'Weird Desk' Canceled by ABC Before a Single Scene is Shot

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December 11th, 2012

The Cancellation Bear has made a preemptive strike. Deadline reports that ABC has decided to shelve supernatural drama Weird Desk which was picked up for 13 episodes last week without going through the usual development and pilot process. Apparently, it was proving too costly to get the show into production in time for its scheduled launch next summer. The show has a slim chance at resurrection. The network will take another look at it after pilot season.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    haha i was gonna watch it…oh well!!!

  • Oliver

    Ha… That was quick! Utterly bizarre, makes you wonder how these things can happen.

  • taylor

    that was fast. too bad, i would have watched it.

  • Dan

    Wow the cancellation bear had a full meal without having to eat anything
    RIP Weird Desk
    Nobody Cares-Slow News Day
    0 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air

  • Dan

    This gives new meaning to the phrase “The show never had a chance”

  • Paulo PT

    very weird, at least!

  • Jude

    Sad. I was looking forward to this show!

  • Bobby

    What was this show going to be about?

  • Carl

    I guess something that never lived can die!

  • Nick

    I hope the Cancellation Bear doesn’t get splinters…

  • Ellen

    It wasn’t canceled, it was aborted.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    Lesson to all the crazy fans who write things like “They wanted to kill the show” about some scheduling (or other) move with their favorite low rated show.

    If a network wants to kill a show, they just kill it.

  • PJM

    Why do the women in the RoadKill and Snorg T-shirt ads always have such huge breasts? I can’t figure this out. No other clothing place does that, not even Victoria’s Secret.

  • Davis

    I was going to watch it! all well…..

  • Dan

    Lets begin the Fan Campaign letters and Petitions ;)

  • were123

    Wow, and I thought Next Caller was a quick death, but this is like a baby’s death after birth. Never thought ABC would pull the plug that fast

  • psychic

    Too bad. I thought maybe it’d be a hopeful to fill the void after Fringe is gone.

  • Master Moron

    PJM, I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. The women on the ads on this site have some of the nicest breasts I’ve ever seen. Do you think they’re real?

  • Tyson

    Way to go, Cancellation Bear. He wants a Christmas feast.

  • Ike

    The case of something killed even though it was not yet alive sounds like a good case for the weird desk itself to investigate, except they can’t because they’ve been killed before they were ever alive. Nicely recursive.

    @PJM and @MM, you’re almost making me want to turn off Adblock Plus for Firefox. ;)

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