My bad. I confused him with Kripke. Still fans apologize for Kring, saying that he only wanted Heroes to be a miniseries. They blame NBC as much as him.

    To “Bag to Punch”: Haters of VS never even got to season two!

  • Evanmav

    So happy this is coming back! I absolutely loved each season of the show and had no problem at all with it! People who get annoyed with “Red herrings” should get over it. Every show has red herrings and this isn’t a procedural of the week. We are supposed to be taken into the every day life of two detectives trying to solve crimes. You honestly think that the first lead for every case is the correct answer? The Killing to me was an honest portrayal of a crime. Plus the last episode of season 2 was AMAZING and I can’t wait for season 3.

    My only hopes are that AMC tries to grow the Killing’s audience by maybe putting it on after Breaking Bad or Mad Men.

  • Andrea

    AO: Mo Ryan’s bile over this show was one of comical proportions! She was almost frothing at the mouth, lol.

  • cobber1234

    I abandoned The Killing after the first season for many of the reasons listed here. The main problems for me were the choice of lead, and some of the ludicrous plotlines and red herrings. For the writers their difficulty was that not only they were trying to match the excellent scripts, the original show also had some of the best national actors. Currently enjoying the final 3rd season of the Danish version of The Killing. Anyone who hasn’t seen the Danish version should watch the original to understand why the AMC one is not a patch on it and also to see where it went so badly wrong.

  • Lucy

    I love The Killing and the slow-burn mystery style. Not every crime and mystery show needs to be fast paced and procedural. This is a welcome change. And the two leads have great chemistry as well, and are great actors. If it weren’t for them people wouldn’t be demanding a third season.If it was only about the case everything would be said and done.

  • Concerned Citizen


    I watched both seasons of the show. Season 2 was slightly better in certain aspects, but the pacing was still bad and the character development was still subpar.


    The issue is that the red herrings were done in a cheap and unrealistic manner that made it impossible to get invested in anything that was going on, since there was a good chance that the show was simply lying to you. And you failed to even mention the poor pacing and character development.

    Honestly though, people need to stop bitching and moaning just because some people don’t like shows that they like. If you like it, who gives a crap what anyone else thinks? Stop whining.

  • Karl

    Yes!!!!!! This is amazing, love “The Killing”.

  • Devon

    I also agreethat people who don’t like certain shows should just stop watching and let others who likethem fight for their renewal and celebrate their comeback. Not every show can be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good show.

  • MattS

    Great news. LOVE this show!!!

  • Silas

    @Simon Jester: I said European. Israel is in the middle east (Asia)……

    I echo others who have said that the original Danish version is just so good it is literally impossible to take The Killing seriously, as for the second season….

  • Alex

    Yes. Great Show!!!

  • Ike

    I agree that this show should renamed “Red Herring of the Week.” And the comparisons of Veena Sud to Tim Kring are very accurate.

    Of all the TV shows that could be resurrected, THIS trash gets the honor? How miserably sad. Mo Ryan had it right: “a terrible execution of a set of colossally stupid, misguided and condescending ideas.”

    @Andrea: I can assure that you someone, somewhere on the Internet, has MOST DEFINITELY called Tim Kring a bitch at one time or another. And if not, I’m calling him one right now. He’s a talentless bitch. Even the first season of Heroes was not very good. It was wildly, wildly, wildly overrated. Especially the episodes he wrote, and even more especially, the atrocious first season finale.

  • Dina

    Yay I hope AMC renews it for S3. Love me some Holder and Linden.

  • Missy

    YAY…the talent on The Killing is amazing.
    Bet it will return with a spectacular Season 3.

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