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November 30th, 2012

Update: in the preliminary numbers for its first Friday back at 8pm, Nikita averaged a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating and 1.24 million viewers. The Arrow repeat at 9pm averaged a 0.3 and 1.06 million viewers.

Nikita returns tonight with a move to the Friday at 8PM time period where it aired last season. So far this season, the show has languished on Fridays at 9PM earning o.3 and 0.4 Adults 18-49 ratings. Its most recent episode, on November 9, scored an 0.3. At 8PM it will no longer compete head-to-head with Grimm and Fringe which could help improve its numbers. Then again, maybe viewers have just tired of the show or maybe killing off Percy was a mistake. How do you think it will do tonight? Make your predictions then explain your opinion in the comments.

  • Nick

    Last Man Standing: 1.4 [ties series low]
    Malibu Country: 1.5
    Shark Tank (R): 1.2
    20/20 (R): 1.1

    Undercover Boss: 1.8
    CSI: New York: 1.5 [ties season high]
    Blue Bloods: 1.4

    Nikita: 0.4 [season high]
    Arrow (R): 0.6

    College Football: 1.3

    Christmas at Rockerfeller Center (R): 0.9
    Grimm (R): 0.7
    Dateline NBC: 0.9

  • javier

    u.s. ratings do not matters that much ,it is already a huge worldwide hit, even it got canceled ,asian companies will be desperate to buy it

  • Kavyn

    The quality of the show has gone down. I even tweeted to one of the writers Albert Kim the other day about how the relationship stuff stuff is dragging the show down in terms of quality and that they need to bring back more of the action and story. He simply responded with “I think there are some who would disagree”… followed by an onslaught of girls responding to him (with myself tagged) saying that they love the relationship drama.

    I mean at this point, season 3 of Nikita is no where close to seasons 1 and 2 and it looks like the writers have no intention of fixing it, which is highly disappointing.

  • JustToClarify


    Pffthahahaha. I love Nikita more than any other show on the air, but A) international ratings have been a ‘grasp for straws’ excuse for the show for years without any real statistics and B) nobody would ever, ever buy a show with such low ratings in its home country/on its original network.

  • Sam


    I think many major European stations would be eager to buy the show actually, Sky Living (UK & Ireland) sees the show consistently place in the top 3 according to their ratings, occasionally placing at the #1 spot particularly in it’s first season, and odd episodes throughout the second (including the premier). The same can be said for the other major European networks on which it airs.

    I also predict the Season 3 premier will bring in around the same ratings when in airs in Europe. Internationally, the show is a hit. It may not bring in great ratings in the US, but when the show makes more money internationally, then it’s certain it will be sold for syndication purposes across the waters. Whether this gets the show a Season 4 or not is debatable, but considering the WB is involved in the show (and their profits are considerably higher internationally) it has a fighting chance of being renewed and sold for syndication.

    I do believe that the production of the show is incredible, the acting is great, and the fight scenes are executed almost to perfect, however, the writing quality of the show is decreasing with love triangles and relationship stories becoming the main focal point which is why I believe the ratings are now decreasing. The reason Nikita was a hit to begin with for the CW was because it attracted not only teenage girls, but teenage boys and men. It was originally a show revolving around action with a legitimate straight-male fan base, something the CW rarely receives with the exception of Supernatural, Smallvillle and now Arrow. (Back when it was the WB Charmed had a significant male following).

  • ABC hater

    I believe it will improve a bit. 0.4-0.5.

  • Serene

    Why in the world would one of the European networks pick up Nikita. Most of Europe isnt even airing Nikita. I mean yes it can be a hit in the UK, but as far as i can see not a single episode has aired in most part of Europe.

  • John A

    Nikita isnt a hit in the UK.

  • Marku

    Nikita season 3 sucks so much that im actually laughing at some scenes

  • John A

    Nikita airs on sky living an gets roughly 200.000 viewers thats about average for that channel and nothing special so stop that nonsense of it being a hit lol.

  • Serene

    Well i only can say that in central part Europe havent seen any episodes or any promo for Nikita.

  • nerv

    Most of CW’s TV shows are followed more internationally than any highly-rated series on the big four. TVD and GG are prime examples of that. However, a big international following can’t help this network’s dying shows. The survival of these shows still depends on US TV ratings.

  • peanuts

    Check the update, guys.

    Well I would have preferred the original Thursday 9pm timeslot. But looks like moving back to 8pm proved better for the ratings.

    AND. Nikita is great despite the ratings, anyway.

  • Ardnaskela

    And what?
    Nikita did better than repeat of Arrow, not like some people said before.

  • DDL

    This is so funny to even read how 0.4 is a good rating. That’s the HIGHEST for the season and that’s sad. Nikita has lost most of its viewers throughout the seasons and trying to pick up new ones seem hard to impossible. The writers aren’t willing to fix the storyline and if it just drags on, eventually not many will even bother finishing it.

    It will get renewed regardless of the ratings? That’s absolutely stupid for people to even say that. It isn’t guaranteed a renewal because of syndication. Mark my words now, Nikita most likely won’t get renewed – not because of ratings but because of some inside news going around lately. There are so much more than to just ratings for a tv show….. think about it. You have to consider the cast and crew and writers and such.

  • NikitaLove

    8:00pm will help, but what would help even more, kill off Michael, Alex, and Sean. No chemistry between the beautiful Nikita and Michael, the love story is boring. Alex is a child like character. The student becoming a master does not work for her. Sean is just a terrible actor with a wimpy character. Season 1 and 2 were really good, but the story line in season 3 is really bad. New and better writing is needed if there is any hope of a Season 4.

  • Martine

    @ Sam. I don’t think so.

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