Sunday Final Ratings: 'American Dad' Adjusted Up, '666 Park Avenue' Adjusted Down + Unscambled CBS Ratings & Final Football Numbers

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December 4th, 2012


 American Dad was adjusted up a tenth, while 666 Park Avenue was adjusted down a tenth versus Sunday's preliminary ratings. The final ratings for Sunday Night Football and unscrambled CBS ratings are also below.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Sunday, December 2, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
7:00 PM CBS NFL Overrun 7.8 25 23.04
ABC America's Funniest home Videos 1.6 4 7.39
FOX Bob's Burgers -R 0.8 2 1.78
7:30 PM CBS 60 Minutes 3.3 8 16.15
NBC Football Night in America 2.2 8 6.29
FOX The Cleveland Show 1.6 4 3.37
8:00 PM NBC Football Night in America 3.8 10 11.07
ABC Once Upon a Time 3.1 8 9.10
FOX The Simpsons -R 2.0 5 4.38
8:30 PM NBC Sunday Night Football (8:30-11) 7.4 18 20.42
CBS The Amazing Race 2.7 6 10.02
FOX Bob's Burgers 1.8 4 3.97
9:00PM ABC Revenge 2.4 5 7.65
FOX Family Guy -R 2.0 5 4.28
9:30PM FOX American Dad 2.1 5 4.25
CBS The Good Wife 1.8 4 9.70
10:00PM ABC 666 Park Ave. 1.3 3 3.96
10:30PM CBS The Mentalist -R 1.3 4 7.31

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  • sam

    can we just cancle The Cleveland Show already? Im an avid Animation Domination fan, and besides Napeolean Dynamite i have enjoyed all of FOX’s recent offerings since they canceled KIng of the Hill. But com’on man Cleveland is just not funny at all, its almost like Seth McFarlin just gave up on it. BRING BACK SIT DOWN SHUT UP


    FB overrun 7:00 had the Pgh Steelers–go Steelers

    TGW 1.8 not series/season low YAY!

    @ rob60990

    I don’t think you’re crazy at all

  • Bazza

    American Dad has been renewed along with simpsons, Bob’s Burgers and FG.
    No news on cleveland

  • tv#1

    American Dad did well considering its lead in was a FG repeat.

  • DW

    good wife up even with walking dead final and football. and a great ep to boot.

  • haney

    I luv American Dad! Esp Roger hahah

  • woody


    ‘A repeat of The Mentalist tied 666 in the demo, with almost double the viewers.’

    Not only was it a repeat, but it started over half an hour late as well. Very good.

  • Maximillian

    Lol at all the people saying to cancel Cleveland Show.

    Like it or not, the show is going to be a cash cow with the syndication (kinda sorta already starting with Adult Swim playing episodes on the weekend and occasionally a week night here and there) and a full stripped 88 syndication is only 17 episodes away – and looking at how well FG and AD have done in syndication with Turner, it will be a no brainer to get as many episodes out of this as possible.

    All 3 will be back next season, AD and FG are already renewed anyways.

  • Brian

    Glad to see OUAT still looking good! Merry Christmas to you all and see you again after the holidays :)

  • MentalFan

    The Mentailist was not a repeat.

  • Fakeem

    You guys forget that Cleveland has had horrible times slots the last 2 years. If it had stayed after The Simpsons, it would probably be getting better or the same ratings as Bob’s Burgers. Can someone post the ratings history for The Cleveland Show, or a link to it?

  • herr_sebbe


    In response to: “The Mentailist was not a repeat.”

    The episode aired was 4.10 “Fugue in Red”, of last season. I envy you for not having seen it before, because it’s a classic and a true delight for fresh (and repeat) viewing.

  • Diane

    So true Herr_sebbe! I have watched this episode quite a few times, including last Sunday.

  • rob

    The Good Wife is at least staying in a small range so far this season. Hopefully in the spring it can at least maintain that. We will see. Also hopefully it can gain back some of the viewers who have obviously been turned off by the Kalinda storyline this season. I think after the winter hiatus, it will be back and form and get back to it’s previous bad, but not this bad ratings.

  • Lee

    I want to get you guy’s thoughts on this:

    How do you think a network would do if one of them brought back the Sunday night movie of the week? They used to be so popular in the 80’s and 90’s. I remember the former big 3 used to all air movies of the week. So, I think if just one network were to bring them back, they possibly could do well considering it would now be counter programming.

  • MetalFan


    My cable system had it marked as new so that may explain the high rating for a repeat.

  • Miles R.

    Great news for The Good Wife! Up in the ratings and viewers!

  • slddl

    @Maximillian – they’ve already produced 88 episodes of the Cleveland Show, which is why they might end up sending it off after this season is done.

    Considering they’ve renewed all their other Animation Domination comedies and time is running short if they want to get The Cleveland Show ready for next season, I would say it’s defintively “On the bubble” at this point, though I guess they could always order a 9/13 episodes for season 5 at the last minute to cover the fact that Murder Police only has a 13 episode order.

  • Ken

    You people do realize that 666 Park has been Canceled? Oh well

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