Predict The Ratings for the 'Take It All' Premiere

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December 10th, 2012

Tonight, NBC premieres Take It All , a new game show hosted by Howe Mandel. As with last season's Who's Still Standing, the show will air every night for a week. The Who's Still Standing premiere garnered a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating on December 19,2011. Take It All has a huge advantage over its December game show predecessor: The Voice as its lead-in. So how do you think Take It All will do? Make your predictions.

  • rob60990

    “American Country Awards: 4.0″

    This only pulled a 2.0 last year. ;)

  • Brian

    2.2. The Voice will help it, but the show’s promos look obnoxious. Think that could turn some off of it.

  • Networkman

    The Voice should definately garner high 3’s. Take it all has Howie Mandel and the game show has a pretty fun concept. I’ll say that it should receive 2.4-2.7 I’ll be surprised if it garners over 10 million viewers though. It still is going up against 2 Broke Girls and the American Country Awards.

  • bigbrotherfan

    HIMYM- 3.3
    BBT- 3.1
    2BG- 3.7
    MM- 3.2
    H50- 2.4

    American Country Awards- 2.0

    Gossip Girl- 0.4
    90210- 0.5

    THE VOICE- 3.8
    TAKE IT ALL- 2.4

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