Ring in the New Year With 'Andrew Dice Clay: Indestructible!' on Showtime

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December 7th, 2012

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 This New Year’s Eve, the "Indestructible" Andrew Dice Clay returns to television with his first stand-up special in 17 years. Laugh through the last remaining hours of 2012 with ANDREW DICE CLAY: INDESTRUCTIBLE! on Monday, December 31 at 10:00PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME. From the moment he takes the stage to the closing credits, the “Diceman” is on fire. Filmed at the Arcada Theatre in Chicago, Clay takes on everything from racial stereotypes to gay marriage and from sexual exploits to his own aging anatomy. True to his notorious persona, Clay is outrageously shocking and offensive — but always hilarious.


“My filth is derived from watching people, whether it be behind a bedroom door, or on a New York City subway,” Clay tells fans and critics alike. “At the end of the day, it’s comedy, it's what I do. If I really did just one quarter of what I say on stage, I’d be doing 25 to life."


Adding to its uniqueness, Clay makes this special a family affair: his ex-fiancée, comedienne Eleanor Kerrigan, opens the show and introduces the audience to Clay’s sons, Dillon and Max, and their band "LA Rocks." The band warms up the audience with hard rock anthem, “Outlaw,” written by Dillon and performed live for the first time on film.


Clay’s meteoric rise to being the most successful and controversial comic in the world brought great popularity and criticism that ultimately fueled his rocket ship rise to unprecedented heights. For over 35 years, Clay has sold out hundreds of sports arenas across the country, with more than 12 million tickets sold to date. He was the first comic to sell out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row. Clay recently held a recurring role on the final season of HBO’s Entourage and next summer, will co-star alongside Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin in Woody Allen’s forth-coming feature.


ANDREW DICE CLAY: INDESTRUCTIBLE is presented by LOL Comedy Inc., and produced by LOL Comedy, Inc., in association with DRO Entertainment and Brave Lion. The special is directed and produced by Scott Montoya, and produced by Neal Marshall. Executive producers include Andrew Dice Clay, Scott Montoya, Peter Fruchtman, Jerry Fruchtman, Neal Marshall and Bruce Rubenstein.


  • DW

    hickory dickery dock , i will not be watching this at ten o’clock. :)

  • Carl

    Did I fall into a time machine and land in 1990?

  • Justin

    Anyone else hopes the World will end on December 21st so we don’t have to see that?

  • Herb Finn

    But is he still funny?

  • Tom

    I understand he’s renounced the use of coarse language and has dedicated himself to the search for world peace.

  • JC

    It’s funny how much we grow over time. 20 years ago I thought Dice was “it”. I went back and watched some of his stuff that I loved so much from back in the day. Good God did it suck!

  • MG

    I’m sorry, but who in the world is Andrew Dice Clay?

    Personally, I don’t think I’m the only one who’s NEVER heard of this comedian and I think that will show in the ratings.

  • Carl


    How old are you? If you are under 30 chances are you wouldn’t have heard of him. If you are over 30 and an American you probably should have. He was famous as a shock comic (his routines were far more vulgar than anything else at the time). Basically he was a big deal for a few years peaking around 1990, then everyone got sick and tired of him and he dropped off the face of the Earth. Unfortunately he seems to be back.

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