Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Chicago Fire' Rises to Tie Series Debut, 'The X Factor' Dips + 'The Middle' & 'Arrow' Down

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December 7th, 2012


NOTE: These are final ratings for Wednesday, and since we did not see any preliminary numbers, there will be no adjustments.

FOX won the night with adults 18-49, but CBS led with total viewers.

On FOX, The X Factor earned a 2.8, down a tenth from last week's 2.9 adults 18-49 rating.

On CBS, Survivor: Philippines scored a 2.9, up two tenths from last week's 2.7 adults 18-49 rating. Criminal Minds garnered a 3.0, up a tenth from last week's 2.9 adults 18-49 rating. The Grammy Nominations Concert earned a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating

On ABC, The Middle scored a 2.3, down three tenths from its last 2.6 adults 18-49 rating The Neighbors was even with its last original's 1.9 three weeks ago.  Suburgatory garnered a 2.2, down three tenths from last week's 2.5 adults 18-49 rating. Nashville notched a 1.9, up from its last originals 1.8 adults 18-49 rating.

On NBC, Whitney earned a 1.3, up from its last original's 1.1. Guys With Kids earned a 1.4, up three tenths from a 1.1 two weeks ago. Law and Order: SVU notched a 1.6, up three tenths from its last 1.3. Chicago Fire earned a 1.9, up half a ratings point from its last original's 1.4 adults 18-49 rating and tying its series debut.

On the CW, Arrow garnered a 1.1, down two tenths from last week's 1.3 adults 18-49 rating.  Supernatural scored a 0.9, up a tenth from last week's  0.8 adults 18-49 rating.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, December 5, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS Survivor: Philippines 2.9 8 10.638
FOX The X Factor (8-10 PM) 2.8 8 8.253
ABC The Middle 2.3 7 7.98
NBC Whitney 1.3 4 3.921
CW Arrow 1.1 3 3.348
8:30PM ABC The Neighbors 1.9 5 6.422
NBC Guys With Kids 1.4 4 3.593
9:00 PM CBS Criminal Minds 3.0 8 11.326
ABC Modern Family -R 2.9 8 8.356
NBC Law and Order SVU 1.6 4 6.155
CW Supernatural 0.9 3 2.058
9:30PM ABC Suburgatory 2.2 6 6.087
10:00PM NBC Chicago Fire 1.9 5 7.21
ABC Nashville 1.9 5 5.951
CBS The Grammy Nominations Concert Live! 1.5 4 5.408



Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Laslie

    NBC has three shows going forward that might end up being special for them and that’s Whitney, Guys with Kids, and Chicago Fire. NBC needs to take good care of these shows as these could be jump starter shows like Cheers and Family Ties was back in the early 80s after the previous NBC struggle era.

  • Breezy

    Whoaa arrow took a hit not a surprise. The Huntress she sunk the ratings. Now you see writers, DC guest stars does not guarantee good ratings, people tuned out because the last episode was chaotic and this latest episode was filled with love junk.

    The actress was awful, the character was crazy and stupid. The whole episode was filled with romantic melodrama of Tommy/laurel and Oliver/helena romance BS. Get a clue writers the audience wants Green Arrow/Black Canary and we want a show thats not all romance junk.

  • Dan

    Very good for Nashville. Even with the horrible lead-in it still retained most of the viewers and its been very consistent week to week. I think it has a good chance of being renewed. Also good for Chicago fire but it will go down again against CSI. So well have to see how it does the rest of the season.

  • Mark Wood


    Really there isn’t a single thing wrong with Sam actions. They spent a year researching how to kill the Leviathans, how to use the word of God to get them back where they belong (ie the place God put them). Sam knows where monsters go when they die. So realistically there is no reason why Sam wouldn’t know where Dean went. HE jsut wouldn’t know if Dean was alive or Dead.

    How Sam didn’t know Dean was in Purgatory is utterly stupid.

    Sam gave up hunting. Two years earlier Dean did. Out and out admitted, had no contact even with Bobby. He let the world take care of itself. Same as Sam did.

    Dean was in Purgatory, Sam was in Hell. Dean says he never stopped looking for a way to get Sam out. Yet he never asked Castiel (someone he has personal knowledge can actually enter at least some parts of Hell) Dean also had the ability at any time to access the deepest part of the Pit (where Sam was) as he had the keys.

    The issue is of course that no Angel is strong enough to hold of Lucifer or Michael from coming back, once that gate is opened.

    But did Sam get pissed at Dean for not hunting or not asking his friends to get him out? Nope. In fact he told him not to even try. To stop hunting, to actually have a life. NO judgment over random people and the supernatural that wouldn’t be saved by Dean.

