Predict the Ratings for the 'Once Upon a Time' & 'The Walking Dead' Fall Finales

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December 2nd, 2012

Update: Looks like Once matched its performance from last week. For more, click here. The Walking Dead earned a 5.5 adults 18-49 rating, which is lower than most of you predicted. Click here for full press release.

The fall finales of both Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead air tonight. Reflecting the changing television landscape, it's a certainty that the AMC show will get higher ratings than the ABC show. But let's get specific. Make your predictions for the Adults 18-49 rating of each program then discuss your reasoning, and what our Sunday polls should be while everything is on hiatus, in the comments. For reference, last week Once Upon a Time garnered a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating while The Walking Dead earned a 5.4.


  • POIFanatic

    TWD – 5.7! Can’t wait! I still don’t care about Michonne though.

    Once – 3.4

  • DenverDean

    Even though SNF has what seems like a marquee match-up (Eagles v Cowboys), both teams have losing records, so that may deflate some of appeal. Tonight should be a heavy viewing night continuing the trend this week.

  • David Howell

    What’s the record rating for an episode of a scripted cable show, out of interest?

    TWD to get a 5.9, and it could be the #1 non-sports show in all of television this season (only SNF is *sure* to beat it, TBBT is in the same ballpark for the season I think?). OUAT is brilliant counterprogramming against both TWD and SNF, and will rise to maybe a 3.4. Revenge hard to call – might depend on the state of the football (if it is a blowout that helps Revenge). I will wildly guess a 2.7, and expect to be horribly wrong.

    CBS will be shellacked. I honestly think their Sunday scripted episodes exist for international (and, later, domestic) syndication purposes only, the 9pm and 10pm hours Sunday are as bad for them as NBC/ABC’s Thursday 8pm vs TBBT/Men and singing. Can see a series low 1.5 for TGW, and the syndication gods won’t save it this time.

  • Brandy

    I’m gonna guess 3.3-3.5 for Once cause premieres,finales(even Midseason ones) rate well and it ends on a cliffhanger which could get viewers more interested in watching,specially if they haven’t watched in a while.

  • Joseph

    Still, I think the NFL game will dominate prime-time, and that neither the “Once Upon A Time” nor “Walking Dead” finales will get the numbers you expect because:

    (1) The Dallas Cowboys are playing, a/k/a “America’s Team”.

    (2) Philadelphia is the number-four TV market.

    (3) Dallas needs a win tonight (December 2nd) to keep alive any playoff hopes.

    (4) Philadelphia will likely need to win in order for Eagles’ head coach Andy Reed to keep his job.

    Two weeks from tonight (December 16th), it may get worse for any network not named NBC: New England will host San Francisco in a potential Super Bowl preview.

  • matt

    ONCE – 3.5 / 10.3M
    TWD – 5.8 / 10.1M

  • Hillbilly

    OUAT – 3.4 – 3.5

    TWD – 5.9 – 6.0

    I have no idea (I see I’m not alone) what to poll next. <a href=" Men starts on the 9th. Only show I’ll have on my must watch list. I bet it wins the (non sporting) Sundays in prime time.

  • Hillbilly

    OUAT – 3.4 – 3.5

    TWD – 5.9 – 6.0

    I have no idea (I see I’m not alone) what to poll next. Ax Men starts on the 9th. Only show I’ll have on my must watch list.


  • Sarah

    3.2 for Once

    5.8 for TWD

  • Brian I

    Watch Revenge tonight!!

  • The End

    I would say about 3.1 18-49 for Once Upon a Time. I’m more excited by the casting news that I saw a short while back that suggests that Episode 5 of Season 2 of Once Upon a Time will be getting some more love(More story) as gah, not allowed spoilers here, just exciting.

    Walking Dead, ohhh.. I’ll be an optimist and go for 6.0!

  • suckerpuncher

    Btw. Is there a list anywhere which shows the (winter/holiday) breaks for each show?


    Went with the fours

    3.4 OUAT
    5.4 TWD but should have gone higher here, I suppose

  • FlorinDobri

    3.4 OUAT
    5.9 The walking dead

  • Dan S

    I’m guessing 3.2-3.3 for OUAT & 5.7-5.8 for TWD. I’d love it however if TWD could crack a 6 but that would be a stretch. Revenge should likely rise above its dismal 2.2 from last week & get 2.6-2.7 at the most. As far as new polling lets guess to which shows like Hannibal & Crossbones will get scheduled. Will it be this spring or held back to next summer or fall ?

  • DW

    TGW will be running late tonight so that 1.5 will not happen. TGW has held steady only dropping a tenth last week up against SNF and walking.

  • BagToPunchReallyHard

    Walking Dead won’t go any higher that this season’s premiere. There has to be a ceiling and I think we’ve hit it. This is the 3rd season now and new highs just can’t go on and on forever. However, I would love if they did.

  • Matthew

    I am going with high numbers with a 3.6 for OUAT, 2.9-3.0 for Revenger and 5.8 for Dead.

  • frodo

    Once Upon 3.4
    Revenge 2.8
    Dead 5.6
    666 Park 1.4

  • DeanW

    I do?´’t know ic TWD can have a new high tonight. Last week episode was not so good and maybe it’ll loose some viewers.

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