Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Chicago Fire' Rises to Tie Series Debut, 'The X Factor' Dips + 'The Middle' & 'Arrow' Down

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December 7th, 2012


NOTE: These are final ratings for Wednesday, and since we did not see any preliminary numbers, there will be no adjustments.

FOX won the night with adults 18-49, but CBS led with total viewers.

On FOX, The X Factor earned a 2.8, down a tenth from last week's 2.9 adults 18-49 rating.

On CBS, Survivor: Philippines scored a 2.9, up two tenths from last week's 2.7 adults 18-49 rating. Criminal Minds garnered a 3.0, up a tenth from last week's 2.9 adults 18-49 rating. The Grammy Nominations Concert earned a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating

On ABC, The Middle scored a 2.3, down three tenths from its last 2.6 adults 18-49 rating The Neighbors was even with its last original's 1.9 three weeks ago.  Suburgatory garnered a 2.2, down three tenths from last week's 2.5 adults 18-49 rating. Nashville notched a 1.9, up from its last originals 1.8 adults 18-49 rating.

On NBC, Whitney earned a 1.3, up from its last original's 1.1. Guys With Kids earned a 1.4, up three tenths from a 1.1 two weeks ago. Law and Order: SVU notched a 1.6, up three tenths from its last 1.3. Chicago Fire earned a 1.9, up half a ratings point from its last original's 1.4 adults 18-49 rating and tying its series debut.

On the CW, Arrow garnered a 1.1, down two tenths from last week's 1.3 adults 18-49 rating.  Supernatural scored a 0.9, up a tenth from last week's  0.8 adults 18-49 rating.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, December 5, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS Survivor: Philippines 2.9 8 10.638
FOX The X Factor (8-10 PM) 2.8 8 8.253
ABC The Middle 2.3 7 7.98
NBC Whitney 1.3 4 3.921
CW Arrow 1.1 3 3.348
8:30PM ABC The Neighbors 1.9 5 6.422
NBC Guys With Kids 1.4 4 3.593
9:00 PM CBS Criminal Minds 3.0 8 11.326
ABC Modern Family -R 2.9 8 8.356
NBC Law and Order SVU 1.6 4 6.155
CW Supernatural 0.9 3 2.058
9:30PM ABC Suburgatory 2.2 6 6.087
10:00PM NBC Chicago Fire 1.9 5 7.21
ABC Nashville 1.9 5 5.951
CBS The Grammy Nominations Concert Live! 1.5 4 5.408



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  • Alejandro

    @ KS

    I was trying to say that we are getting a Castiel who while still associated with the brothers has his own storyline. He has a storyline arc which is all about him maturing emotionally as a person in order to deal with his crippling guilt and he has the Naomi storyline. I am glad that you are starting to like the character :) I thought initially you were saying you disliked him still because he didnt have his own storyline, and I was confused because he now does is all :)

  • KS


    Please re-read my previous post. I said clearly that, I am not interested to see individual lives of BOTH Sam and Dean. I just want to see how they take care of each other.

  • BxActor

    Chicago Fire wow

  • KS


    I don’t see you regularly here. But when you come next time, I will definitely prove myself that I am a bi – bro fan. I have run out of words right now. I really need to think to explain it. So, next time probably.

  • Jon 8888

    @SickToTheBackTeethOfItAll yeah I agree 100% :)

  • alffan

    Wed show outlook:

    I think GWK is a bright spot. It went up from Whitney’s lead-in while the Neighbors continues to shed the lead-in from The Middle. Clearly Neighbor’s has the better lead-out. I watched the first few episodes and didn’t care for it. I agree that TB and AA are funny on that show Honestly, if GWK and Neighbors switched networks, GWK would probably have a 2.3-2.5.

    I am a die hard for SVU. I don’t know that this season has been as strong for some reason (maybe Dick Wolf off focusing on Chicago Fire). However, it’s never worked at 9pm. NBC had an open slot Thursday 10pm or better yet, they should move it after Grimm on Friday. Just get it away from Criminal Minds.

