'Law & Order: SVU' Gets Two Extra Episodes This Season

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December 6th, 2012

NBC has ordered two additional episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit according to a report from Deadline. That will give the show 24 episodes this (its 14th) season.

  • CrimTV

    I predict that Save Me will replace Guys With Kids

  • POI

    will this show ever end?

  • DeanW

    Perhaps NBC will try SVU on another slot this season which explains the extra order (Last year CBS did the same thing with The Mentalist) or they are just thinking about a 2 hour finale.
    We’ll know if they order extra episodes for Chicago Fire. If so they try SVU somewhere else.

  • Young


    As long as they keep SVU on the straight and narrow and don’t botch it like they did with season 9 of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, I’d be fine if SVU stayed on NBC long as the original Law & Order did (and even longer). SVU is currently NBC’s #3 drama and #5 scripted series; that says something.

    I do however think that regardless, season 14 needs to be the last season that SVU needs to stay on Wednesday night, period. The original series is gone and NBC needs to stop with “Wednesday night, Law & Order night”, it’s gotten to be tiresome. It’s not like SVU is pulling approx. 20 million people weekly like NCIS over at CBS!

    As for Chicago Fire, I hope it’s done after this season. Wolf can and has done better. Revolution is really the only new series this season (so far) with promise. Do No Harm & Deception have promise though!

  • toadytoady

    I like the idea someone had for SVU to pair with Grimm on Fridays.
    Maybe the extra episodes are because they are starting SVU off earlier than usual, or because new shows like Hannibal are not ready.

  • Rich

    Maybe it is to give them two episodes to quietly end the show?

  • Young


    Maybe it is to give them two episodes to quietly end the show?

    Rich, I don’t see NBC canceling SVU while it’s ranked #3 scripted drama, I could see if it were like #7; like Awake was last year (barely pulling 1.0 in the 18-49 demo). SVU isn’t going to be canceled unless a sharp decline in ratings, I’m talking Guys With Kids numbers and even if SVU would; I think I’d find a home on cable, despite it’s age.

    Season 15 as a final season or not, SVU needs to be pulled off of Wednesday night.

  • Daniel

    This is a terrible show. Every episode is the same and by this time in 14 seasons everyone in the entire city of New York is either a child molester, a rapist, been molested as a child, been raped, raped a child molestor, or child molested a rapist. It’s filled with terrible static characters and over simplified social issues.

  • Young


    Are you talking about Law & Order: SVU or Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior… I’m confused. Regardless, SVU has ALWAYS been about the awareness of sexual crimes/assault, and the series is a crutch for actual rape victims in the city and the nation for that matter. But that’s beside the point, it’s NOT about the quality, it’s about the ratings and this season it’s doing fairly well for the crappy-a** timeslot that it’s in.

    Daniel, unless SVU was viewed by 1.1 in the 18-49 demo and 3.20 viewers weekly, that’s the only way NBC is going to cancel this series. SVU is NBC’s #3 scripted drama, #5 scripted series, it’s not going anywhere for the time being and NBC would be foolish (as they usually are) to cancel it while it’s ratings are top notch (for NBC’s standards).

  • Jarrod

    The show being renewed will probably depend on Mariska and Ice-T’s contracts. They’re only signed up until the end of this season and though Giddish and Pino are meant to take over, I doubt that’ll happen. However, chances are that it’ll get a 15th and final season seeing as it’s a long-standing veteran show. Nevertheless, so was the original Law and Order – in that case 20 years.

  • Pattycakes

    Geez why is this show still on at all? It moves so slowly and all the energy and any kind of powerful suspense is gone. A bunch of old farts standing around in an empty squadroom . The court cases are miniscule if at all and all they are doing is reworking old episodes into plodding, boring hour of televison. Chicago Fire is horrible too – a badly written soap opera for pretty, firefighters. dick wolf has lost his touch. Time for some new creativity NBC instead of rehash of the old.

  • toadytoady

    SVU has a new energy the last two years based on a shared ensemble cast and Hargitay has said she is so happy with the new direction she will stay as long as SVU stays on air.

  • Dennis



    I hope they movie time slots. I cannot watch the show due to other shows I have to DVR on that time slot… Havnt watched a single episode this season :/

  • Heather

    Energy that’s a laugh! SVU has gotten painful to watch. I was a huge fan of all three law and orders for years and I can no longer watch. This used to be a great show but the best years are long, long gone. Every episode is a rehash with an extremely slow pace. It plods terribly. Hargitay is happy to stay because she makes a boatload of money and has no other prospects, lets face it she has milked this role to death and it shows. That it is still on despite falling ratings is because NBC has such little to offer in the drama dept and no vision.

  • Anonymous

    Ever since Elliot Stabler left SVU, the show isn’t as good as it used to be. Either NBC moves it to Fridays next fall, or they should cancel it. It’s hindering Chicago Fire’s success as CF almost beats it every week.

  • SarahL


    I think that Grimm would benefit for the two extra episodes this season because of its early start, but a hiatus of some kind would be expect.

    I do not want weak Rock Center as Grimm’s lead.

  • toadytoady

    Chicago Fire does not beat it every week.It rarely beats SVU. It did well this week because of no competition. SVU is in the most competitive slot with Modern Family,Criminal Minds,X factor,Supernatural. Chicago Fire only had Nashville this week.No comparison.

    Some of you just come here to play a negative game every week, like bear baiting. Who cares? Carry on.How terrible for you to live in all that negativity.It makes no difference to renewal. NBC has their own numbers with DVR etc. They arent listening to anonymous negative comments droning on and on.

  • JR

    I do hope Meloni returns for at least a guest shot next season. he says he’s open to it.

  • gumboot

    I suspect if/when SVU is cancelled it’ll be more because of its age than its ratings.

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