Discovery Prepares Viewers for the End of the World With 'Apocalypse Tuesday'

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December 5th, 2012

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-- New Special ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Premieres Tuesday, December 18th at 10PM ET/PT --

Are you ready for doomsday?  Or a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?  Discovery Channel introduces a group of ordinary people prepping for a zombie takeover and examines the science behind this end-of-the-world scenario in the new one-hour special ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, premiering Tuesday, December 18th at 10PM ET/PT as part of Discovery Channel’s “Apocalypse Tuesday” lineup beginning at 8PM ET/PT.


From the WALKING DEAD to bath salts causing Zombie-like attacks, Zombie culture is everywhere and there’s a core group of seemingly ordinary people prepping in the event that the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE staggers out of fiction and becomes reality.  As belief spreads throughout the science community, Ivy League professors and scientists speak out in this Discovery Channel special to describe the plausibility of this scenario.  Some people imagine what it would be like to win the lottery, but Zombie Preppers spend their time planning for Zombie attacks.  Meet the everyday individuals who can’t stop thinking through all the scenarios for their own demise.


·         Patti Heffernan: A mother of two who’s teaching her children to fight Zombies, she spends time fortifying her home and thinking through worst case scenarios.

·         Alfredo Carbajel: Founder of the Kansas Anti-Zombie militia, he has a secret location stockpiled with all the supplies necessary to keep him alive during the apocalypse.

·         Matthew Oakey: An ex-military firearms instructor who wouldn’t hesitate to kill a Zombie, he’s loading up on firearms and preparing an escape route in the event of an attack.

·         Shawn Beatty: This Wisconsin-based teacher doesn’t expect Zombies to rise from their graves, but believes that the end is near and wants to be prepared when disaster strikes.


But this event isn’t all imagination.  Dr. Steven Scholzman of Harvard Medical School explains that it is indeed plausible for humans to contract a virus that changes them into something resembling a Zombie.  Diseases can move very quickly thanks to our global infrastructure – cars, trains, subways and if such a virus were to become a pandemic, the results would be immediate and devastating.  A zombie-like virus passed on by human contact could infect every person in a city the size of New York in just 8-9 days.  The 1918 Spanish Influenza killed 100 million people worldwide, and something similar could kill a staggering 250 million today.


Tune in to Discovery Channel’s “Apocalypse Tuesday” on December 18th kicking off with HOW THE WORLD WILL END at 8PM ET/PT, followed by APOCALYPSE 2012 REVELATIONS at 9PM ET/PT and concluding with the premiere of ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE at 10PM ET/PT.


ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is produced for Discovery Channel by Firecracker Films.  For Firecracker, Executive Producers are Mark Soldinger, Dan Snook and Sue Oriel.  For Discovery Channel, Executive Producer is John Moffet and Associate Producer is Zander Kanefield.


About Discovery Channel

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  • Kyle

    LMAO well I guess companys will make some money off of the stupid

  • Nicholas R.

    Hey, it’ll be entertaining to say the least! Doesn’t mean the world is going to end… I’d watch just to see how absurd it all is! Hahaha

  • Jiji Moran

    I gotta get a case of Ramen soup. That oughta last me a couple of hundred years.

  • jamie

    I’m having a post-rapture party. the world is invited.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    This is so stupid as to be beyond belief.

    There are so many things that make zero sense about any concept of a large-scale zombie situation that it would take hours to explain it. Nothing about the notion makes any sense whatsoever. This is why I can’t take zombie shows like The Walking Dead seriously enough to deal with the lack of suspension of disbelief. It’s just too stupid a premise.

    On the other hand, I trust Joss Whedon and he says Spam has its own key! :-)

  • Jiji Moran

    Zombie movies are meant to be seen while puking drunk, that way you can’t rationalize the stupidity behind the concept, and you won’t remember it the next day.

    Same about vampire movies, but vampire movies are not what they used to be.

    In the past vampires were monsters to be afraid of, and the heroes in the movie were the ones being saved. Nowadays it’s cool to be vampire, and nobody wants to be saved from them.

  • Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?

    Theoretically one could design a sort of zombie virus using a variant of the rabies virus which is combined with something like common cold virus and long incubation period to give it time to infect much of the population before first symtoms appear. Not talking about people returning from the dead, just millions of people with rabies fried brains frothing at the month biting anyone they run across.

    Now Im quite sure no scientist would actually be crazy enough to work on such a project. At least least 99% sure.

    In the event this happened however, just wear thick leather pants, coat, gloves and a helmet – then choose your weapon and start swinging away or shooting.

    On a realistic level, should a viral pandemic – flu most likely become wildy viralent, it would pay to at least have though about what you might do. I doubt I would want to be running the grocery stores when I have no idea who was infected and who wasnt. After all, its hard to have a healthy attitude when everything you touch is covered with germs. LOL!

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