Does 'Zero Hour' Even Have a Chance in ABC's Thursday 'Death Slot'? (Poll)

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December 5th, 2012

Several commenters have pointed out that ABC's 8PM slot on Thursdays seems to be a "death slot" of sorts, as no shows in that timeslot have gone on to a second season since 2009. Military drama Last Resort was the latest victim of this scheduling curse, and it looks like supernatural drama Zero Hour could be the Thursday death slot's next casualty. What do you think? Does this drama have a chance, or is it doomed to fail before it even airs its first episode?



  • CBSviewer

    Why ABC doesn’t use the “death slot” for the 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort’s burnoff ?

  • João

    ABC must put Grey’s Anatomy at 8 pm,and Zero Hour at 9pm,and Scandal keep at 10pm.

  • Silvio

    as Mitchell said:
    The show looks awful anyway.


  • Ram510

    They should’ve put Castle in that spot, it’s long past due to be moved

  • iggy agrimotor

    Modern Family would die in that slot.

  • Dan S

    I was also thinking Body of Proof would have been a great lead in for Grey’s. Zero Hour would’ve probably had a fighting chance on Tues at 10pm going up against Smash & the fading Vegas. I’ll likely check it out but their odds of success are nil unfortunately.

  • Ike

    I’m not sure I believe in “death slots.” This show will fail, and people will blame it on the supposed Thursday 8 p.m. ABC “death slot,” but its real reason for failing will be that it sounds like a lame National Tresure/Da Vinci Code rip-off. (And the moronic Da Vinci Code craze is over, thank Dog. That’s easily one of the dumbest books ever written. I’ve read half-arsed paragraph-long comments on the Internet with more intellectual content and creativity.)

  • SarahL

    There are no “dead” slots, just “deadly boring” shows. LOL!

  • Scandalfan

    I agree with everybody the show will not survive just like the others before.

  • SG

    Last Resort is so well done, what a shame that ABC throws away so many good shows (666, Pan Am, etc.)

  • Dan

    Another 1 and done midseason drama. ABC should consider moving Shark Tank to Thursdays at 8 for fall and make Friday night 2 hour comedy. No drama has succeed since Ugly Betty and none wil.

  • cass rowland

    i think zero hour should be at tuesday at 9 it could have a better chance and the taste at thursday at 8


    Zero chance, BOP should be there

  • danny94

    Its going on air so like every show it has a chance its just abit smaller due to the bad timeslot.

  • a p garcia

    Last Resort is a quality show, with a spooky premise and seeing how Washington handled the Benghazi affair, it is possible. I just feel some military hating pea brain executive at ABC has way too much power.

  • John

    ABC would just be better airing an encore of the previous week’s Grey’s Anatomy in that time slot. (a la The Walking Dead)

    It would probably pull about the same rating plus let people catch up if they missed the previous weeks episode and have no access of DVR or Hulu…which I bet is surprisingly more people than you think.

  • Brian

    Zero hour won’t make it to May. Shouldn’t being placed in a death slot be considered for Fan Excuse Bingo?

  • Hmm

    It doesn’t look like a winner to me. And all the people saying Castle and BOP should go there are crazy- those are not 8pm shows!

  • snoot

    TBBT will destroy anything in that slot!!!!!!!

  • eridapo

    There are no “dead” slots, just “deadly boring” shows. LOL!

    30 years of TV history for this spot say otherwise ;)

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