ABC Launches the Official #WhoShotFitz Campaign on 'Scandal'

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December 4th, 2012

via press release:


Kerry Washington, and the Cast of Scandal will Live Tweet Thursday, December 6

Following last week's shocking episode of "Scandal," ABC launches the beginning of the #WhoShotFitz campaign that will explore the theories and questions behind this storyline. Use the hashtag #WhoShotFitz to chat with cast and fans starting with this week's episode, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President," written by creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6 (10:02-11:00p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. In this week's episode, Olivia returns to work at the White House to manage the catastrophic crisis, and we learn more about the first few days of Fitz's presidency.

The cast of "Scandal" will be tweeting live discussing #WhoShotFitz this Thursday, December 6, during the telecast at 10:00 p.m., ET and 10:00 p.m., PT. Please visit the official "Scandal" event page to join:

TWEET THIS: Who shot President Grant? This week, a suspect will be revealed. Watch @ScandalABC, Thursday 10|9c on ABC. #WhoShotFitz

Follow the cast of "Scandal" on Twitter:
Kerry Washington @kerrywashington
Columbus Short @ColumbusShort1
Guillermo Diaz @guillermodiazyo
Katie Lowes @KatieQLowes
Joshua Malina @JoshMalina
Darby Stanchfield @darbystnchfld
Tony Goldwyn @TonyGoldwyn
Dan Bucatinsky @DanBucantinsky
Jeff Perry @JscandalP
Bellamy Young @BellamyYoung
Scandal Writers @ScandalWriters

Official Pages:
Twitter Event Page:
Event Hashtag: #WhoShotFitz
Official Show Hashtag: #Scandal
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  • Bookworm

    Lol, ABC you are late as hell! This has been going on for a week and the whole cast has been live tweeting since the first season!!

    But the press release is cool for the upcoming episode. I just know it will epic! Shonda has not failed us with flashback episode. 106 last season was the best I’ve seen her produce in a long–the cast say she tops it this season and I have a feeling she will. I can’t wait!

  • Bo

    Whoa, this isn’t Dallas. RIP Larry Hagman

  • j

    Wow, this show gets so much promo yet its ratings are meh, falling below a 2 multiple times.

    Scandal: The American Horror Story of broadcast.

  • Tony ^_^

    Would Twitter count as promotion? :D Hmm… ;)


    And MAX has 60 tweets per hour

  • rob60990

    so much for this show never getting promotion. :D

  • Bookworm

    ABC post press release for all of its shows. In comparison to some of the other shows, Scandals promotion has been no where near there. That’s been a commonly know fact among fans since the start of season 1. Yet as of lately it has been increasing and it is showing with their increase in rating and continues to be ABC’s most steadiest 10pm show.

    Shows like Nashville received far more promotion and yet, they are currently behind Scandal in last weeks rating and when dropping the first episode, they average less than them. As for the most current episode, all ABC 10pm shows outside of Scandal were rated below a 2.0 mark.

    BTW, Twitter is not promotion. That’s just an online form of “by word of mouth”.

  • Christian

    Love this show!

  • Derrick

    ” j

    Wow, this show gets so much promo yet its ratings are meh, falling below a 2 multiple time ”

    in what world does this show get “so much promo ”

    i have yet to see a single promo on TV for this show(on other networks that is), the only reasons i saw it is because i was flipping channels and my remote batteries died.

    I have loved the show since that day.

  • psychic

    It will never overtake Who Shot J.R.

  • Brenda

    @ J

    What promo are you talking about? The problem was this show was not getting enough promo, the only ep that really got promoted was the last one. I watch a few abc shows and scandal would get mention after a greys promo like..oh btw watch scandal if THAT.

    This is the little show that could, the cast interacts with their fans constantly on twitter, a very loyal fanbase. It will never be a mega hit but imo if abc acts like it exists like its finally doing, I think/hope it can be a mainstay for many yrs to come(will be thrilled if it goes 4-5 yrs)

  • Tom

    I cannot help but think this show is coming to an end. Everything is in place for it to go off the air. A normal progression of events would be that Huck shot the President, he’s caught. He reveals, what the reporter boyfriend already knows about the voting irregularities,the setup, the Prez dies, all involved in the voting plot are arrested by Josh Malina.

  • sbaily

    The WIFE hired someone maybe Huck

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