Does 'Zero Hour' Even Have a Chance in ABC's Thursday 'Death Slot'? (Poll)

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December 5th, 2012

Several commenters have pointed out that ABC's 8PM slot on Thursdays seems to be a "death slot" of sorts, as no shows in that timeslot have gone on to a second season since 2009. Military drama Last Resort was the latest victim of this scheduling curse, and it looks like supernatural drama Zero Hour could be the Thursday death slot's next casualty. What do you think? Does this drama have a chance, or is it doomed to fail before it even airs its first episode?



  • Jeff (Canada)

    They need to put some kind of reality show in that slot. Shark Tank getting a consistent 1.6-2.0 in that slot would be great.

  • robin

    zero chance

  • Mitchell

    The show looks awful anyway.

  • Jeff R.

    ABC could make more money with Wipeout reruns than any drama in that slot. (The ratings would be slightly lower, but the expenses a lot less…)

  • rob60990

    This show wouldn’t have worked in any timeslot on ABC.

  • Hillbilly

    Sure, Why Not? All those Other Shows Were Just Bad Quality. :)

    Move it to 10pm so POI can win it’s time slot. :razz:

  • Cyrax86

    Nope. It’s one of the biggest curses of network tv.

    Hopefully One will post the list of shows that have died there since Mork & Mindy.

  • Andrew

    they might as well just move Don’t Trust the B there!

  • ron

    i hope not, the trailer looks good im looking forward to see this show!

  • DW

    if it gets a 2.0 would it be a hit at that slot?. it could hit that number but then again i am a pessimistic optimist. :)

  • Tyson

    Robin is right. Zero chance.

  • Cory

    No chance I’m afraid. ABC needs to stop throwing darts at the board hoping one sticks, and think of a reasonable strategy for the slot. They’ve tried a number of shows there recently, and the only one that semi-worked for a while was Wipeout (I seem to recall that getting 3-ish ratings before ABC burned it out by airing it constantly). Ugly Betty worked there for a few years but since then, off the top of my head, was FlashForward, My Generation, Charlie’s Angels, Missing, Last Resort, and now Zero Hour. I’m not sure what else they can try, they may have to just lower their expectations for the slot.

  • Jamie

    ABC must have no faith in this show. It’s just keeping the slot warm for WIPEOUT.

    Maybe they want more male viewers to increase Grey’s and that’s why they keep trying out drama in the slot.

  • SJ

    Zero chance for Zero Hour. I don’t get why ABC didn’t just move Happy Endings and Apartment 23 there, although it still may be where they get burned off since ZH won’t have enough episodes to run from February to May, and if my hunch is right, ABC won’t want to repeat it since first-run numbers are likely to be scary enough.

    Poor Body of Proof, though. It is the only mid-season show that has some traction and it’s saddled with Don’t Trust the B as a lead-in for the first seven or so weeks…

  • glover

    Another failure. Body of Proof would work better in that timeslot. I don’t understand why ABC keeps trying these shows that are not compatible with Shonda’s shows.

  • tv#1

    It’s really a bad decision by ABC to put this new drama in that time-slot. They should put either Body of Proof or some reality show in that time-slot. By putting Zero Hour in that time-slot they are cutting its success rate in half. Honestly, I think ABC would have been better off putting Zero Hour on Fridays rather than Thursdays at 8. That being said it isn’t impossible for it to do well there. If it did do well I wouldn’t be completely shocked; I would be a little surprised though.

  • Jared

    Why doesn’t ABC schedule an already established series like Castle at Thursdays at 8pm? Castle is a steady performer and has already been sold into syndication. At this point does it really need the help of DWTS when a new series would be able to benefit from that timeslot??

  • SJ

    Benefit from what? A whopping 2.2 rating? Something tells me local programming might be better lead-in at this point.

  • Ali

    I honestly think that had they moved Private Practice into that slot, it would not have been cancelled this year, I am confident it would have hit high 1s, low 2s and airing it before Grey’s would have been perfect.

  • Leonardo

    Last Resort is a great show and the death slot killed it.
    So, Zero Hour doesn’t have any chance.

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