    I wonder if NBC tries something out of the box next year and goes drama Thursday with something like Parenthood, Grimm, and Revolution and really get back into the game. Three shows that will all have a strong base by then and put something more female into Monday after the Voice since they are up against MNF. Take SVU and put it back on Tue where it did well and the competition is weak. Just don’t know then where you go comedy.

    For me, Suburgatory has really improved creatively. I think it’s taken time to develop the characters. I do like it at 8:30 and wish they could move Happy Endings back to 9:30 Wed – although I’ve been surprised how funny Apt. 23 has been this year.

  • kendall

    @DonnaT OK so taking out the whole subconscious memory stuff. Dean knows he tried to get Cas out, he spent months trying to find him and trying to pull him out, he also knows he didn’t try again when he failed because he knew where Cas was and that he couldn’t do anything to re-open Purgatory.

    Sam didn’t make a first attempt to find out where Dean was, he was surprised Dean was in Purgatory for a year. He could have done some research into Leviathan lore to find out what happens when they die and what the wave was that hit Dean. No ones saying he could have done anything once he found out where Dean went just like Dean couldn’t do anything for Sam knowing where he was, but it didn’t stop Dean looking into all the books he could find.

    That’s all Sam needed to have done to appease Dean, some research, some attempt. In both cases for Cas and Sam, Dean tried his best before giving up.

    @KS What I want for Dean? I’m not a writer but in vague terms (and note tying Dean to the mythology doesn’t have to mean turning him into a demon or a monster). I’d like Dean to be important because of his bloodline, because he’s from a long line of hunters or bring back his importance of being the righteous man and having a role in a prophecy written in the tablets (along with Sam). When they needed a bone of a righteous man to complete the ritual of killing the head leviathan many thought they meant Dean. I just want him to play a role that only Dean can play because it’s written in Supernatural lore that Dean is the only one who can, not like Michael where they dug up a replacement as soon as he said no.

    I wouldn’t mind them bringing Alpha vamp back because Dean was once his child and saw the same visions the Alpha sent out to all his children. In fact I’m surprised they haven’t referred to Dean nearly being turned with this Benny storyline that story could be a whole lot meatier if they bring him back (which I thought they were doing since last season they threatened him and told him they’d see him soon)

    Dean could have access to some knowledge that team free will need, he could be wanted by other Supernatural creatures for possessing some knowledge. Just something plotty, something that the audience can guess at and make theories about.

  • Alejandro

    @ KS

    I think what Zoe is trying to say is that you are by your own admittance only a fan of a particular part of Dean and Sam and not the whole person. You only want to see Dean the big brother or Sam the little brother… Which is the same as saying about someone “I only want to see a woman in her role as mother.” who cares about the fact she is also a wife, that she’s an amazing musician, that she has two best friends like Molly and Sue. Or in the case of a man “I only want to see a man in his role as bread winner”. Who cares that he’s a husband, that he’s a father, that he likes to play football at the weekends, that he relaxes by listening to classical musical.

    People are complex creatures that have multi-facets to their personality and engage in multiple relationships with the people around them and for a character to be well written and realistic this needs to be taken into account. By your own admission you want Sam and Dean to be one dimensional character who only fulfil one role as “the big/small brother.”

  • Chris

    NBC has nothing to go with Guys With Kids for next year. Yes, I know that NBC isn’t even sure if they’ll bring GWK back for next year but why not? It’s not like they gave it a great chance. Did they put it behind the highest rated comedy on their schedule? No. Did they put it on a night that it could compete? No. Did they put it with shows that are compatible in tone? No. The show is actually really good. Wish they could put it on a good night with shows alike it but right now NBC has no shows that are like GWK which is a shame. I wish NBC never even got their hand on the show. If it were on ABC, it would be doing fine. It would fit well on ABC fridays. If NBC didn’t have GWK I would hardly ever watch that horrible station.

  • Moe

    Glad to see that Supernatural went up and the boring Sam/Amelia fest didn’t hurt the ratings like last week! I love Benny and Dean together. I love loyal and smart Dean. Have no words for the horror of Sam. Wow, just when you think he can’t get worse, he does!

