NHL Announces Cancellation of 2012-13 Regular-Season Schedule Through December 30

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December 10th, 2012

via press release:

NEW YORK -- The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the 2012-13 regular-season schedule through December 30. The cancellations are necessary due to the absence of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL Players' Association and the NHL.

A total of 526 regular-season games—42.8 percent of the season—were scheduled for October 11 through December 30.

  • American

    They should just cancel the whole season. Like anyone will notice.

  • Carmen

    I have so little interest in NHL Hockey that I don’t even know what the negotiation points are that keep a deal from being struck.

    Outside of Canada and a few places bordering Canada, I don’t think anyone really cares or notices that the season is not ongoing at the present time.

  • scoberlay

    “american” and “carmen”…i don’t watch hockey, but i know that games sell out all year, so kinda a reckless comment…..”nobody” cares or “anyone” will notice…just untrue…even if one person goes to a game, someone cares….think….thanks!

  • Joseph

    The next development will likely come from the CBC, which has the Canadian broadcast-network rights to the NHL.

    And that will be a furlough of most of the network’s employees, CBC stations (both TV and radio) going off the air in the overnight hours, and the suspension of program production apart from network news and public-affairs programs (on both radio and TV) and a few sports events CBC-TV has the rights to.

    The reason is that it’s my understanding that without the NHL, CBC has lost most of it’s revenue from advertising.

  • Hillbilly
  • Max Vrany

    Next announcement will be the season. Too many games to fit in too short of a time if they wait any longer.

  • CrimeDawg

    I cant say I am that big a fan of hockey but as someone who works at an NBC station, not looking forward to endless paid programming to try to fill the void by not having games on the weekends.

  • Jen

    I’m Canadian and I watch hockey and I happen to agree with American and Carmen. Most of us do not care if there is a season or not at this point. If they truly wanted to be playing and missed the game as much as they say they would be playing right now. Instead they give fans false hope. That’s what we’re sick of. I agree they should just cancel the entire season. They don’t care so why should the fans.

  • Jen

    @scoberlay just FYI not all games sell out. There are many teams that struggle to sell tickets. Phoenix Coyotes going bankrupt and returning to Winnipeg ring a bell? Many teams in the US are constantly losing money. American an Carmen’s comments are not reckless their telling the truth.

  • Duncey


  • Raola

    There’s many sports fans who start really getting into hockey once football season ends so that’s when I think its gonna start hitting a number people. Hockey is much bigger than it was in 2005 when the league needed retooling but I remember back in February of that year the whole rest of the year was cancelled and it started hitting those hardcore and casual hockey fans who don’t miss the sport during the months of October-January.

    When you no Olympics and just have basketball and spring training baseball. It will start hitting people pretty badly.

  • Fake Me Out


    Millionaires fighting other millionaires over how to divide up the millions … mean while the little folk in the food stands, the souvenir stands, parking lots, public transport, taxis, the pubs and restaurants who pull business after games or by showing them on a big screen, the TV/radio crews and on and on make less or are laid off outright … a pox on both their houses


  • Ray


    Phoenix didn’t return to Winnipeg. Atlanta moved to Winnipeg. Phoenix is still there, for now.

    As for attendance, 16 of the 30 teams sold all of their seats last year. 5 others sold between 96.2 and 99.9 percent. Another 5 sold between 86 and 87 percent. Box office performance isn’t the league’s problem.

    TV money is paltry compared to other sports because hockey is a regional sport in the U.S. and because the game is not made for TV, even HDTV.

    Moving three laggard teams from the “south” and one of the three New York teams to Canada or other untapped northern markets would make a big difference, so long as the Canadian currency remains relatively strong against USD.

  • Jen

    Oops! My bad! Lol so many teams are kved around I can’t keep them straight

  • Jen

    Bottom line we are tired of the false hope and bickering. Hence why most of us no longer care if there is a season. They just need to cancel and move on.

  • Jayme

    There are many teams that do give away ticket yet there still called sold.

  • Ray


    Which teams? Revenue figures for the teams that sell out don’t support the idea that there are even modest giveaways.

  • iggy agrimotor

    Honestly, I normally start caring about the NHL on January 1. I wouldn’t mind a 40- or 50-game season.

  • Chris

    To those who say the NHL will cancel the entire season next, look back to this Wikipedia article about the 2004-05 NHL lockout, and scroll down to the “Negotiations” segment:


    As this article says, it was not until February 16, 2005 that the season was gone. I expect that the season won’t be completely gone until early to mid February again this year; they’re not going to call it completely earlier than February. Do not hold out hope until February. Anything can happen.

  • Da Truth

    If it gets to February and there’s no resolve this season is gone. There’s still a shot at getting a 40 game season if something gets revolved before then.

    A lot of people knew back in 2004-05 that there would be no season because the sport needed a major overhaul anyways. The game is in much better shape right now and its not necessary to be that stupid and sacrifice a whole season because of stubbornness.

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