Thursday Final Ratings: 'The X Factor', 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'Glee' Adjusted Up; 'Two and a Half Men', 'Elementary', 'Person of Interest' and 'Big Bang Theory' Adjusted Down

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December 7th, 2012


The X Factor, The Vampire Diaries and Glee were each adjusted up a tenth while Person of Interest was adjusted down three tenths,  Two and a Half Men and Elementary were adjusted down two tenths and The Big Bang Theory was adjusted down a single tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, December 6, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 5.2 16 16.94
FOX The X Factor 2.5 7 7.84
ABC Last Resort 1.2 4 5.44
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.2 3 2.42
NBC 30 Rock 1.1 3 3.22
8:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 4.0 11 13.5
NBC Up All Night 1.2 3 2.92
9:00PM ABC Grey's Anatomy 3.0 8 9.10
CBS Person of Interest 2.9 8 14.18
FOX Glee 2.2 6 5.43
NBC The Office 2.1 6 4.16
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.5 1 1.41
9:30 PM NBC Parks and Recreation 1.5 4 3.27
10:00 PM ABC Scandal 2.5 7 7.39
CBS Elementary 2.1 6 10.31
NBC Rock Center With Brian Williams 1.0 3 3.58

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  • ZmaX

    Congrats to Scandal! i still need to watch the show. this gives me some incentive :)

    no need for any Revenge vs Scandal hate.

  • WN

    The Mentalist never ever lost 4 million viewers the way Elementary does. Congratulations CBS!

  • Californiadgd

    TBBT adjust down for first time ever :D

  • Stephen Judson

    Scandal was so good last night. Glad to see the ratings for it go up and stay up.

  • Aha

    You people make me laugh. Revenge isn’t airing this week so we won’t be able to see who gets better ratings it or Scandal. Last week Revenge got 2.4 and Scandal 2.2. The week is from Monday to Sunday, not Sunday to Saturday. And besides on live+7 DVR Revenge gets around 4.0, and Scandal 2.8. So we all know who is better at everything. Quality, critical acclaim, fanbase, ratings. See you in January kisses.

  • lll

    What is the competition between Greys and POI? This rivalry is so silly. It’s like a First Year Grad School(Greys nine years) picking on a high school sophmore (POI second year); it’s pointless. Greys and POI don’t share the same audience yet holding their own on a tough night. You trolls have nothing better to do than to make something out of nothing. Get over it.

  • Jane

    lll, It’s more like a high school student thinking they can mess with a grad student.


    lets face it the only reason why scandal went up because abc promoted the hell out of it and plus the promo seemed interesting it was simply “who shot fitz?” and its held its viewers because shonda rhimes did a very smart thing not revealing the killer till the very end and i also expect to be getting around a 2.4-2.5 next week also because viewers want to know the aftermath. than after this storyline is over watch the show go back to getting low 2s in the spring if you notice the episodes that focus on the conspiracy tend to get lower ratings. and the episodes about liz and fitz tend to get higher ratings. so im not surprised that it adjusted this up

  • halloween

    post TVD slot is cursed :)

  • Leondre

    I love Scandal and I’m glad it hit a series high, but I can’t help but wonder how episodes 14-22 will be because they were ordered after the initial 13 episode order. Also, the fan wars for shows like Revenge vs. Scandal, The Voice vs. The X-Factor, and others are just really stupid, especially when both shows get ratings good enough for renewal

  • Mrc8310

    Does anybody know what is Arrow ratings for wednesday december 5 are they up or low ratings please write back thanks

  • rob60990
  • SJ

    For all of you who were too stupid to graduate elementary school: a week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Therefore you cannot compare this week’s Scandal to last week’s Revenge. Revenge isn’t airing this week, ergo, Scandal didn’t beat it.

    Elsewhere, Grey’s is still beating the non-hit that is Person of Interest and Elementary is just barely chugging along. I doubt that the post-Superbowl slot will help matters any, but given CBS’s overall ratings dip this year, it’s still a shoo in for renewal, even if it ends up getting a pity renewal…

    It’s tragic to see 30 Rock churn out some of its best material ever for the final season and keep hitting one series low after another.

  • s0303

    lol…looks like max got his wish…he got everyone arguing over scandal and revenge :) good job max…i guess.

  • BigFlop

    The Vampire Diaries’s fan, stop voting TVD for the PCA and watch at least one episode. :D :D

  • Paul

    TVD is still awesome this year and CW’s hit series, of course! Delena storyline is now revealed for sure, so basically it’s pretty ok if they don’t have exactly good numbers at this time… As far as I know the whole season is about Delena so most probably the episodes after the midseason will go higher. The fans just need to taste the new plate.

  • Bookworm

    Actually SJ, before you get flaming on us , some do consider the new week to start on Sunday. If you do notice, most calendars show Sunday as the first day of the new week and, if you want to get religious, Sunday in the bible is the first day after creation , so I know the Jewish religion considers Sunday to be the first day of the week. And like I said, the calendar shows Sunday as the first day followed by Monday and so on.

    By logic, just from ratings alone, I consider ratings to run from Sunday to Friday. We do not collect on Saturday and Friday’s final ratings do not come until Monday with Sunday’s ratings. So that’s why I consider Sunday to be the start of the ratings week and Friday the end of it. Plus, new episodes premiere Sunday-Friday. What sense is it to say Monday-Friday and Sunday?

    We can get petty about what Revenge episode to compared Scandal too but I compare them to the last one. The last Scandal episode vs the last Revenge episode. They both aired within the week of December 2nd.

    That, for your records, is a 2.4 (revenge) and a 2.5 (Scandal!!).

    BTW, What happen to your 0.4 adjustment down?

    At the end of the day, I just want to Thank You. Everything you say about Scandal always ends up being the opposite.

    Last season we weren’t going to get renewed over GCB. This season we weren’t seeing the back nine. We were supposed be sinking soon. This rating was going to be adjusted down epically and finally…we are going to be cancelled.

    I mean you just lose all around when it comes to your prediction for Scandal.

    Just give it up. Admit that Scandal did great this week and came out as the top rated 10pm show on ABC and against all other 10pm competitors this week (minus CSI).

  • Douglas from Brazil

    It looks odd to see Scandal up 3 points and no going down in final ratings.It odds too POI go down 3 points.

  • Petar Ivanov

    Person Of Interest was first in households (8.7/13), viewers (14.18m) and adults 25-54 (4.2/10) and was second in adults 18-49 (2.9/08). Compared to last year, PERSON OF INTEREST was up +10% in households, +8% in adults 25-54 and +4% in adults 18-49.

    This crazy soapy Greys fans will cry when football season is over. One more ep from POI VS football. When footbal is ovet from January POI will be UP 2/10 around 3.1 with at least one series high 3.4+.

    ps Even now POI is only one show that is UP from its Fall ratings last season. Grey’s is down. Not eve close to what LOST was. LOST never go down 4.0 demo.


    its good that scandal got a season high i’m not here to bash it but get ur facts straight the week starts on sunday which means scandal didnt beat revnege if revenge aired this sunday and got a 2.4 then you could say that scandal beat revenge
    unlike max i honestly dont care which show does better just as long as they get the ratings for them to get renewed. and be honest those ratings came from all the promotion that scandal got this week and the promo itself was interesting enough to pull in new viewers so i’m not surprised that it got a season high.

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