Wednesday Ratings Delayed -- UPDATED (3)

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December 6th, 2012

Wednesday broadcast ratings have been posted here!  Cable and Cable News posts are here and here. Sorry for the delay everyone!


UPDATE 2: Looks like final ratings for last night will be released Friday (tomorrow)  morning. See you then!

UPDATE 1: So we just got word that Fast Affiliate Ratings and Final National Ratings for Wednesday, December 5 will not be available at all today. Which means no Preliminary, Cable, Cable News or Final Ratings posts. According to our source, an update from Nielsen should be coming in the next hour, and any new information we get from that will be posted here. Apologies again, everyone!

Fast Affiliate Ratings for Wednesday, December 5, 2012 are delayed due to processing issues. We're not sure when they'll be coming in, but if we get an update or an ETA from Nielsen we'll let you know. We'll also update this post with a link to the overnight report once they do come in. Sorry!

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Looks like the cancellation bear must wait a little while longer to see the updated dinner menu.

  • Paleonut

    Look away from the pot Cancel Bear! Otherwise it’ll never boil!

  • CrimTV

    Grrr, I thought they were a bit late :(

  • One

    Odium! Scandal! A bunch of other fancy words that express my anger at this situation1

  • CenterGravity


  • Samuel

    I was wondering where they were! I know Twitter isn’t a good measure of how well a show did, but it did seem like X Factor was at least much more popular on social networking. Hopefully that means it’ll finally hit a 3 again!

  • RJ


    The X Factor has a younger audience, meaning they are likely to tweet about it. I wouldn’t say it got a 3.0 because of it.

  • Tessa

    Grrr, you mean I have to actually work this morning instead of spending my time chatting here? How can you guys do this to me?

  • CenterGravity


    I know…. Right?

  • The Rookie

    Another slot for the Fan Bingo: Rating Delays make people afraid to watch TV since they won’t know their show results early the next day.

  • Phil

    What’s with the panda?

  • Neil


    Have you ever tried to get a Bear to sit still for a Photo in a Kitchen.

  • Derek

    @Tessa and @CenterGravity

    I am totally with you! I look forward to ratings all morning so I can get a break! This cubicle is boring! ;) lol


    For those of you at work: Ahh-Haa!
    It’s so nice to be retired.
    But honestly, I feel 4U. ENJOY!

  • DW

    the numbers were so huge , they had to check them twice. or low. i think im going with low.

  • toadytoady

    Chicago Fire should do well because there was no competition with it at 10pm,unless you count Nashville.

  • CrimTV

    Oliver Queen must have seen Nielson in his ‘book’ and must have attacked them :D

  • jr

    Does this mean we are losers? Lol im waiting for the ratings while at work too. Oh well, whatever. I’m sick of peoples opinions anyway. I feel like a WINNER!

  • Grey

    Thanks for letting us know. :)

  • Max

    Frustrating. I like to see the numbers first thing in the morning.

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