Friday Final TV Ratings: No Adjustments for 'Nikita', 'Undercover Boss', 'Last Man Standing' or 'Malibu Country'

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December 3rd, 2012

There were no adjustments among adults 18-49 versus Friday's preliminary ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, November 30, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00 PM CBS Undercover Boss 1.8 6 8.73
ABC Last Man Standing 1.6 5 6.72
NBC Christmas in Rockerfeller Center -R 0.9 3 3.89
FOX College Football (8:21-11:43) 1.4 4 4.87
CW Nikita 0.4 1 1.2
8:30PM ABC Malibu Country 1.5 5 6.31
9:00 PM ABC Shark Tank -R 1.6 5 5.85
CBS CSI: NY 1.5 4 9.86
NBC Grimm -R 0.6 2 2.62
CW Arrow -R 0.3 1 1.03
10:00 PM ABC 20/20 1.7 5 5.68
CBS Blue Bloods 1.5 4 11.31
NBC Dateline 1.1 3 4.34

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  • rob60990

    Really wanted Nikita to adjust down, oh well next week then :D

  • Marcelo

    Great! if Nikita keeps this 0.4 or rise it to 0.5 I think a fourth season is more than likely :)

  • Chosen

    @rob60990 : what kind of stupid person can be rejoice about a series going down to finally be cancelled?
    Grow up a little bit.

  • Greg

    Nikita is safe now. Certainly a 0.4 on Fridays means the same thing as a 0.5 on Mondays or Tuesdays.

  • david

    Good to see Nikita remain at a .4. I hope it stays or goes up to a .5 for the last episode of this year on this Friday.

  • Marcelo

    @rob60990 if you don’t like, don’t watch it. why would you waste your time praying for a show you clearly don’t like to be ajudsted down?

    i don’t know, sometimes haters seems to care more about ratings than the fans themselves

  • Jamie

    Happy enough for “Nikita.”

    In my opinion, CSI:NY is going the same way as One Tree Hill. It’ll keep getting renewed last minute and they’ll be a series finale EVERY year.

  • Jamie


    You sound an awful lot like Bondoel.

  • karin

    so better for Fox this night without ….

  • omabin

    Nikita is totally safe if it keep these ratings now. I thought it was already going to be renewed with the 0.3s, but the 0.4 settles it for sure, when you consider the friday factor and the syndication factor.

    Was hoping for an upwards adjustment for Malibu. I am eating dust now after I have been saying that reba should lead the hour rather than lms, looks like abc was smarter than i was here.

  • rob60990

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Shark Tank does tomorrow night. If it can break over a 2, I can see ABC moving it there. I think they are waiting to see how Shark Tank tomorrow before announcing their midseason schedule because that 2 hour comedy block should not be happening.

  • DeanW

    Bad for Nikita :(

  • CrimTV


    Hopefully they decide to air How to Live With Your Parents on Wednesday and yes I hope you’re right about the midseason schedule because I am tired of waiting for ABC!

  • JJA

    @rob60990–Why all the Nikita hate?? Maggie Q turned you down for a date or something?


    And Gold Rush wins yet another Fri @10:00

  • fra

    Really, really HAPPY for Nikita. It was such a BAD decision to put it on 9.00 PM Slot. The should have moved it before. I hope it will rise again, or settle there for the mid season finale. If it can settle there, it will be renewed without any doubts

  • Unreal Nick

    Revenge fans have to bear Max’s crap every single Monday. Nikita and Fringe fans have bear rob60990’s crap every time one of those shows is on air. Why can they just shut the f*** up and leave the shows they don’t like alone?

  • Felipe Nikita

    Nikitaaaaaaaa yaayy

  • James

    Not Bad for Malibu Country! Even though I really don’t like NIKITA, I have decided not to bash it because I know a lot of people really do!!!!!!

  • Fake Me Out

    Perhaps some people are hoping the CWs hands are untied so they dump the abject ratings failure that is Nikita and replace it with a show that they may like and has a chance to score ratings higher than the immediate family & friends of the cast & crew. Nikita’s continued existence is blocking something new and is dragging the network as a whole down the toilet. It would be different is it was getting decent ratings and people were rooting for it to fail … it’s already a complete and total failure (in NorAm at least) and it’s time to move on.

    Reality is the WB will shove another season down the throats of the CW mgmt in hopes of making it up in syndication which is why I’m hoping they end up having to cut a deal with the Weather Channel for 3am showings in an ad revenue sharing deal.


    I have a gun, it’s loaded, shut up.” — Gus (Denis Leary) in “The Ref”

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