'Person of Interest' is the Fastest-Growing Show on Network Television

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December 7th, 2012

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Second-Year Drama Adds +3.63 Million Viewers


"Person of Interest" Is Also Fastest-Growing Drama in Adults 18-49


PERSON OF INTEREST is the fastest-growing show on network television, according to Nielsen most current ratings through Dec. 2.


The second-year drama has added +3.63 million viewers (17.26m from 13.63m), a +27% increase from last season.  Among adults 18-49, PERSON OF INTEREST is up +0.5 (3.8 from 3.5), making it the fastest-growing drama on network television.


PERSON OF INTEREST, which stars Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Chapman, currently ranks as television's #5 series overall and third-highest-rated drama (behind only CBS's NCIS and NCIS: LOS ANGELES), outdelivering every scripted program on every other network.


  • RJ

    Some at CBS needs to check their math. 3.8 to 3.5 is 0.3, not 0.5.

  • Martha

    Love POI! Thank you CBS for such an intelligent and high quality show.

  • Bob

    Then why not put it on after the Superbowl???? It would help this show become an instant hit to the likes of NCIS.

  • Oliver

    …because it’s Warner-owned.

    Besides, CBS is already doing the show a massive favour by giving it the giant TaaHM lead-in. Not many shows get a high-3/low-4 lead-in, especially into the highest-rated hour of primetime. It has the 2nd best possible timeslot on the network (after NCIS).

  • Vanquished

    POI is an amazing, show. Good to see J.J. Abrams can still make golden TV Shows :)

    As for the TAAHM lead-in… Last year TAAHM was on Monday’s and POI was still rated amazingly well…

    I for one haven’t watched TAAHM since charlie left and nobody I know that watches POI does either…

  • lll

    GO Person of Interest!!! Kick some A$$

  • CenterGravity

    It’s nice to see a quality show get great ratings.

  • Dat

    Wow, as a fan of POI, this news is just exceptional. I know POI is doing well, but I did not expect it to be THE fastest growing show on network television.

    Such an honor to be a part of that +3.63 viewers.

  • Mike

    The only good show CBS has made in 3 years.

  • Bri

    POI as it easy only competition is Grey which is very old and not getting the ratings it use to have.

    Wonder what numbers Nielsen is taking into account when they say ‘overall’ , Live+3 days? Live + 7 days? Is that in total viewers? In demo 18-49? Must be in total viewers because in demo on CBS CM is still doing better and of all the drama on every other networks I think once upon a time and maybe revolution is doing better.

  • Vanessa

    Person of Interest woohoo! Reese can sure kiss @ss!

  • rob60990

    STILL losing to a 9 year old drama. Keep spinning CBS.

  • Michael


    You sound pretty stupid… they didnt say its the highest rated.. and also why dont you do some fact checking and see where NCIS was in its first and second seasons

  • James

    take this down lol, POI

  • Nick

    Yay for POI!


    PERSON OF INTEREST is one of my favorite shows on tv along with The Walking Dead,Nikita and now Arrow, as you can see I love my action shows especially comic book type shows.GO POI!!!

  • Jacob

    @Vanquished, Abrams is just a producer and nothing more. This show is Nolan’s ‘baby’ and its quality is due to the dozens of writing staff – of which Abrams is obviously not. Same goes for Lost, for example. That show turned to balls because of the hacks writing it (Lindelof/Cuse). Abrams pretty much makes a pilot and ceases involvement in his shows, beyond collecting a paycheck for his producing credits. Think he was more involved in Alias though.

    On a more related note, the show is great.

  • Mary

    Go POI, Love this show, so Happy…


    As Laura Petrie would say: “Oh, Rob!”

  • Lindalou

    How smart of the writers to make “Bear” a regular cast member! Now, just have Zoe back more often for some John & Zoe romance and it’ll continue to climb in viewership!!

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