    There’s no comparison between Sam and Dean over their Purgatory actions. Dean did everything he could to save Cas for a year. He risked his life, refused to leave until he found Cas. When he escaped and Cas didn’t, he had every reason to believe Cas was dead because Cas would have already been dead by Leviathens if not for Dean and Benny. And Cas CHOOSE to stay. Dean knew that, deep down inside, he just couldn’t process it.

    Sam did nothing. He had no idea what had happened to Dean, he had no idea where he was. Rather than taking even a day or two to look, he decided Dean was dead and he was finally free. It wasn’t that Sam didn’t try to save Dean it’s that he never even cared about it in the first place.

    On top of that, Mr “No Hunter worth his salt” abandoned an innocent teenager to the King of Hell.

    Dean, Kevin, Castiel. These guys were all just in the way of selfish Sam’s desires for himself. He was the last man standing free at the end of season 7 and he proved his true self by abandoning his comrades when they needed him most. What a hero.

  • Austin Lauran

    Does Modern Family have a fanbase? Barely anyone talks about it even thought it’s ABC’s highest rated show.

  • KevinY

    Yay for Guys with Kids! Show keeps growing on me.

  • LisaM

    Certain type shows may be less popular, but their fans are more rabid. Modern Family is the type that people watch and it scores well but they aren’t as invested in as say Supernatural or Fringe fans.

  • DonnaT

    Kendall, I’m right with you concerning Sam and a whole lotta of the fans are, too. I know Sam could have done something even if it failed, instead Carver went with this more mature Sam would have grieved and then “moved on with his life” as if the Winchesters had ever sworn AFTER Dean literally “died” to talk to Death about getting Sam’s soul out of the Cage. You’re also totally right about not helping Kevin. WTF,Sam?

    Don’t “tell me” :) – tell Carver. Many fans are really pissed by what JC has done to Sam this season because outside the possibility that Sam was “supernaturally whammied” by something – and the very end of the episode suggested the probability that there is more to Sam/Amelia/Don than just a normal, boring love triangle – Carver has destroyed any credibility that Sam has.

  • Alejandro

    @ DonnaT

    I agree that ideally Sam should have done something rather than nothing. However when he failed I wouldn’t want him to enter into the self-destructive behavior of nearly getting himself killed/ soul selling etc of previous seasons! It’s good to see that the boys have learnt their lesson about that and have come to realise that when their time to pass on has come, grief in a healthy manner and move on. Even ghost Bobby in survival of the fittest encourages them to not mess with the natural order and just go with it when their time comes :) And before you say Dean was in purgatory not dead we know that, but Sam didn’t know that, for all he knew Cas and Dean were dead.

  • Mary and John Winchester

    @SickToTheBackTeethOfItAll kkkkkkkk I liked you!:D

  • martin

    WOW! Chicago Fire beat Nashville! YAY!

    I too enjoy Guys with Kids. Hope it gets renewed.

  • NeedCoffee

    Despite what ‘vcoolwater’ would like people to think, Chicago Fire’s ratings are not “all over the place”. The 1.4 rating the show got for their last original episode was on Thanksgiving eve when ratings were down across the board. The show has been consistently holding the audience of its regular lead-in or even building on it. Not sure NBC can ask much more than that of a show in that slot right now.

    The much-hyped critics’ darling Nashville, on the other hand, loses large chunks of its lead-in audience. Yes, the ratings have stabilized at around 1.8 but you know that is not what ABC is looking for to follow their highly rated comedy block.

    I think both shows are likely to be renewed but if I had to pick the one more likely to not be renewed, it would be Nashville.

  • Barbie

    Yay Chicago Fire!!!! I’m so happy!!! It was the highest audience for the night on NBC and it killed the timeslot sans CSI! It’s doing pretty good <3

  • Vcoolwater


    Wow since I am not jumping on the brandwagon regarding Chicago FIre, I am a troll

    Haven’t we seen this before. Due to the Voice, Chicago Fire ratings were 2.2 only to plummet to 1.6 next week. I remember people declaring Chicago Fire a hit during that artifical increase.

    CSI preemption helped out Chicago Fire ratings this week. I bet the ratings will drop against a new episode of CSI next week. Chicago Fire is not a self starter. If the show can get these ratings without any help, I would call it hit.

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