'The LA Complex' Canceled in Canada, US Future Unknown

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December 3rd, 2012

Canadian broadcaster Bell Media (which owns the MuchMusic channel) has decided not to pursue a third season of The LA Complex, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The CW is reportedly in talks with producers about the future of the series in America. We'll update this post if we hear anything new.

  • CrimTV

    If they continue the show in the US, wouldn’t it cost a lot more than it did before?

  • Damo

    not a big deal it wasn’t bad but just ok nothing special and if it does continue in the US then it would cost probably abit more but could be produced better

  • Stella

    I think it’ll be cancelled in the U.S. too, if the show got cancelled in it’s own country I doubt that the U.S. would invest even more in it now.

  • Greg

    I can’t see an upside of keeping this show alive. The ratings were laughable.

  • Tommy

    I can see why the CW would want to keep the series… 0.4’s in the summer is nothing to turn your head at on the CW.

    But I still think it continuing in American is a long shot.

  • CrimTV


    When the highest ratings on The CW during the summer were 0.4’s/0.5’s, it is something to turn your head to!

  • Damo

    @Crim TV

    Not really because most of the shows for them during the summer did have a few 0.4 and 0.5 but the majority of the time they had 0.3 or lower and what did you think of the LA Complex

  • Observer

    Wow, what a shock.

  • halloween

    cancel it just imports in other new canada/uk shows for same ratings…cheaper

  • DryedMangoez

    I thought the main reason the CW aired it was because it’s cheaper to air an import than have to produce it on their own. The numbers they got may be okay for such an import, but not for a series they might produce themselves.

  • Jackson

    LA COMPLEX was so underrated! it really was a well written, enjoyable lil show. far and away the best reviewed show on the CW. i really hope they give it another chance. maybe a cable channel like LOGO could pick it up?

  • JC

    I actually thought that the only reason CW HADN’T cancelled it is because it was still airing in Canada. Now that it is cancelled in Canada I figured it was doomed here.

    I also agree with what Jackson said. It was extremely underrated and halfway decent tv.

  • Dan

    I’m wondering if the show would do slightly better in the ratings if renewed for a 3rd season in the US. The previous two seasons had already been available to watch online so viewership may increase a bit if the only place to see the new episodes is the CW during the summer.

  • Nate

    I think the CW will slowly faze out of the traditional teenage dramas like GG..90210..LAComplex since they are finding more success with genre shows like Arrow..TVD..SPN.

  • CrimTV


    If CW have all genre shows though, people will become bored (remember in 2007 and 2008 when Gossip Girl and 90210 premiered and they were really popular, then The Beautiful Life, Hellcats and Melrose Place premiered and bombed). People will (unfortunately) become bored with genre shows just like people have become bored with teen dramas in the past.

  • Smoke That Sherm-Palladino

    L.A. Complex could’ve been huge here if CW didn’t drop the ball on scheduling/marketing. It was as good as an attractive-young-people primetime soap gets.

  • david

    It was a pretty good show. Mark Pedowits like how it did online for them so if it would not cost to much for them to make maybe they would then or maybe they can just get another canadian drama for the summer.

  • Oliver

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone picks it up. Three-way co-production between Netflix, The CW and a Canadian broadcaster (since it fulfills CanCon) perhaps?

  • CrazedNovelist

    Mark Pedowitz, the president of CW LOVES The L.A. Complex and I could totally see it being back on the CW next summer. It was pretty consistent in the ratings and it’s actually a pretty well-written show. I wanna wait and see what happens.


    @ Tommy

    Plus that is what Nikita is pulling now

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