    With Sam, Sam (and the gang, even Crowley) just spent two years digging up everything they had on Purgatory, how to get there, and how to send them back. Sam had the ability (if he could get the blood of a LEviathan) to open a portal to Purgatory, though it could only be open for a very brief point in time, and would only occur once every 6 months or so (solar eclipse is needed). Sam wouldn’t know where in purgatory Dean was, he wouldn’t have any way of knowing if Dean survived the trip to Purgatory let alone lived long enough for the next solar eclipse, and Sam had no way of holding the gate open (we know it only stays open for a few minutes. Rationally there is zero chance Sam could have ever saved Dean. At best he could have went into Purgatory and trapped himself. I think Dean would have killed him if he tried that.

    BAsically Sam did what he told Dean to do. Have a life. He gave no grief to Dean for him doing that. He held no double standard to that behavior.

    We also know that Dean has also told Sam not to ever do anything stupid like that. We also know that he has told Sam that he never wanted him to Hunt by himself. We also know that Dean as encouraged him more then once to stop hunting all together.

    He also is very well aware of the fact that Sam has and does still want a normal life. He knows the events both internal and external that have kept Sam hunting, but he had confirmation last season, that Sam no longer felt guilt for what his actions caused (a major reason he hunted to make up for his actions), and once the Leviathan threat was ended, he didn’t have a group that was hunted him. He now had the chance.

    Dean is the one on this issues that is using a double standard to judge Sam.

  • The Only Truth

    Oh, dear lord! Supernatural fangirls can never be satisfied! From all of us fanboys, we LOVED the episode!!

  • coolioni

    This season of SPN has been so very disappointing ti me !
    I am still going to watch the show, becuase I know it just has to get better.
    I guess that Amanda Tapping’s character is finaly going to get more than 1 scene coming up in th back half of season 8.
    I really love her (and her acting) so she will only do good for the show.
    This show has become so consistant with its viewer numbers.
    I am sure it will get at least one more season, but I do hope it gets a full 10 so Carvers ideas will get played out fully.

  • coolioni

    Also I really really really hate the ameila flashbacks!!!
    Every time I see Sam start to drift off thinking I say to myself “oh no not another Amelia or dog flashback”!
    WTF who cares already !

    I am sure there is a very good reason for these since they keep showing her and the dog over and over.

    I really hope it is signifigant because they really have spent so many scenes on this subject.

  • NeedCoffee


    I didn’t call you a troll, you called yourself that. I just pointed out that you seem to look for the negative in Chicago Fire’s ratings while at the same time you find nothing but positives in Nashville’s very similar ratings.

    Nashville does not hold its lead-in audience, but you ignore that. Chicago Fire has the weakest regular lead-in but holds or even increases on that audience, but you ignore that. The fact that the week it was given a better lead-in Chicago Fire beat Nashville handily and nearly matched CSI is a positive for Chicago Fire, not a negative. Yes, the Chicago Fire ratings will no doubt tick down next week against a new CSI episode but the fact that the CSI audience this week tuned in to Chicago Fire and not to Nashville is a positive for Chicago Fire, not a negative.

  • The Only Truth


    Does Modern Family have a fanbase? Barely anyone talks about it even thought it’s ABC’s highest rated show.

    Yeah, it does. More than half of the people here watch it. But, what can you say about comedies really? The one-liners were hilarious. Phil and Luke are goofy as always. Claire is hot. Alex is getting hotter which makes me feel like a perv and Haley who’s as old as me doesn’t look anywhere near her age which is irritating. Manny is annoying as he grows older, while Lily is adorable. The gays are too stereotyped. You can’t say much, except repeat it over and over again.

    With genre shows like Supernatural, Fringe, Revolution, Person of Interest, etc, you’ve myth arcs with procedural stuff, characters who evolve – ones you hate can become your favorites with time, strong developing stories within even a contained episode, fantastic action sequences which make for a lot more interesting topics.

  • The Only Truth

    And also let it be known that I find all the women in MF to be really really funny.

  • Mickey


    Oh, dear lord! Supernatural fangirls can never be satisfied! From all of us fanboys, we LOVED the episode!!

    Speak for yourself. You do NOT speak for all fanboys. In fact, several commenters in this very thread who are criticizing Supernatural are men. A male friend of mine who is the furthest thing from a fangirl, or even a fanboy for that matter, he’s just a very masculine casual viewer of the show, told me he stopped watching. He said: “The show is about two brothers who always always look out for each other, and if they turn it into something else, I don’t want to see it. I love the show and I don’t want it to be ruined for me.”

    So no, it’s not just us fangirls. And btw, I was satisfied by every single episode for all of seven seasons before Carver took over.

  • KS


    I am a fan boy. I am deeply disappointed and latest one was the worst episode of the entire series. I don’t really know what you liked in the episode.

    But I do agree, most of the times, its fan boys who judge Supernatural better than fan girls.I guess, they get carried away by the actors and that clouds their judgement most of the time. This is based on what I saw on message boards.

  • Mickey

    Looks like Supernatural might be losing about 300,000 viewers.

    I had only looked at the demo yesterday, and thought “oh okay, it went back up to a 0.9 from a 0.8, could just be a fluke.” But I just saw a list of total viewers for all episodes this season, and it made me realize there might be a pattern here after all. There is actually only a 50,000 difference between this episode and the previous one, 2.00 million to 2.05 million.

