Wednesday Ratings Delayed -- UPDATED (3)

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December 6th, 2012

Wednesday broadcast ratings have been posted here!  Cable and Cable News posts are here and here. Sorry for the delay everyone!


UPDATE 2: Looks like final ratings for last night will be released Friday (tomorrow)  morning. See you then!

UPDATE 1: So we just got word that Fast Affiliate Ratings and Final National Ratings for Wednesday, December 5 will not be available at all today. Which means no Preliminary, Cable, Cable News or Final Ratings posts. According to our source, an update from Nielsen should be coming in the next hour, and any new information we get from that will be posted here. Apologies again, everyone!

Fast Affiliate Ratings for Wednesday, December 5, 2012 are delayed due to processing issues. We're not sure when they'll be coming in, but if we get an update or an ETA from Nielsen we'll let you know. We'll also update this post with a link to the overnight report once they do come in. Sorry!

  • ivan

    haha i’ll be fine :D Rebecca its still urly for me to go the bed :D but if they dont show the raitings today maybe will have a double doze of ratings tomorrow if they dont decide to delay them too :D

  • Tony JJ

    I can’t wait anymore!!! Yes, this website is my addiction!

  • ivan

    oh so we have the late night rating but not the prime time :D so much for the process isshues :D

  • DougF


    I think he might mean Finals because he also said “And the prelims are still not available.”

    Which leads me to believe he is still waiting for them

  • rob60990

    Thanks for the update Amanda, I hope this isn’t like a couple of years ago when this went on for DAYS.

  • Samuel

    Nooo! I really want to know how X Factor did!

  • DeanW

    I think Supernatural got a 1.0 and Arrow a 1.3.

  • CrimTV


    Wasn’t that when Better With Ted was still on the air and ABC didn’t get’s it’s ratings till like a week after when they needed to decide it’s renewal fate?

  • Michael

    People really have an obsession with ratings lol.

  • Paleonut

    @Tessa – ROFL! Nothing worse than an out-of-date troll!

  • LisaM

    I just want SPN’s ratings. Nothing else matters.

  • DeanW

    It’s almost 11 here but i’m not going to bed before seeing (or reading) Supernatural is UP :)

  • omabin

    This is very strange. BTW, unrelated news… Fox will apparently air goodwin games on mondays ,per spoilertv. I did not see that one coming

  • eridapo

    News Flash…..

    “”Nielsen hates the Supernatural bashing and gushing at TVBTN by fans and haters alike, so it decided not to provide ratings for Wednesday. Nielsen is also looking at possibly not publishing data for Friday due to same issues with Nikita.””

  • CrimTV


    And it will premiere on April 1, 2013, didn’t see Mondays coming either

  • Why So Serious

    @ Michael – Ratings for certain shows have been bad all season, like X Factor, so ofcourse their fans are anxious/hoping for any good news.

  • CenterGravity

    I’m having major ratings withdrawals.

  • Amanda Kondolojy

    Anyone with a Mayan calendar saw this coming.

  • CenterGravity

    Any guesses if the Grammy special will rate higher or lower than the CSI avg?

  • Nikki

    Let’s make our own ratings\o/

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