'The Vampire Diaries', '& 'Beauty and the Beast' Rise

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November 30th, 2012

via press note:

Last night's extremely eventful Vampire Diaries rose 13% in total viewers (3.2M) versus its last original on 11/15, and gained 15% in A18-49 (1.5/4), while holding steady in A18-34(1.5/5).

TVD outrated both ABC and NBC in the hour in A18-34, A18-49 and W18-34, and also drew more total viewers in the 8:30half hour than NBC.

Beauty and the Beast also gained versus last week, up two tenths in both A18-34 (0.7/2) and A18-49 (0.8/2), and up to 2.15M total viewers.

There were preemptions for the NFL in Atlanta last night, and in Baltimore for high school football, so these numbers are likely to change this afternoon.
  • JJA

    Secret Circle fans will probably go crazy if B&TB gets renewed.

  • John A

    TVD might not adjust down but BATB will.

  • Dan

    It wouldn’t surprise me if it did. I think B&TB is cheaper to produce because The Secret Circle had more special effects and the cast was larger so I’m sure they had to pay more to the actors.

  • famous gary c

    I liked Secret Circle alot and should feel this jealous rage for B&B but for some reason i think the show is starting to come around ….i mean in my humble opinion it is not half as good as the original starring Linda Hamilton. But i believe it’s creator’s have did there best to differentiate the two stories without being to cliche. If it’s picked up i for one won’t be angered i had this show written off long before the very first episode actually aired. The CW is an oddity in itself so who know’s what will happen with it’s future… but i think the CW’s current lineup(s) look a heck of a lot better at this stage then they have in recent memory. I’m leaning toward’s Beauty that it will be picked for season 2 normal season order.I personally think Beauty could have have been this year’s Ringer disaster but if anything i believe it may be quite the opposite. The Secret Circle i think could see light of day again possibly if there is enough outcry for it’s return ….look at Family Guy. Personally if i was SY FY or NBC i would have picked it up. SY FY would have been perfect for there genre fare lineup. NBC could have possibly paired it with Grimm …ala a great doubleheader.

  • Dan S

    Even if BATB adjusts down to 0.6 that would still make it the CW’s 4th highest rated show this week. There’s a better than even chance it’ll see a 2nd season if shows like HOD can survive with 0.5

  • Brandy

    Dan S yes in a way but in a way no.Nikita was moved to fri for not keeping VD s audience ,SC was cancelled with 0.5-0.6 for the last month or so of the season.Beautys lost half of its audience from premiere by episode three,that’s not good.If it adjusts down, I think it’ll be second or third 0.7 but if adjusts down to 0.6,it’ll be the third or fourth 0.6,and it’s not good that it’s this low so early in the season with the likleyhood of dropping further when it comes back in Jan and in spring.Beautys already doing worse than Nikita,SC and SPN in this timeslots.It has low retention out of VD and that fact beauty gets 0.6-0.7 while VD 1.2-1.5. Isnt good.Ive heard on this site that it does well online and sold to more overseas places than SC did( I’m not sure how true those are) though so that and if Beauty’s cheap to make, that will help its renwal chances.Its ratings put it on the bubble/as a toss up though.Also, HoD situation was different than Beauty’s now:last season,Ringer and SC started off as hits then tanked.Arrow this season is staying strong so far.Without hits last season,MP had to choose a lower rated show to renew cause he couldn’t cancel all but 2-3 shows.If Arrow stays a hit,I see less leniency for underperforming shows.HoD last season, matched or grew out its leadin,this season Beauty’s failing to do that.HoD has mainly been stable at 0.5-0.6 with a couple higher demo going on two seasons now,whereas Beauty premiered to a 1.2 & by episode 3 was at 0.6,HoD was also the third highest rated show the last three weeks of last season and was doing better than the other freshman shows, this season so far,Beauty is the fourth highest rated show and second highest rated freshman show.Only time will tell.

  • TVDxItachi

    LOL, i remember seeing someone with the profile “TSC’s Revenge” . It was hysterically funny.

  • Jared

    B&TB is really coming into its own. Last nights episode was one of the best so far and I wouldn’t be surprised if this series does get a 2nd season. B&TB is a series that can easily be paired with any of the pilots the CW has currently in development for next season. Hopefully this show will continue to stay steady and us fans will have some good news come Spring.

  • Marcus

    Both aired after the game in Baltimore.

  • Nate

    I really wanted to hate this show but surprisingly i don’t. Actually each episode has gotten better and now I’m hooked and want to see how the story plays out.

