'The Walking Dead' & 'Once Upon a Time' Top GetGlue Chart for Week of November 26-December 3

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December 5th, 2012

This week The Walking Dead was the top Cable show on GetGlue, and Once Upon a Time was the top broadcast show.  Remember: a show's social media popularity does not correlate to its renewal prospects and/or actual ratings


  • james


  • John

    Man, I keep seeing Revolution on the top everywhere. After that great finale, I say it deserves to top everything.

    Supernatural, Dexter, TWD, Asylum and Arrow!!! Awesome!

  • Alan

    Nikita is only there because their fans usually keep spamming with their check-ins.

  • robin

    no TVD that is kinda weird

  • karin

    Dexter and TWD seriously?

  • cimmer

    And yet if the viewers aren’t watching it Live (+3) or more importantly aren’t watching the commercials, then all the ‘talk’ in the world won’t save the show. I almost hate seeing this kind of thing because it looks like it means something when it doesn’t (666 Park Ave I’m looking at you, lol).

  • Ali Sabir

    The Walking Dead beat all of the channels all by itself (cable and broadcast)

  • old fart that earns & spend$

    Big fan of Walking Dead,Once, and Justified. Networks need to keep these going and wrap up without leaving us hanging. They need to wake up too. They’ve gotten wrong many times before (Star Trek: TOS, Firefly, etc.) It’s a brave new world and they need to understand the gold-mine that they have. Good movies make good money, but effects and action only carry for so long (2 hours). It’s the characters that we all buy into that makes great series as we watch them develop chemistry, etc. We actually CARE about them. That’s the only formula for successful movies series too (Indiana Jones, the Skywalkers, Harry Callahan, John McClain, Neo, etc.). Hollywood has embraced comic books and graphic novels. The networks need to mine the gold that they already have and produce good movies with the characters we already love and want to see more of on the big screen. More profits then just advertisement!!! Yo, SciFi channel, where’s a BSG movie? Huge box office! Duh. Don’t cancel good shows or run then into the ground with bad time slots, etc. Move them onto the big screen. I’d pay to see a Walking Dead or Once movie! Start now! Think ST:TNG, etc. Get creative and get busy.

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