'The LA Complex' Canceled in Canada, US Future Unknown

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December 3rd, 2012

Canadian broadcaster Bell Media (which owns the MuchMusic channel) has decided not to pursue a third season of The LA Complex, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The CW is reportedly in talks with producers about the future of the series in America. We'll update this post if we hear anything new.

  • panda22

    Big fan of the show, but even i conceed this news effectively spells the end for LAC. As stated above pulling 0.2’s and 0.3’s does not make for renewal chances considering CW would have to now foot the entire bill.

    It was only helped by Bell Media shouldering most of the cost. Unless it gets major budget cuts or sweetners for CW i cant see Pedowitz picking this up.

    Unless he really wants original scripted Summer….but Nikita could do that.

  • LKoi

    This is an actual shocker that Canada got rid of it especially after it rose in the ratings this past summer.

    The upside is that The CW might still keep it.

  • DTravel

    I watched it and would like to see more of Jewel Staite but I honestly can’t see how it will have a third season.

  • Tom

    LKoi: What are you talking about? In reporting the show’s well deserved cancellation, the Hollywood Reporter reported earlier today that “The Canadian broadcaster said that the ratings for the second season were well down from the first, leading MuchMusic to decide against a third season order.” I don’t have the latest figures but, in Canada, the LA Complex fell from 351,000 viewer to 22,000 viewers during its first six episodes. In other words, this program was an epic failure in two countries. I don’t know what the CW has in mind, but broadcasting any more of this hideous mess certainly wouldn’t enhance its brand.

  • getmilk

    The CW won’t pick up this show unless it finds another network in Canada.

    There’s many networks in Canada but I’m not sure if anyone would want to pick it up due to its ratings.

    A shame really. Amazing how Gossip Girl and 90210 have 5+ seasons and this show was unable to find an audience.

    @Tom The 351,000 viewers were on CTV, a much bigger network than MuchMusic.

    Season 2 actually did pretty well in the beginning when it had Pretty Little Liars as its lead in and Degrassi after it. Then they changed it Mondays because The CW said so. Funny thing was it performed better on Mondays on The CW but without the lead in of PLL, it was doomed in Canada…

  • Tom

    getmilk: I don’t have all the Canadian figures, but it looks like episode 7 drew 88k viewers. That’s terrible. By episode 19, the show was down to 11k viewers. Maybe moving the LAC might have cost the show some viewers, but I doubt if that alone accelerated the show’s decline by that much. You can’t put enough lipstick on this pig to hide what it is.

  • John A

    Yet the Crap that is Nikita will be renewed. Unfair.

  • getmilk

    @Tom I’m not trying to hide anything. I admit the show’s done very poorly in the US, but 88k on MuchMusic is actually pretty decent. The next couple episodes averaged around 60K-75K I believe. The show nose dive in the final episodes for some reason and I honestly believe it was due to the lack of a lead in.

    During the summer, the Tuesday night block of PLL, LAC, and Degrassi was pretty successful for MuchMusic. But The CW wanted to end the season early for the premiere of their fall shows. They were basically at the mercy of The CW which costed them at the end!

  • Dillan

    After MTV picked it up to air it internationally, I thought it was dead certain to get a third season, despite the low ratings, so I’m quite shocked. The show was fantastic and I’m going to miss it! :(

  • Scott

    This was the best show on television, I am so disappointed about this news. I can’t imagine the crap people watch instead of quality scripted television. Art doesn’t seem to be appreciated like it used to.

  • Miranda Weaver

    What ratings?! Wait, was Bell Media and CW catering LA Complex to grandmoms?! Because most people under 50 don’t watch TV anymore. i and most people found this show online not on a commercial infested cable TV. And how are these rating measured anyways? All I know the network itself is making up numbers. It’s not like everyone in the corporate Bell Media is voting for it, it’s just a decision by a few powerful businessmen who can be biased about the subject matter. Anyone who watched this show know that the stories on the show don’t follow stereotypes. The gay storyline and acting, for example, puts LOGO’s cliche soaps to shame… but such a raw realness can be intimidating for some, and if they got power and money they can kill the show by using this rating BS as a good reason. People gotta stop following what a corporate exec says. Talk about what you know, not about something that you have no clue of how is done and who pays for it. I ‘d rather talk about why Bell Media is allowed to own so many networks in one country, and why corporate execs are canceling shows in it’s prime moments. I mean season 2 ended on the cliff! Come on, it’s just plain disrespectful to the viewers.

    I don’t know what show people like Tom are talking about on here. This show doesn’t even compare to dull meaningless shows like 90210. LA Complex doesn’t even fit the regular CW programming, it is more along the lines of HBO dramas… Closeted homosexuality of a hip hop artist, a downward spiral of an aging actress, mental struggles of an established actor… even an incest attraction… And non of it is even predictable. The show is raw and twisted at times, yet it is very real and believable unlike most other shows that try to touch on these subjects. You still wanna talk about some mysterious rating system that measures how many grandmas has been clicking their remote control?!

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