'Jersey on Ice' Premieres Wednesday, December 12 at 10 PM on TLC

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December 5th, 2012

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If you think the pageant moms on Toddlers & Tiaras are intense, take a look at these women…


JERSEY ON ICE premieres Wednesday, December 12 at 10 PM ET/PT.


In New Jersey, figure skating not only takes grace, dedication, and hard work - it also takes a thick skin. Especially when the no-nonsense coaches, sisters Deana, Andrea and lifelong friend Michele, step on the ice at Floyd Hall Arena in Little Falls.  For these loud-mouthed coaches, coming in second place means you’re the first loser. With the first competition of the season coming up, they'll do whatever it takes to make sure their students are standing at the top of the podium, "Gettin the G" -  that's Jersey speak for gold medals, baby!

  • Andrew

    TLC… The LEARNING Channel!

  • baja7475

    They are “learning” how to ice skate.

  • Joseph

    First the hurricane, now THIS… why must New Jersey suffer so?!?

  • Cris

    Love it

  • NJ skating coach

    It’s a total disgrace to skating profession! These low rent coaches should be BANNED FOR LIFE FROM ANY RINK and ESPECIALLY FROM WORKING WITH CHILDREN!!! It’s pure skating MALPRACTICE! It is unbelievable that parents will pay money and will allow someone so UNPROFESSIONAL to partake in lifes of their children!!!

  • proskater

    You’re just jealous they did not pick you… This looks amazing!!!!! You sound like a very miserable person… i wish you self-confidence.. P.S.Please learn how to use correct grammer… (lifes)… should be “lives”..next time you feel the need to be so negative..please be correct.

  • Icehockeymom

    My son plays ice hockey there…I have never seen these women act like that! All for tv…all for tv……

  • ice princess

    @ NJ Skating Coach– keep your negative opinions to yourself… no one wants to hear them. if you don’t like the show- don’t watch it. and skating malpractice? really? your life must be really empty.

  • IceGurl

    The stuff that goes on at my rink is Real! I’ve been bitched at and cursed at by coaches and skaters. It’s not fun I’ll tell you! : (

  • Mike

    I think the show will be a great addition to the TLC network. Good luck guys and have a great season

  • Susan Peters

    I just watched the video clip.This is so not the way it is. This is for the cameras. Trust me. Let’s throw skating coaches under the bus just like it’s been done with dancers with the Dance Moms show. I hope you get no ratings from this. It’s ridiculous. Thanks for speaking out Icehockeymom.

  • Anon

    used to have of them as a coach back in the day….definitely not acting

  • Cris

    @ NJ SkatingCoach, come on get real, this happens at all rinks and in all sports. As a parent of a former USFSA figure skating for over 12 years I can tell you, this is real. It happens in cheerleading, dance and just about all sports. It is up to the parents to step in and say enough is enought, yes, there were times i got right in the coaches faces and yelled right back at him, and i would do it again. This is what the sport is! NJ Skating Coach were did you train, Disney? Because if you don’t think this is going on, I want to know what rink you are at? Yes, i understand these kids are not training for National’s but they all start somewhere, they all don’t start with the #1 Coaches!

  • lala

    I LOVE these ladies. I grew up in New Jersey and this is how it is. You can tell these ladies love each other and the kids. It’s so much better then Dance Moms! Go Jersey!

  • person

    a single flip? very impressive.

  • Apple

    Trash, just trash! I wouldn’t bring my children to these coaches…ever! It’s beyond sad how they speak to children and one another…disgusting low class TPT!….Boycott this show!

  • Person

    This is not how the sport of figure skating works. As a senior level Competitive freestyle skater and Ice Dancer I’m just here to bring some positive light to the sport. The coaches portrayed in this show are rude and unprofessional. THIS IS NOT A GOOD REPRESENTATION OF COMPETITIVE SKATING. These girls are most likely on no-test or preliminary at highest. They may act like they’re all ‘dedicated’ to the sport but If they actually were then why would they have such unprofessional coaches. I understand that this is a ‘jersey’ television show, but it still reflects poorly on the sport of figure skating. I guarantee that if you go to an actual respected usfsa club or organization that they would look at this television show and deem it ‘inappropriate’ and a ‘disgrace to the sport of skating’ The protagonists on this show don’t even seem to be good at skating. My skating club was approached to do this show but turned it down faster than you can say ‘trashy reality show.’ OH AND THE COACH CURSED IN FRONT OF HER OWN STUDENT: who looked to be around 5 or 6. It’s downright wrong to do that in front of someone little let alone when their parents are paying her to coach their child. That’s just so dirty and unprofessional to do. Oh and by the way to all of the people who say that this actually happens in skating; It may at your rinks but at any GOOD rink the coaches have trained their kids well enough not to resort to petty low class fights. If you don’t like someone at the rink, then you just work your butt off to get better than said person so you can silently rub it in their face (without saying a word to them). Now at my rink we have highly acclaimed olympic coaches, there’s the russians and the older peole who know what they’re doing. Now while they teach different techniques and don’t necessarily like each other, they act professionally and don’t yell/or speak to other coaches students disrespectfully (which was evident when the one female coach yelled at some other kids to stay away from her students.)