  • robin


    I don’t see how floating objects and opening locks are more special effects

  • JulieDawn

    I know BATB will adjust down, but hoping it’s not more than a tenth. The episode was really good last night and I can’t wait to find out what happens next week (almost a two-parter in the way it ended yesterday). Jay Ryan is certainly no slouch in the acting dept, and Kristen Kreuk is even growing on me a bit.

    This was a show I really didn’t have much interest in at first but it’s hooked me and drawn me in. At times some of the writing makes me cringe a bit, so they’ve got a ways to go overall, but I can overlook that when I’m enjoying the story as much as I am.

  • Elaine

    The reboot of Beauty and the Beast is rising in the ratings and it continues to be a show that pushes messages to young women that they should stay in ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH MEN who are raging, uncontrollable, scary, and psychologically unsound. This show is targeted at YOUNG WOMEN and worst of all is written BY WOMEN. I don’t understand how women can write this disgusting crap and call it ROMANCE. Catherine has resorted to PULLING OUT HER GUN on her raging boyfriend and she talks like a woman abused … she lies about the relationship, she stays with him because “its not his fault”, she thinks she can “save” him, she feels like she “doesn’t deserve better” … DOES NO ONE THINK THIS IS WONG? What kind of women write a female character like this and think it’s a healthy message to gave to TEENAGE GIRLS on the CW?

  • Brandy

    Elaine, Catherine isn’t dating Vincent yet.Yes,when he “hulks/beasts out” he can be dangerous,but he’s not abusing her and plus,he ties to save people in danger. Vincent to a certain extent can’t control the beast in him or what happens when’s like that but it isn’t his fault,the govt expierementd on him ,it went wrong, and that’s it,Vincent has never hit her or hurt her,why do you think he put himself in that cage and at the beginning told her to stay away?So he wouldn’t hurt her.Shes not with him or his friend cause she thinks “she can save him” as you said but she feels owes him for saving her life three times and to protect him from being locked up or murdered by police or Merefield,the govt group after him.Catherine dosent stay with him,isn’t his friend or whatever cause she “dosent feel she deserves better” as you said but because she’s interested in him and people can’t help who they fall for.Also, I think you’re missing the biggest message of the show which is :it’s what inside that matters most,not how you look.Vincent has never hurt Catherine.He hasn’t been in human form and slapped or anything close to abusing her.Vincent dosent want to hurt anyone,just stop bad guys from killing and/or raping innocent people.Im not sure where you got Vincent abuses and beats Cat cause it’s never happened.Cat lies about the relationship to keep police and Merefield from murdering him instead of seeing how he saves lives not cause he hits and kicks all the time and she’s afraid of him or embarrassed /ashamed like you think.Vincent saved Catsvlives several times and never once put a hand on her in anger and violence.

  • ray

    TSC fans – please move on!
    i love TSC, crazy about it last season but when it canceled, it means canceled! you got nothing if you just brag how good it is, it shouldn’t be canceled etc etc or whatever in here!!

    *this show is more expensive to produce compared to other series. so why fans do not help this series by doing some fund raising or find some sponsor for this series (just like fans do with Chuck).

    move on move on move on!
    you guys become more and more annoying!

  • Shaz

    Do you actually watch the show and pay attention? If you did, you would see that so far Vincent has not laid a hand on Catherine or any other woman. All of the people he has attacked have been men, and almost all of them were bad men. So no need to fear, the PC-correctness of the show will spare young women from harmful thoughts about abusive men.

    By the way, do you also spew vitriol at Vampire Diaries, where many male vampires have had their way with human women then compelled them to forget it happened, the supernatural equivalent of the date rape drug? Or do you just like to hypocrically single out BATB?

  • POI

    Good For The CW just Imagine how it wil rate if TVD and Arrow were on the same night it might beat NBC for one night if the ratings are strong and both shows can benefit from one another as they bring new viewers to watch the other show and if they like it they will increase the other shows ratings but The Cw will not do that because having two good nights is much better than have 1 amazing night i think.

  • JulieDawn

    Obviously you are totally missing the point of this show and the character’s relationship (assuming you even watch it). It’s in fact the complete opposite of what you suggest.

    Perhaps it might be a good idea to re-watch it without your own emotional baggage clouding your opinion.
    If you haven’t ever watched it, then please refrain from speaking of which you know nothing about.

  • david

    Good for TVD falling to a 1.4 in the finalees and not so good for Beauty and the Beast falling to a .6. But i do enjoy both show though.

  • Brandy

    @ julieDawn,Shaz, Elaine probably dosent watch the show but jumped to conclusions and made assumptions from promos,which are often edited to be misleading.

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