Monday Final Ratings: 'How I Met Your Mother' & 'Hawaii Five-0' Adjusted Up; 'Extreme Makeover', 'Gossip Girl' & 'Blake Shelton's Not So Family Christmas' Adjusted Down

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December 4th, 2012

How I Met Your Mother and Hawaii Five-O were each adjusted up a tenth while Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (at 9PM) , Gossip Girl and Blake Shelton's Not So Family Christmas were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, December 3, 2012

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 3.9 10 12.11
CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.1 9 8.26
FOX Bones 1.9 5 7.29
ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 0.9 3 4.23
CW 90210 0.5 1 0.99
8:30 PM CBS 2 Broke Girls -R 2.2 6 6.72
9:00PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.5 9 10.17
ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 1.0 3 4.61
FOX The Mob Doctor 0.8 2 3.26
CW Gossip Girl 0.3 1 0.79
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 3.1 8 10.23
10:00PM NBC Blake Shelton's Not So Family Christmas 2.7 7 8.88
CBS Hawaii Five-O 2.3 6 9.32
ABC Castle 1.7 4 8.50

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  • John

    “Revolution mid season finale was the best episode of the series. I am fine if NBC wants to pair Revolution with the Voice and try a cable format. I wait a year for Justified and Damages what is the difference. NBC will not let this show fail, it has too much potential. I don’t watch the Voice, this is the first time in years I have watched a Monday Night show since 24 on Fox. The Voice did not keep Smash in the high 2.9 if I recall Smash got renewed and it was close to 1.6. I will watch Smash when it returns.”

    I agree with this, especially after the stunning fall finale. It was one of the best episodes I’ve ever watched! Smash had fallen below/around 2.0’s pretty early on, while Revolution is still pulling in high 2.0’s and 3.0’s. I predicted that Revolution would be the one to buck the trend when it premiered and it has had its ups and downs, but its halfway there to becoming to a reality! People were saying H50 and Castle were gonna trounce this show and it’d be below 2.0’s just like its predecessor by the mid-season finale. Feels really good to see them eat their words.

  • John

    “these shortened final seasons almost always get bad ratings…chuck, fringe, gossip girl, private practice…they should just cancel the shows”

    Private Practice was actually cancelled. ABC spun it as though they were giving it closure AFTER it faltered and got low ratings in another spot.

  • Ateofi

    Glad to see h50 adjusted up. It’s the only 10 pm show that is rebounding instead of going down :)

  • Dan

    Great job 2 Broke Girls and great retention Mike & Molly. If CBS plugs up their 830 slot with Rules than im sure the numbers will go up. No voice Jan-Mar means better numbers for CBS comedies.

  • Joseph

    Yay at HIMYM adjusting up. On the other hand poor GG.

  • js

    Still makes ZERO sense how ABC airs crap every Monday Night- when they could be destroying everyone in the ratings with ESPN on ABC MNF- The idiots put crap ESPN College Games on Saturday night and get great ratings .. they should just put the MNF games back on the main network.

  • MarcJames87

    Gossip Girl did what it was supposed to do over it’s run. Up until last year the numbers were still good in the target audience the network was aiming for under the W18-34 demo. The president last year even admitted if it hadn’t been for show’s including TVD, Gossip Girl and 90210 which contributed to other revenue factors, then the network would have collapsed.

    Now I know that a 0.3 is unacceptable today in the A18-49 but you have to remember until this year most of the CW show’s were performing terribly in their first seasons. This is why it has been such a relief to see a good show like Arrow break through and hopefully move The CW towards a broader demo range.

  • Rob R

    790,000 viewers live for Gossip Girl? I wonder how MeTV does with its reruns of The Mary Tyler Moore Show at that time…….might be almost as much.

  • Ben

    I’ll bet ABC really misses Monday Night Football now. They are the only major network that does not air NFL games.
    I am glad Hawaii Five-O adjusted up. I have nothing against Castle, Revolution, or Blake Shelton, but, I am a Hawaii Five-O fan. As long as it has enough viewers to be renewed, that’s good enough for me.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “I’ll bet ABC really misses Monday Night Football now. They are the only major network that does not air NFL games.”

    ESPN is owned by the same company as ABC.

    MNF is a big reason that ESPN is the most valuable property in all of television.

    ABC misses nothing.

  • xwiseguyx

    Interesting to see Mike & Molly beat 2 Broke Girls for overall viewers…

  • gerry

    despite this being a lackluster season, i’m glad gg got its final season, though when you take the low ratings into account, i seriously doubt they will do the same for 90210 unless both spring shows flop and they want something to fill out their fall season. i think cw is going to wait until the premieres of cult and cd before making a decision on the 90210 future for sure…

  • CenterGravity

    @Monica & bluejays

    And for a while there, it was also Hawaii Five-O’Quinn.

  • Monica


    Let’s just agree to disagree. I have nothin against Castle…never watched it, but I still H50 would do better if given the same lead-in. At this point, the shows should somewhat be able to hold their own, regardless of their lead-in. H50 is doing that.

  • Baaa!

    H5O stayed steady when everything else was down.Now I am sliding over to Revolution being off the air did help them. H5O and Revolution at this point share audience it seems, but that does not surprise me.Castle too out of whack to make a guess at with the really low lead-in and hiatus scheduling. Total guesswork here:H5O was a 2.3 last week with no Castle, but that was inflated by the usual post Thanksgiving boost up, as seen by the drops in all other CBS hours of .3 to .6 this week.Being conservative that gave H5O at least a .3-ish boost with no Revolution.Still down from last season obviously, but not unexpected if NBC had not been as successful with Monday night.Just interested in how much NBC Monday is hurting CBC/ABC at 10pm.

  • Jane

    GG has awful ratings because the showrunners do not respect their viewers. They could have written something good for the final season, instead, it’s the worst ever.

  • Nancy Mahews

    It looks to me that the Blacke Shelton special and Castle share part of the audience. Notice that the overall viewers were down as well as the 18-49 viewers. I myself had a hard time. I really wanted to see the BS special but in the end I chose to watch Castle. On the other hand Castle is on demand but I doubt if the Black Shelton special is. I noticed that the viewers live + SD totals for the BS Special and Castle wwere very close to each other. BS 8.88 Castle 8.50

  • Tracee

    Yes, compared to the other crop of 10p shows on CBS, H50 is just okay but CBS can’t be happy with those numbers considering money involved, prob one more season to reach syndication deal and a move to another night to test it. If it doesn’t work, will probably be gone after next season.

  • easy

    CBS is no doubt happy with the climb up in numbers, and consistency of upward movement from the beginning of this season. Plus Five-0 has the whole Hawaiian state support for the show which most likely keeps cost of production down and makes it more profitable than most shows. This show makes money for Hawaii,thus keep it going as long as possible. Five-0 has the ability to stick around for 4 to 5 more seasons, if that actors want to stay with the show that long. Congrats to Five 0, keep up the good work.

  • karioloughlin

    yey to my lovely show Hawaii five-0 so happy it keeps adjusting up each week great show with the most gorgeous fan base :D

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