'Law & Order: SVU' Gets Two Extra Episodes This Season

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December 6th, 2012

NBC has ordered two additional episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit according to a report from Deadline. That will give the show 24 episodes this (its 14th) season.

  • Dan

    Pretty random, I guess 2 less repeats for Wednesdays at 9 for the oldest drama on television.

  • Oliver

    Odd. I guess it did have a 2hr premiere. I wonder if it’s down to NBC trying to minimise repeats.

    Still no word on Whitney’s order…

  • Leondre

    This makes sense.

  • thomas

    could be a series finale?

  • Jiji Moran

    Awesome show, though it’s being quasi-crushed by the competition. It’s doing great in sindication, so it should be paying off.

    Meloni is gone, but thank God Mariska decided to stay. All the other characters are well-imbeded into viewers’ hearts, and the new members of the team are also beloved by now.

    Will surely watch these new episodes.

  • Dan

    NBC should decide Whitneys fate soon. I expect 18 eps due to the late premiere. It will probably air With GWK until kids finishes its run then Up All Nights reboot will likely inherit the 830 slot.

  • Liam

    I dont watch, but the show is still going strng after 14 years on the air and many timelost changes and some cast changes. I’d say the show will definity get season 15. NBC cant afford to loose the show, its still doing well.

  • TVWatcher

    Last season was 23 episodes and the two season before that 24 episodes. No surprise here.

  • DW

    its a special special victims unit. :)

  • The Old Woman

    Why don’t they give Grimm 2 more episodes since it started so early and will be finishing up much sooner. I think that would be better served than SVU.

  • Kenny

    SVU deserves a medal just for staying alive, 2 more episodes doesn’t spell doom, if it got no back order at all, then i would be worried.

  • John A

    Yeah Grimm deserves 2 or 3 more too.

  • Billy martins

    NBC network shall get rid of SUV Law & Order this year it’s gone on too long & begin to not be a ratings hit as it use to be they shall shuffle there shecdule next season instead of SUV in its timeslot they should place it with neither parenthood nor Chicago fire at 9pm nor have parenthood on Wednesday at 10pm. Here it how it shall be for a Wednesday next season starting at.
    8pm Rock centre with Brian Williams {new time&day }
    9pm Chicago fire {new time}
    10pm Parenthood{ new Day}
    8pm the voice
    10pm smash

  • Young

    @Billy martins

    NBC “shall” get rid of a show that rarely falls below 1.6/1.7 in the 18-49 age demo and peaks to 2.0+ during premieres and “special” episodes? I think not. Unless Law & Order: SVU falls in the ratings like Whitney, NBC isn’t going to put SVU on the cancellation list – when SVU’s demo falls flat, NBC will put it on that list.

  • Nope

    please be renewed

  • Anthony

    Makes sense. Chicago Fire started later than it, and they are probably trying to sync up so they can air with both of them playing new episodes each week.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Kenny – Reread. This isn’t a 2 episode backorder, it’s a 2 episode addition.

  • SarahL

    @The Old Woman

    Why don’t they give Grimm 2 more episodes since it started so early and will be finishing up much sooner. I think that would be better served than SVU

    I completely agree. Grimm is actually growing its audience and would benefit from two more episodes to help shorten it winter hiatus. It would be easy for Grimm to write in a couple cases of the week episodes.

  • toadytoady

    Great news,though it does mean more hard work for the team.

  • Young


    You know, I’ve been hoping NBC would do this for Fridays.

    Rock Center with Brian Williams (8PM), Grimm (9PM), Law & Order: SVU (10PM). I think Grimm & SVU make a good dynamic duo on NBC, versus SVU and Chicago Fire (which is horrible in my opinion, the CHICAGO Fire Department doesn’t do half the stuff we see done on CF).

    Grimm REALLY needs more episodes, that long hiatus is just ridiculous. I hope the audience returns. We saw what happened last year with The Event and Law & Order: LA; audiences fled after long hiatus/retoolings.

    NBC needs to consider moving SVU back to it’s long-running time slot, Tuesdays at 10PM, swapping w/ Parenthood, or moving it to Fridays under Grimm and keeping Dateline on Sundays, Dateline is a “deadline” on Fridays.

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