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December 10th, 2012

Tonight, NBC premieres Take It All , a new game show hosted by Howe Mandel. As with last season's Who's Still Standing, the show will air every night for a week. The Who's Still Standing premiere garnered a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating on December 19,2011. Take It All has a huge advantage over its December game show predecessor: The Voice as its lead-in. So how do you think Take It All will do? Make your predictions.

  • CBSviewer

    1.8 ! The Voice won’t help.

  • rob60990


  • Californiadgd


  • Anon

    < 2.1

    It would do better in a week where no scripted programming was up against it.

    CBS has 2 new 2BG up against it tonight, and Fox has that country shindig. NBC, the CW and ABC will be fighting for scraps.

  • Baqinardo

    I think CBS will win the night (For the first time since premiere week?)
    There’ll be only 1 hr of The Voice (Dont understand this. There’s 4 singers remaining. So they only gonna be singing 1 song after last week 2 songs? Bcoz there’s no way they can fit 8 songs into an hour).

    Take it all will lower NBC’s average. Probably match Michael Buble special.
    3.7 for The Voice. 2.5-2.2 for TIA and Michael special.

  • David Howell


    And that might just show NBC that Revolution is a hit in itself.

  • grant

    a “huge” advantage. As if the voice is a monstrous hit.

  • Nick

    3.0, tbqfh

  • Terry

    The Voice is winding down and its ratings have been steadily declining over the last couple of weeks. It will still provide Take It All a great lead in.

    My guess is a 2.4 for the premiere.

  • John

    Its the first episode and it airs an hour early (9 pm). So, it might get around 2.6 because of the lead-in.

  • ABC hater


  • Raola

    Blake Shelton’s variety show did real well last week so Revolution didn’t make a huge difference there and Chicago Fire is putting in good work without a high-rated lead-in so you can probably put most shows behind except for Go On and New Normal and they’ll get great retention out of The Voice.

    I see this and the Buble special doing well tonight. Not sure about a 3.0 but its been hyped up enough to hit a surprising number.

  • EatMorePez

    I see that the American Country Awards is on tonight. I guess that’s good, because it’s been a whole 5-and-a-half weeks since the last country music awards show was broadcast.

  • kevin.b

    2.4 – 10+ million viewers – but no more than 12.5 million.
    i mean its a game show lasting 6 nights, does everyone forget the numbers deal or no deal got out of the gate!


  • Samunto

    I think the biggest competition will be the one-two-punch from 2BG. I think CBS has seen Take It all as the double episodes of 2BG seem like a way to spoil the premiere of Take It All.

    I say a 2.8!!


    I’ll go with a Go On & go w/ 2.5

  • rob60990

    I won’t be surprised if 2 Broke Girls hits a season high tonight airing after TBBT and also with no The Voice to compete with.

  • senor chang

    The Voice is weaker at only one hour and it has some tough competition in the slot. I still think it and the Buble special will range in the mid-2s.

  • Lance

    I’m sticking with a 2.8 but who really knos?

  • Nick

    Extreme Makeover: Holiday Edition (part 1): 1.2
    Extreme Makeover: Holiday Edition (part 2): 0.8
    Castle (R): 0.8

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.1
    The Big Bang Theory (R): 3.3
    2 Broke Girls: 4.4 [season high]
    Hawaii Five-0: 2.4 [season high]

    90210: 0.4 [ties series low]
    Gossip Girl: 0.3 [ties series low]

    American Country Awards: 4.0

    The Voice: 4.4
    Take It All: 3.1
    Michael Bublé Home for the Holidays: 2.2

    I’m going to be optimistic and say >3.0. The Voice is a monster hit and if the Blake Shelton special got 2.7 at 10, TIA should get better at 9.

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