'Person of Interest' is the Fastest-Growing Show on Network Television

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December 7th, 2012

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Second-Year Drama Adds +3.63 Million Viewers


"Person of Interest" Is Also Fastest-Growing Drama in Adults 18-49


PERSON OF INTEREST is the fastest-growing show on network television, according to Nielsen most current ratings through Dec. 2.


The second-year drama has added +3.63 million viewers (17.26m from 13.63m), a +27% increase from last season.  Among adults 18-49, PERSON OF INTEREST is up +0.5 (3.8 from 3.5), making it the fastest-growing drama on network television.


PERSON OF INTEREST, which stars Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Chapman, currently ranks as television's #5 series overall and third-highest-rated drama (behind only CBS's NCIS and NCIS: LOS ANGELES), outdelivering every scripted program on every other network.


  • Ideation20

    CBS is very brilliant. Start with moving CSI years ago from Friday, build into Thursday might Powerhouse, add The Mentalist, develop their own Procedural brand NCIS ( JAG?) and then after developing 2.5Mem, and Bang, they move into the 8p slot strong enough to retire CSI to back bench and hit with POI.
    Bang/2.5/ POI/ Mentalist….. These are all highest quality productions from their best friend and partner (CW CBS /Warner), the WARNER BROS. Studios, Leslie Moonves formerly at the helm of WB has through all this runs CBS…. Real pro, have a plan , have patience and protect their talent.
    When Point of Interest and Elementary or Mentalist gell, then you have a reliable , no Reality Show, must see Thursday, this time it’s CBS…..

  • a p garcia

    POI ratings are no surprise, maybe Jim Cavesel has heavenly help from “JC”.

  • City Kitty

    Because it IS one of the best shows on now and the addition of “Bear” is an added plus.

    Now they just need to add a cat with a great personality and this show would have it all.

  • jessica

    Ideation20, that whole militrary justice franchise which began with JAG is often forgotten to have its origins on NBC, with an unresolved cliffhanger season finale NBC refused to broadcast and CBS decided to side-step but include in home video releases. A massive 1 season on NBC and a collective total of so-far 23 seasons on CBS. I wonder if NBC is still wishing they had made a different decision some 16 years ago. :)

    i heart Bear.

    Bear the renewal dog.

  • Ideation20

    All true, Jessica.
    In fact I think CBS couldn’t miss…. They bought the Paramount Studios, where JAG/ NCIS was/is produced.
    CSI was originally with Disney, Jerry Brukhiemer sp., and some Canadian studio took their place.
    Try I imagine a few years back a CBS network without 3 CSIs and then two NCIS.
    Was Jag only on NBC one season?

  • woodyc777

    The best show on tv. Bring Zoe back for more shows.

  • woodyc777

    The best show on tv. Bring Zoe back for more shows

  • POIFanatic

    I thought season 1 absolutely kicked ass and was the best show last season. But season 2 has been uneven so far. I’m not a fan of Bear and the adaption of blatantly obvious humor over subtle humor. It still has some badass qualities of season 1, but its being buried underneath the goofiness and sometimes bad writing (like the Reese wannabe episode). Still love the show though.

  • ateofi

    PoI seems to be catching its rythm in season 2 – first 6 episodes were bad, but last 3 I really enjoyed. Keep up the good work :)
    As for the ratings – the whole Thursday line-up was stregthened by putting fading TAHM after TBBT. TAHM became very expensive to produce with Ashton Kutcher’s salary and disappointing ratings in previous season. Anyway, it’s good that PoI benefited from that change as well.

  • Dawn Russell

    It’s popularity might be because of the Gorgeous James Caviezel!.

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