'Law & Order: SVU' Gets Two Extra Episodes This Season

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December 6th, 2012

NBC has ordered two additional episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit according to a report from Deadline. That will give the show 24 episodes this (its 14th) season.

  • Androme

    NBC should give Parenthood more episodes.

  • HGFM

    You need to look at the numbers again. SVU is not NBC’s #3 drama or #5 scripted series. It’s losing the fight with Chicago Fire for the lowest rated NBC drama. And Chicago Fire has beaten it the last two times they were both on.
    SVU is not doing well in the creativity department either. It’s been remixes of previous scripts (done better in earlier seasons) or having nothing to do with the core of the series which is dealing with sex crimes. The last three episodes from been disasters from that aspect.
    It is long past time to cancel SVU. Hopefully those extra two episodes are for a two part series finale.

  • 134sc

    Big Law & Order franchise fan. I think SVU was getting stale in seasons 11 and 12 and as much as it pains me to say it Meloni’s departure helped breathe some new life into the show (that being said I would’ve much rather Hagartay was the one to leave, but I digress). Season 13 improved on its recent predecessors and season 14 has been the best SVU I’ve seen in years (minus this weeks episode, it was pretty awful).

    I read the Dick Wolf has another L&O in the works, does anybody know how true that is?

  • Young


    I think you need to read the next comment. SVU was straight up horrid between seasons 8-12, seasons 11 & 12 were the worse. Meloni departing/Warren Leight transferring helped SVU creatively. I agree some of the new episodes seem to be “Criminal Intent-ized”, but SVU is now tolerable. Season 11 made me want to beat up Dick Wolf. Chicago Fire has beaten it because it has no major competition. CSI is lacklustering lately (althought it ALWAYS wins the 10PM Wed slot), and let’s face it, Nashville isn’t a smash hit for ABC. Chicago Fire also has a decent lead-in, SVU, whereas SVU does not. Whitney/Guys With Kids a bad combination to start NBC Wednesday.

    However I hope in 2013-14, SVU is renewed (not a final season), and is moved to Fridays under Grimm – where SVU was in season 1-4 mind you.


    I agree with you, Meloni’s Stabler was deteriorating, he needed to go. But I hope Meloni can come back for an arc or something.

    As for Dick Wolf doing another L&O, IDK, I read it in an interview with Warren Leight that he and Dick Wolf are discussing the formula. Wolf always teases on Twitter about a new series.

    If you ask me, NBC just needs to bring original Law & Order back. It was a huge mistake for them to cancel it in the first place. Law & Order rated better in it’s 20th season than most NBC scripted shows on now, SVU included.

  • Young

    If people are so pissed off with Warren Leight about how he’s changed Law & Order: SVU has changed, he’s on Twitter. –> @warrenleightTV, http://twitter.com/warrenleightTV

    Hop on/join Twitter and tweet him your issues. Stop coming to TVbytheNumbers complaining and take them to Leight!

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Hop on/join Twitter and tweet him your issues. Stop coming to TVbytheNumbers complaining and take them to Leight!”

    No need to stop coming here! ;)

  • Young


    Oh Bill, I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant that if they have a problem w/ SVU now, to tell Warren Leight on Twitter.

    Like the saying, “Don’t stand there talking, do it.” People upset w/ Leight, tell him why. But of course, I doubt people are going to stop going all over the net complaining, here included! :)

  • toadytoady

    They just enjoy the complaining and getting attention.
    You should hear what people complain about on Doctor Who sites, and those shows are some of the best writing on television.In the end showrunners didnt bother answering, one was quite rude….told them to go and watch something else if they didnt like what he was doing,it was only TV after all!

  • nikkiwhat

    I don’t know anyone who doesn’t live SVU…like the news, it should never ever end. And, Liv she get the key to the city

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