    If you take the average of total viewers in normal circumstances (i.e. with Arrow as lead-in and without the World Series or basketball pre-emption) then the average is 2.32 million (exactly what it got in the two previous episodes before the dip, 8×06 and 8×07.)

    Now the last two episodes were at 2.00 and 2.05, a drop of 320,000 and 270,000. It’s too soon to confirm a definite trend, but this suggests the show is losing a couple hundred thousand viewers, which with only two million viewers to begin with is highly significant. For this episode it canted towards 0.9, but a few thousand fewer and it cants towards 0.8.

    I’m torn about this. On the one hand, I want the show to continue to do well and get its 10 seasons even if I never watch it again, just out of loyalty to all who have worked on it so hard, including the fans who have tirelessly supported it. I don’t want to punish everyone else just because I think Carver sucks.

    On the other, more selfish hand, if the ratings dip just long enough for Carver to realize a significant number of viewers will tune out rather than watch the out-of-character crap he’s doing to Sam and Dean, and to spur him into fixing things and the ratings go back up again, that I’m totally all for. Because then I could start watching the show again.

  • The Only Truth

    I mostly hated season 7. Lets just agree to disagree that your ‘masculine casual viewer’ friend isn’t the only fan among men. I like that the show is evolving. After all these years, it deserves to go on a road less traveled. And if he left early on this season or the last one, unlike you, I won’t blame him. All of you who take sides with one brother, Sam and Dean or Cas are annoying. I, for one, am and will always be a Dean fanboy. Hell, guy was a role model growing up for me. But, I don’t go around shouting that he was not respected! I still love Sam, I love Cas, I loved Bobby, Jo, Ellen and others. Every single character were awesome. And I’m thankful for all the superhot (and talented) girls through the years. Right now, I really like Garth, Benny and Mama Tran. I love the show as a whole, not just for individual characters. Just pouring out your feelings once or twice is enough. Why can’t all of you just stop giving grief for fans and just stop watching if you hate it so much instead of rambling on and on, over and over again! I never understood people like you.

    Btw, I was satisfied by every single episode under Carver, unlike Gamble (Time for a Wedding, anyone!)

  • The Only Truth

    You’ve been hating on the show for years disguised as a ‘fan’. So, I wouldn’t put much stock with you.

  • Mickey


    You are making all kinds of unfounded judgements. My male friend is not the only male who does not like this season, and that’s just fact. As I said, several of those criticizing in this very thread are men. A friend just told me her husband hated this episode so much he was actually yelling at the TV.

    You say “if he left early on this season or the last one, unlike you, I won’t blame him.” When the frick did I say I blamed him? Far from blaming him, I have left early on this season too.

    One second you say “All of you who take sides with one brother, Sam and Dean or Cas are annoying.” Well, I am completely bi-bro, I don’t even lean a smidge more towards one or the other, and I like Cas too. In the very next second, you say “I, for one, am and will always be a Dean fanboy.” So you are the one who is invested in one brother rather than both, not me.

    “Why can’t all of you just stop giving grief for fans and just stop watching if you hate it so much instead of rambling on and on, over and over again! I never understood people like you.” I have stopped watching. And coming to that point has been very recent, so I’m not rambling on and on, over and over again. I’m just coming to grips with it now, and am still interested in the ratings. I didn’t complain at all for seven years, I think I’m entitled to express a negative opinion after all that time, especially when it is one shared by a significant portion of the fandom. Just as you have the right to complain about Gamble (which you have just done) so do I have the right to complain about Carver.

    Stop making unfounded judgements about people you know nothing about. And stop acting like you speak for your entire gender when you only speak for yourself.

  • KS

    @The Only Truth

    Just go back and check the comments one year back that I have posted. Many complained about me that I was being TOO PASSIONATE about the show on this very website. They even advised me to dial it down. If the same discussion were about season 1-5 trust you wouldn’t hear any negative comment from me.

  • TheColdTruth

    Like every hater, you seem to have missed my very next line where I said I loved Sam and Cas as well. I also said I’m a Dean fanboy because he was my role-model! All my male friends loved this episode. So, no. I’m talking for many of us, if not all. If you stopped watching weeks back, then stop being annoying. I didn’t complain about Gamble more than twice even if I did think season 7 was bad. You know why? Because it was her vision and I respected that. I don’t go and spread around hate online.

    especially when it is one shared by a significant portion of the fandom

    OF COURSE. Online fans consist of a ‘significant’ portion of the fandom. Silly me who believed otherwise.

  • TheColdTruth

    Even last season you were complaining. But, I don’t come here frequently to completely justify that. This season though, you rant on and on like anything about every episode.

  • KS


    Can you please tell me what exactly was ‘supernatural’ element in the latest episode? If I don’t like the episode, I at least enjoy monsters in the episode. Except that Benny is a vampire, there is nothing supernatural going on.

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