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December 6th, 2012

Wednesday broadcast ratings have been posted here!  Cable and Cable News posts are here and here. Sorry for the delay everyone!


UPDATE 2: Looks like final ratings for last night will be released Friday (tomorrow)  morning. See you then!

UPDATE 1: So we just got word that Fast Affiliate Ratings and Final National Ratings for Wednesday, December 5 will not be available at all today. Which means no Preliminary, Cable, Cable News or Final Ratings posts. According to our source, an update from Nielsen should be coming in the next hour, and any new information we get from that will be posted here. Apologies again, everyone!

Fast Affiliate Ratings for Wednesday, December 5, 2012 are delayed due to processing issues. We're not sure when they'll be coming in, but if we get an update or an ETA from Nielsen we'll let you know. We'll also update this post with a link to the overnight report once they do come in. Sorry!

  • John

    Jesus effing Christ! Whyyyyy!! Cannot believe I’m this addicted to ratings, especially Wednesdays and Thursdays! -_-

  • John

    @MaryEliza: Are you sexually deprived and old or something? Because you’re acting ridiculously. Supernatural has a huge fanbase all over the world. Not just the normal kind, but the passionate kind consisting of guys and girls, old and young alike. You’re just a sad troll.

  • John

    As long as we’re predicting. I think it’ll be like this:
    The Middle- 2.6
    The Neighbours- 1.8
    Modern Family R- 1.3
    Suborgatory- 2.4
    Nashville- 1.7

    Whitney- 1.2
    GWK- 1.3
    L&O SVU- 1.6
    Chicago Fire- 1.7

    Arrow- 1.3
    SPN- 1.2 (Hey, the finale was flat-out awesome! One can hope!)

    X-Factor- 2.8

    Survivor- 2.6
    Criminal Minds- 2.9

  • John

    Oh, I’m also addicted to Monday ratings! Gotta love all the H50 vs Castle bashing! Lol!

  • POI

    WHY i want to know how Arrow and Supernatural did.

  • Alejandro

    Hopefully this weeks SN gets a 0.6 – 0.7! It was a truly horrible offering which bar the Sam& Amelia flashbacks consisted of old ideas weve already seen on the show. The brothers gripe and fight over a third party (ruby), Dean ends up being right (pretty much every argument theyve ever had), the hunter goes psycho on the vampire (Gordon Walker), the brothers split for a bit only to envitably reunite by the end of the next episode (Scarecrow).

    Roll on January where Tom and Frayed looks like a MUCH better offering!

  • Restless

    The most interesting part of that episode was Martin. :/ Sadly, he didn’t last as long as Gordon (I wouldn’t complain if they reused that storyline, it’s one I never get tired of heh). At least hopefully Sam’s flashbacks will be over, now that he and Amelia have met up in the present again.

    Although I still can’t wish the show ill, even though it had another off episode.

    But yeah, definitely more excited about Tom and Frayed. I think I may be more interested in what Naomi has planned than I was in Purgatory. The angels affect everyone in big dramatic ways. :D

  • POIFanatic

    Spnl fans are annoying. They’re never satisfied no matter what. No, the episode didn’t feel like an old story reconstructed because of the actors who brought something different to the characters. Benny’s character arc was done really well. When he bent down on the desk to offer his life, that moment was powerful. Dean deceiving Sam where it hurts him the most was a low blow. His character arc after the purgatory part is developing organically. Sam’s flashbacks were good as well. Sam still after Benny’s blood is different. Idk why these people constantly harp on such a well done show, especially this season!

  • POIFanatic

    *Sam’s flashbacks were boring the whole season. Only in the last 2 episodes did I find them to be alright. Dean’s path to a darker side is particularly awesome to see.

  • Alejandro

    @ POIFanatic

    Fans are entitled to feel unhappy with an individual episode if they didn’t enjoy it and the fact that I am able to point out so many elements of the episode which have already been done on the show is hardly a sign of good story telling… I agree however that the Sam flashbacks were interesting and better yet an attempt at something new!

    Rather than simply a repeat of a constant cycle of the brothers get seperated for some reason, they meet again keep secrets from one another, the secrets start coming out slowly over half a season, they snipe and argue with each other, they have a big dramatic fight over it, they split and reconcile within an episode!

    Look I’m not a hater of the show in fact I happened to love ‘Southern Comfort’ ‘A Little Slice of Kevin’ and ‘Hunteri Heroici’ which is probably why I felt so let down by this weeks episode :( I just wish the writers would dare to take the characters somewhere new rather than repeat this cycle again and again. Seriously how stupid do these boys have to be to not realise by now secrets between the two are never good, and will come out in the end?

    I am however rather enjoying the individual characters arcs of Castiel and Sam :)

  • Carl

    I think the show will be higher-rated than the last episode mostly because the promo was much better and it focused on conflict, not a joke.

    I really think if they ran a promo where Jared Padalecki tells viewers that the boring woman who reminds me of a supporting actress on Thirtysomething is gone, and the flashbacks and “love triangle” are also gone, they would get another .01 or .02 back. It’s one thing to have the brotherly conflict, with shaky reasons, but scenes like that just suck the soul away, and are connected to absolutely nothing else on the show.

    I’m at a loss about Sam’s characterization but the last episode did have a little excitement. That’s about all I can say. I’m sorry the Benny character was written into a corner, as Cas often seems to be.

  • AppleStinx

    At this point, I’m more anxious to see ‘UPDATED (3)’ than the actual ratings.

  • were123

    “There is no way the Modern Family repeat will score a 3.5!”

    Oh yeah? Don’t you remember last year, around the same time, a repeat of Modern Family scored 4.2?

  • Robert Seidman

    Amanda will get these posted within the hour, but here are Weds finals (perhaps hard to read but it’s 18-49 rating, 18-49 share and total viewers (000)

    WHITNEY		1.3	4	3921
    GUYS WITH KIDS		1.4	4	3593
    LAW & ORDER:SVU		1.6	4	6155
    CHICAGO FIRE		1.9	5	7210
    SURVIVOR:PHILIPPINES-FL12		2.9	8	10638
    CRIMINAL MINDS	R	3.0	8	11326
    MIDDLE		2.3	7	7980
    NEIGHBORS		1.9	5	6422
    MODERN FAMILY	R	2.9	8	8356
    SUBURGATORY		2.2	6	6087
    NASHVILLE		1.9	5	5951
    X-FACTOR-WED		2.8	8	8253
    ARROW		1.1	3	3348
    SUPERNATURAL		0.9	3	2058
  • SarahL

    Thanks, Robert. The Neighbors is consistent. Hilarious episode. Happy Crap-mas to everyone!

    I am disappointed in Suburgatory. I really enjoyed that episode.

  • alejandro

    Still would have preferred the rating had been a 0.6 – 0.7 so the writers don’t think that repeating earlier themes instead of doing something original is a good idea! But can’t complain about a 0.9 least it didn’t tie the season high (1.0) or worse beat it :)

  • Baqinardo

    ChiFire beats L&O by wide margin??? Wow!

  • POI

    when will it get released??

  • omabin


  • forg

    MF rerun did great! Too bad the rest of the sitcoms did mediocre

    Nice bump for Survivor!

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