USA Presents 'NCIS' Superfan Marathon With Chatter-to-Air

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December 7th, 2012

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Viewers Are Invited to Share Their Favorite NCIS Moments on USA’s Character Chatter
the Network will Post Comments On-Air Live from 8/7c To 11/10c

Starting Sunday, December 9, at 10:00am ET, fans can participate in USA’s NCIS Superfan Marathon by submitting their love for the show online and then tuning in to see die-hard NCIS fanatics’ comments on-air that night!  Viewers can share their favorite moments via USA’s social water cooler Character Chatter,, or Twitter using the hashtag #NCISSuperfan between 10:00am and 11:00pm ET. USA will post the best comments on-air between 8/7c and 11/10c. The NCIS marathon includes fan favorite episodes: “Silent Night,” “Faith,” “Head Case,” “Red Cell,” and “My Other Left Foot.”

Award-winning USA Character Chatter is the network’s social water cooler and its home base for two-screen engagement with fans.  It harnesses and amplifies social buzz around USA’s programming by funneling in a real-time feed of text, images and videos from multiple social streams.

The fan favorite show stars Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), a former Marine Gunnery Sergeant, who is now a special agent for NCIS. He is an experienced criminal investigator and a highly skilled interrogator whose unorthodox approaches and willingness to bend the rules always gets the job done. His team includes special agents Anthony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly), Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), who are supported by forensic specialist Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) and medical examiner Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard (David McCallum).

NCIS executive producers include Gary Glasberg, Chas. Floyd Johnson, Mark Horowitz, Mark Harmon, Shane Brennan and Donald P. Bellisario, and is produced by Belisarius Productions in association with CBS Television Studios.

  • S&T Barkley

    NCIS fans Merry christmas!!!

  • S&T Barkley

    My husband and I are NCIS fans we dvr every episode including the ones with kate and director shpeard, Miss you ladies. SEMPER FI

  • Roseann Dabrowski

    enjoy watching the show greatest of all have no favorite characters just love each and every one great cast and some funny parts to break up the seriousness great job guys

  • Mariann Hess Skears

    This show is great. I use to watch Jag too. Belisarius Rocks for the great job they do. I love the whole cast of both shows.

  • debbie ward

    I Love NCIS and have watched every episode many times. the cast is great, could not pick a favorite I feel like they are family! Merry Christmas and so happy Ducky is ok, I could not wait to see this season

  • Monica tenorio

    I<3NCIS….the whole team rocks!!!!

  • De Carp

    ncis is sweet

  • missravenell

    TEAM ABBEY love this chick

  • Mariann Hess Skears

    Merry Christmas, Gibbs, Abs, Dinozzo, Ducky, McGee, David, Vance, Palmer, Todd, Shepard and all of the others.

  • Monica tenorio

    I’ve watched every episode & will continue 2 watch faithfully or record when i’m not home!! What would life be without NCIS? Don’t know, can’t imagine & don’t want to find out….

  • missravenell

    my son hates when i give him the Gibbs smack to the back of the head I love it…

  • Dawn Miller

    I just love NCIS it’s the best show ever… I never miss a show when its on.. I just love Mark Harmon (Gibbs)I just have 1? for gibbs will you marry me!!!! #1 NCIS fan

  • Jessie Calhoun

    The entire NCIS is perfect. Gibbs, where did you get those eyes. Rocky C., I am older than you; will you marry me for one day, please. I have always wanted to work in a morgue, hire me. NCIS is my past,present,and future love. Superfan I am. Do not ever leave me alone. NCIS is my LOVE always… Jessie.

  • Emilee

    I love this show i’m watching it now. I hope that tony and ziva get together and abby and magee get together again. This show should be rated number one of all tv shows b/c its the best show ever.

  • Mazie

    I love the “Daddy” relationship that Gibbs has with his “Kids”..the tenderness he shows towards Abby and so awesome and the love his “kids” has for him.

  • wanda & floyd

    We love ncis! No cussing..

  • Dawn Miller

    I Just love Gibbs..He’s hot.. :)

  • Kimberly Gray

    I am always watching NCIS, I move away from the TV during commercials only. Its not the same when the team splits up. You all make each other look unique, Not one of you stand alone, you are all great. I just wish Diva and Tony would Kiss and make up. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Cant wait to spend 2013 with you all.

  • Kimberly Gray

    Will Gibbs ever find another True Love. I feel bad for him. He is always burying himself in his job to try and forget his wife and child. He works so hard.

  • norm

    I love all ncis shows, I just wish they wernt filmed in darkness.

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