    I honestly don’t know how this show got approved but eh, it’s television. I just feel bad that the sport of figure skating may be portrayed in a negative light because people with absolutely no knowledge of skating will watch this show and be extremely impressed by: A single flip, a double toe that’s wayyy beyond cheated, a camel spin where the girls leg is bent, and a teenage girl who can’t even land an axel

  • NY Skating Mom

    What an awful show. This does NOT represent what REAL figure skating is all about. I was so mortified by not only the low level of coaching but also of the skating. Why couldn’t they find at least some Juv or Intermediate level kids with some real skating skills to feature? Show how they prepare for regionals or something. You can find some fantastic, intense parents and coaches out there who at least are producing some incredible skaters. If we want to promote the sport of skating, this is definitely the WRONG message to send. At least with Dance Moms, despite what you may think of the teacher’s style, she is producing amazing results. This show is ridiculous and I hope the producers realize the damage they are doing to the sport with it.

  • Red

    I have been coaching for over 25 years and I have never witnessed such a disgusting display of personalities. All of the coaches are obviously very insecure in who they are, and because of their own failures as far as their skating went, they are now transferring their own lost dreams onto and into their children. What is most disturbing is the constant fighting and bickering, and the constant use of profanity, in front of their own daughters and the other skaters. Do the parents and the executive of the club just sit back and watch and listen to these children being ABUSED VERBALLY, and BULLIED by their coaches but choose to do nothing about this situation. These woman are not Professional Skating Coaches, because a P.S.C. would absolutely not act like they do. They clearly do not understand what the word Professional means. If this was Canada, all of those coaches would be up in front of a disciplinary board, and fired. Under no circumstances should these young girls be subjected to these coaches. The American F.S.A. should be notified about what is going on at this rink, and do some investigating on their own. Let us hope this is an isolated case, but I suspect it is not. The worst part of all of this is that not one of the skaters these coaches coach can Stroke, Jump, or Spin. There is no technique being taught here, and that clearly shows up in their solos. These coaches are more interested in who is going to come first, and who is going to beat who. This is not the way a Professional Skating Coach prepares any skater to compete or just simply to learn and enjoy the sport.
    These so called skating coaches are a disgrace, and I truly hope that someone steps up and makes them accountable for their unacceptable behaviour.

  • Laura

    One thing to remember is that these skaters are not USA Figure Skating skaters. They are allegedly training for an ISI (Ice Skating Institute) regional competition. ISI is a wonderful organization dedicated to promoting ice skating (both figure skating and ice hockey) as a recreational sport. Skaters compete at all ages and levels and compete against skaters of similar ages and ability levels and none of them have any delusions of competing against the Michelle Kwan’s of the sport. The ISI competitions extend to national and international competitions but the skaters skate because they love it, not because of any Olympic aspirations. Many of the top ISI skaters are involved in numerous other activities away from skating but love the fun and inclusive environment the ISI competitions offer. I know this firsthand because I competed in ISI events as a teenager and had the time of my life, traveled the country from Washington, DC to Washington state, made friendships with skaters from other countries that have lasted for decades and won scholarship money for college. That’s the true spirt of the ISI – not the lunacy represented on this show. These coaches are just poor men’s Abby Lee Millers.

    ISI has denounced this show and the attitude of the coaches is reprehensible. This notice appeared on their website:

    On Dec. 12 TLC aired the pilot episode of “Jersey on Ice,” a show that included footage of supposed preparation for and participation in a local ISI competition. The Ice Skating Institute did not encourage, endorse or approve this content and has no association with this reality show. The poor behavior, abusive coaching and “winning is the only thing” attitude exhibited in the show is not an accurate reflection of ISI’s positive, rewarding instructional methods and inclusive, non-qualifying competition philosophy. We abhor the scandalous theme of the show and are disappointed in the negative portrayal of figure skating exhibited by the producers and participants.

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